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It's odd. I wrote this huge long post and couldn't put it up. Because of this odd body shaming that I've had happen. I'm in this strange paradox right now, where I feel pretty confident about how I look (in general) but also have these huge shame issues attached to my body in certain regards, and when I've mentioned them I've been shot down as 'not knowing how bad people with real body issues have it'. So... I don't know. Strange uncomfortable feelings about blogging about them. So instead I'm just gonna say, guys. Don't make fun of people or say their body image issues aren't real or aren't good enough because other peoples are worse. Then it just makes them not want to talk about it at all. *cough* yeah.. so things.  And no it hasn't really been the LJ community, you peeps on my friendslist, so don't worry about that... not trying to put any of you down, just kind of sending a reminder out to the world at large through the crazy-vibes of the internets...

So... the next four months are gonna be flat out crazy.
Gone Thurs-Wed for Rainfurrest and spend an extra 2 days there to see a friend.
Dad arrives Fri with his GF and we go out to Silverthorne for 3 days
Leaves Monday
I leave Thursday morning for ArizonaFurCon
Back Wednesday
Spend a WEEK at home thank goodness
Leave for a week

So... yeah... dunno how much I'll be around here.
Also, yay fall! 

Date: 2013-09-25 01:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] charreed.livejournal.com
I don't know why it's so hard for people to understand that no one thinks that they are perfect... Everyone, no matter how confident they are in themselves, has little niggling issues they'd change due to societal pressures, their gender, their race, whatever! In a perfect world, this wouldn't be the case, but in less than perfect one we live in, we have to deal with "what is".

I hate the mental attitude of "one upping" people on who has it worse. Oh boy, it's a race to the bottom! How fun! ...Come on now. I get that the people doing that probably have issues themselves (probably self deprecation gone too far and self confidence issues). That is their burden to bear, but just because Person A would like to change something about themselves that Person B feels is already better than what Person B has, that doesn't mean that that the Person A isn't justified in not feeling 100% about themselves. (Sorry for all the double negatives!)

But yeah... I mean. It's tough, you don't want your friends to be unhappy about themselves, so it could be a way of "boosting" that person up, but sometimes it doesn't come off that way. In short, self acceptance be hard yo! It takes a while to get there, especially when people make it a contest >>

Good luck at all the cons coming up! Full load :D

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