Jan. 23rd, 2013

No really. This next month is silly.  Granted it started last month but still. Silly.

So I was gone for 10 days in Dec. To visit family. Gone last weekend for FC (report at the end of this). Back until Tues. Then to Seattle for 7 days. Back for 7 days, gone for 13 days.... Why all of these place you ask? Family was Dec. Then FC for Con and paying of bills. Then Seattle because my boyfriend is sweet and is flying us there to see MUSE since they aren't making it to CO or any adjacent state (gonna work while I'm up there, I can't be out a week of work) we are staying with a friend though so while I will have Short-ER days I will still probably work at least 6 hours each day I am up there, Minus concert day, which is a day for us.  Then back, massive con prep, and then to TFF, which is also a family/friends trip as I don't see them often, so mixing it w/business is good (I generally see them twice a year, last year was three times and that is only b/c Xmas flights were SO relativel cheap).

SO... FC!

FC was pretty awesome but it starteed reeeeaaaaally hairy.
The day before I was in last minute freak out con prep mode and had promised my roommate that I would get the cab arranged for us for the next day.  It was going to be four of us carpooling, Rooth, BB (forget con name, so yeah, doing initials), Tim and I.  So we were gonna split a cab.  Tim realized how frazzled I was so offered to book it. I said 'Sure' and he went about doing such.
Next morning... hits 10 (when its supposed to be there) he calls to check and turns out that a) he booked the airport shuttle b) they weren't giving us a separate vehicle like they said they would c) it was in the system wrong, so would be showing up at 10:30... so our 9:45/10 ride was now 10:30... kind of a big deal.
 And then we get there and I ask to have my luggage hand checked and get dressed down by the agent who was rude and horrible, and we are already getting to the front of the damn line only 45 min before our flight, haven't even made it to luggage, so that delays us even more.  So we ended up running to our gate after security, it was ridiculous.  Second to last people on the plane (apparently there were other people running too) luckily Rooth and BB got there before us and got us seats b/c they are AWESOME and didn't have a horrid lady holding them up.  So from then on everything was gravy.

Got in, got setup, had a lovely Indian dinner with [livejournal.com profile] idess and Charlie, and went to bed.  Next day started the CON!!! Which went fantastically.  Great first day, great sales, few creepers, only downside was the TERRIBLE A/C! It was so freaking sauna-like in there. So everything was humid and hot and smelled horribly, as everyone was hot and sweaty.  Dinner was, again, Indian (b/c curry! -in a hurry!!) Then off to Tims Harassment panel, which went really well, Then on to homework and visiting with artists that I don't see often, which is lovely. Late night was late, but terribly productive, so that was fantastic.  

Sat, repeat of Fri, good sales, good people, and sold some things in the art show, and thankfully they figured out the A/C so we were all comfortable :)

Dinner was an amazing Sushi restaurant that was not at all equipped for the crowd it got, so took quite a while, but was fantastic.  Hung out with [livejournal.com profile] ursulav, and [livejournal.com profile] kyellgold and Louve, and generally had a fantastic time.  Off to more homeowork and then to Sunday. Which was really (as always) a day that I am just thoroughly WIPED. If you saw me sunday and I seemed distant, it is because I was Ex-Haus-Ted! But had a lovely Thai dinner with [livejournal.com profile] vantid and [livejournal.com profile] idess nonetheless and then hung out with my friends that I rarely see Ursulav and Alchemist as well as Vantid, Tasha and Heather.  

I saw many more people (Utunu and Kikivuli, Fibre, Keirajo, and many more that I can't remember right now b/c I am still SO SLEEPY) but over all fantastic con.  Good monies, good time.

In the back of her yard.
Perhaps her parents were pretty dumb for buying this stupid house in the middle of nowhere. Where there was nothing to do, and left all her friends back with her old house and her favorite ice cream place. But this house did have that small tangled building. 
She stared out at it through the sweetly tapping rain on her window. It glistened in the drizzling rain, panes of glass catching errant beams of sunlight that filtered through the clouds.  Vines were climbing all around it and it was sunken into the forest like a gate into Narnia.  She wondered if that was the one good thing about this dreadful house.  Perhaps there was a portal, a bridge to another place, and that it was right here outside her new house.  With a quick glance around her new room with all its horrible paint and boxes she snatched her coat and wellies out of the closet, and her trusty companion, Mr. Squiggles the Brave and Dapper Hare and then rushed down the creaky stairs to the foyer.  Maybe there was adventure in that little house...

She heard her mother shout something as she rushed out the front door, and yelled "Gonna play outside" as she rushed outside, mud squelching under her pink wellies and Mr Squiggles legs swinging out in the rush of her passing.  The screen door creaked and slammed behind her, bouncing back from the force with which she had pushed it.  

It smelled like green outside, and long lush grass seemed to make a guiding glowing path to the small glass house by the woods.  It was a magic house! She knew it! She could go inside and it would take her somewhere wonderful, to a bright and glowing place, where she could be a brave knight, or a princess like in that Brave movie or, or maybe she could even be a mermaid. Wouldn't that be brilliant! Panting and hot cheeked, she had to slow down as she approached the building.  As she got closer she realized it was further back into the woods than she had thought, and the vines crawled out from it like dark thorned tentacles grasping for a hold on something from the back of the house.  She almost stopped then.  Slowing and staring, growing more hesitant as she saw the dark thorns on the red vines extending from the small glass building... Then she saw the dust motes dancing in a small gold stream of light and reminded herself that it was Magic! It shouldn't be easy to reach a magic house!  Slowly now, carefully, she lifted her boots out of the heavy sucking mud and carefully placed them between dark red vines covered with rich green leaves, trying to keep from snagging her precious rainbow striped tights (they were a present from grannie, and dad hated them, so of course they were her very favorite thing).  As she picked her way across the vines the rain began to fall in larger and larger drops, once more she looked back at the house, and then a bit of a rainbow off of a mirror of glass caught her eye, and she kept on going forward... 

The little building was looking larger now... it had stands where pots had once lived, and broken pottery dancing across the floor like small ceramic feathers.  She peered back into the glass house, somehow it was darker inside than she would have thought, and went awfully far back.  "Sssshhh, don't be such a wuss" She admonished Mr Squiggles as he turned questioning button eyes to her.  It'll be fine! We'll have an adventure! Won't that be wonderful!

Just a snippet of a story that came into my mind when I saw this... 

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