Jan. 5th, 2014 09:38 am
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Something had happened, I helped someone steal an artifact, a wand of some type, and it was supposed to be used for good, but someone else had stolen a complimentary part of it so our removal from this sacred place/museum and her (the other thief's) misuse of it cause the world to start dissolving into water. I had these visuals of Antarctica just melting, of Sydney's opera house standing alone amid a sea, no land to be seen (some structures survived, a strange magic keeping them a foundation down to the earths core white the rest just dissolved).  A strange city of about five skyscrapers that was once New York...

And I found out where this woman was hiding out, in a lone staggering sandstone structure amid the waves.  To get to her cavern I had to get past some guards, and I had no weapons.  As I was backing up a white and black eagle flew above their heads and everything dissolved into quicksand around them.  Then he landed in front of me and I knew he was some sort of god or spirit of balance. He flew up on my arm and we entered the main cavern, where the woman and her acolytes were gathered, safe from the destruction but warring on its meaning.  She saw me and he God thing on my arm and screamed at me, that it was all my fault, and that the world was ending due to my interference.  The eagle/god/spirit launched himself into the air, staggering me, with a scream that seemed to split the cavern, and caused us all to shut our eyes and cover our ears, and when I opened them all of her acolytes who had seemed aggressive had been turned into chickens, and there was a huge heraldic Silver Spangled Hamburg rooster emblam where her banner had once hung. And he shat upon her and flew off.  I stared at the Jersey Giant rooster in front of me who blinked sleepily and then I woke up.

I think the motto is if the world is ending everything can be solved with chickens. But thats just what I get out of it.

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