So I have family friends in Greece. I love love LOVE international travel and haven't gotten a chance to go in 3-4 years.  It has always been a dream of mine to go to Greece, and they are going to be leaving in May - I thought  it was next winter so wasn't stressing too much, but now MAY!  So if I want to see them I have to go ASAP.  I am considering using the $$ that I will hopefully be getting from insurance for 'pain and suffering' from my car accident, even though the plan was to put that away for a rainy day.  But it is really tempting to use that money to visit my friends

So... may do a doodle for donations day or something... livestream art (Rooth suggested that I should start drinking partway through to up the entertainment value). We'll see... still trying to figure out if this is a horrible idea or not...

{ETA} I know this is a first world problem kind of a thing - just struggling with it because I do adore travel. And I could use some of my airline points to make the flight affordable (it probably wouldn't be without them - which would have me making it to DC on southwest and catching a cheap flight from DC out) and in any case it is very VERY selfish - And would mean that I would need to CRAM all my art duties in for the next month to get everything ready for Spectrum... so I don't know... but... Greece... It's always been a place I have dreamed of visiting, and it will NEVER be cheaper. The only $$ I would need to get would be for the flight, they are gonna let me stay with me for free, and feed me. so... I don't know.. *torn*
In the back of her yard.
Perhaps her parents were pretty dumb for buying this stupid house in the middle of nowhere. Where there was nothing to do, and left all her friends back with her old house and her favorite ice cream place. But this house did have that small tangled building. 
She stared out at it through the sweetly tapping rain on her window. It glistened in the drizzling rain, panes of glass catching errant beams of sunlight that filtered through the clouds.  Vines were climbing all around it and it was sunken into the forest like a gate into Narnia.  She wondered if that was the one good thing about this dreadful house.  Perhaps there was a portal, a bridge to another place, and that it was right here outside her new house.  With a quick glance around her new room with all its horrible paint and boxes she snatched her coat and wellies out of the closet, and her trusty companion, Mr. Squiggles the Brave and Dapper Hare and then rushed down the creaky stairs to the foyer.  Maybe there was adventure in that little house...

She heard her mother shout something as she rushed out the front door, and yelled "Gonna play outside" as she rushed outside, mud squelching under her pink wellies and Mr Squiggles legs swinging out in the rush of her passing.  The screen door creaked and slammed behind her, bouncing back from the force with which she had pushed it.  

It smelled like green outside, and long lush grass seemed to make a guiding glowing path to the small glass house by the woods.  It was a magic house! She knew it! She could go inside and it would take her somewhere wonderful, to a bright and glowing place, where she could be a brave knight, or a princess like in that Brave movie or, or maybe she could even be a mermaid. Wouldn't that be brilliant! Panting and hot cheeked, she had to slow down as she approached the building.  As she got closer she realized it was further back into the woods than she had thought, and the vines crawled out from it like dark thorned tentacles grasping for a hold on something from the back of the house.  She almost stopped then.  Slowing and staring, growing more hesitant as she saw the dark thorns on the red vines extending from the small glass building... Then she saw the dust motes dancing in a small gold stream of light and reminded herself that it was Magic! It shouldn't be easy to reach a magic house!  Slowly now, carefully, she lifted her boots out of the heavy sucking mud and carefully placed them between dark red vines covered with rich green leaves, trying to keep from snagging her precious rainbow striped tights (they were a present from grannie, and dad hated them, so of course they were her very favorite thing).  As she picked her way across the vines the rain began to fall in larger and larger drops, once more she looked back at the house, and then a bit of a rainbow off of a mirror of glass caught her eye, and she kept on going forward... 

The little building was looking larger now... it had stands where pots had once lived, and broken pottery dancing across the floor like small ceramic feathers.  She peered back into the glass house, somehow it was darker inside than she would have thought, and went awfully far back.  "Sssshhh, don't be such a wuss" She admonished Mr Squiggles as he turned questioning button eyes to her.  It'll be fine! We'll have an adventure! Won't that be wonderful!

Just a snippet of a story that came into my mind when I saw this... 

No really. This next month is silly.  Granted it started last month but still. Silly.

So I was gone for 10 days in Dec. To visit family. Gone last weekend for FC (report at the end of this). Back until Tues. Then to Seattle for 7 days. Back for 7 days, gone for 13 days.... Why all of these place you ask? Family was Dec. Then FC for Con and paying of bills. Then Seattle because my boyfriend is sweet and is flying us there to see MUSE since they aren't making it to CO or any adjacent state (gonna work while I'm up there, I can't be out a week of work) we are staying with a friend though so while I will have Short-ER days I will still probably work at least 6 hours each day I am up there, Minus concert day, which is a day for us.  Then back, massive con prep, and then to TFF, which is also a family/friends trip as I don't see them often, so mixing it w/business is good (I generally see them twice a year, last year was three times and that is only b/c Xmas flights were SO relativel cheap).

SO... FC!

FC was pretty awesome but it starteed reeeeaaaaally hairy.
The day before I was in last minute freak out con prep mode and had promised my roommate that I would get the cab arranged for us for the next day.  It was going to be four of us carpooling, Rooth, BB (forget con name, so yeah, doing initials), Tim and I.  So we were gonna split a cab.  Tim realized how frazzled I was so offered to book it. I said 'Sure' and he went about doing such.
Next morning... hits 10 (when its supposed to be there) he calls to check and turns out that a) he booked the airport shuttle b) they weren't giving us a separate vehicle like they said they would c) it was in the system wrong, so would be showing up at 10:30... so our 9:45/10 ride was now 10:30... kind of a big deal.
 And then we get there and I ask to have my luggage hand checked and get dressed down by the agent who was rude and horrible, and we are already getting to the front of the damn line only 45 min before our flight, haven't even made it to luggage, so that delays us even more.  So we ended up running to our gate after security, it was ridiculous.  Second to last people on the plane (apparently there were other people running too) luckily Rooth and BB got there before us and got us seats b/c they are AWESOME and didn't have a horrid lady holding them up.  So from then on everything was gravy.

Got in, got setup, had a lovely Indian dinner with [ profile] idess and Charlie, and went to bed.  Next day started the CON!!! Which went fantastically.  Great first day, great sales, few creepers, only downside was the TERRIBLE A/C! It was so freaking sauna-like in there. So everything was humid and hot and smelled horribly, as everyone was hot and sweaty.  Dinner was, again, Indian (b/c curry! -in a hurry!!) Then off to Tims Harassment panel, which went really well, Then on to homework and visiting with artists that I don't see often, which is lovely. Late night was late, but terribly productive, so that was fantastic.  

Sat, repeat of Fri, good sales, good people, and sold some things in the art show, and thankfully they figured out the A/C so we were all comfortable :)

Dinner was an amazing Sushi restaurant that was not at all equipped for the crowd it got, so took quite a while, but was fantastic.  Hung out with [ profile] ursulav, and [ profile] kyellgold and Louve, and generally had a fantastic time.  Off to more homeowork and then to Sunday. Which was really (as always) a day that I am just thoroughly WIPED. If you saw me sunday and I seemed distant, it is because I was Ex-Haus-Ted! But had a lovely Thai dinner with [ profile] vantid and [ profile] idess nonetheless and then hung out with my friends that I rarely see Ursulav and Alchemist as well as Vantid, Tasha and Heather.  

I saw many more people (Utunu and Kikivuli, Fibre, Keirajo, and many more that I can't remember right now b/c I am still SO SLEEPY) but over all fantastic con.  Good monies, good time.

AKA - I feel like I'm running in place.

For the past 5-6 days I've had, as [ profile] ursulav puts it, "Can't sleep Con Will Eat me!" panic going on.
All I"ve done for the past howeverlong (feels like forever) is business stuff. 
Call old accountant... EVERY... OTHER... DAY... Because he won't give me my old federal tax forms and I need them for the NEW accountant so I can get taxes filed
Run finances
Cry over finances
Rage over finances
Decide I can't do anything about the past and just need to focus on a better THIS year
Run off prints
Mat prints
Back prints
Bag prints
Work on con setup
Despair at con setup
Buy more things for con setup
Regain hope
E-mail clients/potential clients about things (and stuff)

And now I finally get to get back to ART
But I feel like I was just running on a treadmill for aaaages... all that mileage and no good memories/nothing physical to show for it.  This is one of the reasons I prefer traditional art to digital. I like that visceral level of accomplishment. Blagh.
Anyhow, I will see you who are making the trip at FC.  I encourage you to go to my boyfriends panel on harassment in the geek fandom, which is at 10pm on friday (because the con staff deemed it an 'adult' panel even though it is geared at teenagers to any age really) and he is super nervous about no one showing...

So anyhow, TO the ART!

(and if you were curious, this is my potential NEW con setup)

Jan 2013 Con Setup

(These will ALL have price signs - just not made yet)
A) matted 5x7 prints (12)
b) backed and bagged giclee print signed  5x7's ($7)
c) Landscape giclee print backed and bagged 8.5x11 signed  ($15)
d) Portrait giclee prints backed and bagged 8.5x11 signed ($15)
e) Matted portrait 8.5x11 giclee prints ($25)
f) ACEO's and magnet desings ($3 for ACEOs $4 for magnets)
g) Business cards
H) matted landscape 8.5x11 giclee prints ($25)
I) Backed and bagged limited edition 13x19 landscape giclee prints ($55)
J) Backed and Bagged limited edition 13x19 portrait giclee prints ($55)
k) original 5x7's matted (priced as marked)
L) Stickers! ($2/each or 6/$10) and magnets $4/each - this is one thing that needs changed - Going to extend the black foamcore all the way down and put my commission list down there. Get rid of the black cage thing
So what do you guys think
Sat down to do taxes and run finances. 
And realizing I can't do... anything... for a little while... I knew it was bad, but that... is a bit excessive.

On the plus side, I do have a couple large pieces coming in and two big cons... but still... Hermit and overworking mode ENGAGE!
So I was able to setup this vacation so that I would have a few days completely work free and the work that I did need to do was primarily e-mail correspondence based. Have a lots of pieces I needed to start, but had a lot of e-mailing to do first, AND had to buy supplies once all the deets were worked out.  So while I am/have been doing lots of sketching, the actual work of MAKING was being saved, and my creative buildup has been really kicking in. Have some pretty solid sketches, and am ready to go.

Except that someone apparently decided I should ring in the new year with the plague.  Well, probably the flu. But man do I hurt.  I still have another day and a half here in Texas and it is going to be spent curled up on the couch with tissues and around hot tea.  I have cold chills, hot flashes, my whole body ACHES, I have a fever and I am coughing up a storm.  Got next to no sleep last night because of it.  So yeah... gonna be a bit slow ramping up to productivity when I get back because, well, OUCH.  I still have a lot to do to prep for FC and am excited about it, but right now it is hard to get too excited for much besides tea and sleeping without coughing my lungs out and my head off.  Blagh. Happy 2013, it can only get better from here!
Found the recipe for this drink, it was my favorite christmas drink a few years ago so figured I'd share!

1.5oz vodka
1 t peppermint schnapps

shake with ice
strain into glass

garnish with crushed candy canes rimming the glass and/or small candy cane over the rim.

OPTIONAL - add simple syrup to the drink to make it sweeter. 


Cheers, to all. And I will try and do a proper update here in a bit.
So for those of you that don't know, I have been wheat free for about a year now, for health reasons.  Wheat in more than 1/2 cup doses makes my back all tweaky and twisted.  So I have been systematically figuring out the various new ways to go about getting some favorite recipes translated to things I can eat.  So here is my way to get my lasagna kick in.

Eggplant Lasagna! (still tweaking exact amounts)

4c mozzerrella
60 oz ricotta
2 eggs
1t salt
1t fresh or dried basil
1 t fresh or dried oregano
Dave's Delicious (normally bison) sauce (as needed... recipe follows - and will make far more than you need)
2 large eggplants peeled and sliced into 1/2" slices (suggestion from initial recipe was rounds but I am gonna try lengthwise next time)
2 T olive oil
1 c gluten free breadcrumbs mixed with salt/black pepper/italian seasoning to taste
2 eggs
2 t water
1 c grated parm

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F
Oil 2 baking sheets with olive oil
Whisk Eggs and water in shallow dish
Combine parm and breadcrumbs in separate shallow dish
Dip eggplant slices in egg mix
press Eggplant slices into crumbs and tap off excess - arrange on prepared sheets
Bake in preheated oven until tops are golden brown, 20-25 min - flip eggplant and bake additional 20-25 min
Remove eggplant from oven and set to side.

In large bowl combine ricotta, 1 c mozzerella salt, 2 eggs, basil, and oregano
In large baking dish create a layer of eggplant
Cover with a layer of ricotta mix
Then a layer of Daves sauce
Repeat until pan is almost full (generally takes to full layers for my pan, eggplant is thick!!!)
Leave 1" or so (if you can)to top with mozerella
Bake @ 350F for 45-60 min.  For 1st 30 min cover w/foil, then uncover for rest.  Lasagna should be bubbling.
Let cool a bit on the counter before devouring.
Or you will burn the roof of your mouth.
Let it sit for a bit.

Daves Delicious Bison Sauce

1 can 28 oz petite diced tomatoes
1 can 28 oz crushed tomatoes
1 can 28 oz tomato sauce
1 T oregano
1 T basil
1/2 t onion salt
1/4 t cloves (ground)
1 head roasted garlic
1/2lb bison - browned
1/2 c onions browned in with bison
Add 2 bay leaves last
simmer for at least 1 hour, best if simmered for 2 or 3
remove bay leaves before consuming.

So there you go! Hope you enjoy it!
So my printer began, what I believed was it's last print run the other day.  After speaking to Epson and fixing a few things it is now back to printing out happily.  But I think it is a sign that I should be looking for a new one (I use the ever-loving crap out of these guys), and right now Epson has some great deals on the newer models of what I have.  

So Epson R1900, I bought it for $800 new, three years ago.  Makes stunning archival giclee prints. Prints up to 13" wide and indefinitely long (can handle roll printing).  Great workhorse of a printer.

Gonna try and sell for $200 plus shipping to whomever is interested.  It would include about $200 worth of ink with it so really worth it for the ink alone, but I am just trying to recoup a bit of cost for buying a new one.

In interest of full disclosure what I was having problems with, CERTAIN files (no rhyme or reason to which ones, had three total that it happened to) would end up with a fine 'barcode' of 1/2"wide and anywhere from 1" to 4" of width of scratching.  This only happened with a few files and Only on 13x19 sheets.  

Once I spoke to epson I reset the print settings to enable handling thick paper and now it is printing perfectly.  Even the ones it had the most problems with perfectly.  It was also occasionally getting grumpy about feeding paper, but with babying would do it. The setting change fixed that as well.

This is a no returns kind of a deal. Selling as is, but it is in damn fine condition if I do say so myself. I have LOVED having this printer and just gonna buy an upgrade because would rather try and sell this one now while it still has some life in it (my guess a year or so if you print off around 300-500 prints a year like I do - more if you do less). And hopefully recoup some cost so that I can afford to buy the new guy.  Right now money is pretty stupid tight because medical bills from the car accident won't be reimbursed until treatment is done... so blagh.
Any interested takers?  Any questions? E-mail me,

It's fall

Oct. 19th, 2012 11:53 am
Officially my favorite time of year. Time for fingerless gloves, and long bright socks, and steaming mugs of tea.

The season where walking along the sidewalks is a musical dance through crisp and loamy leaves.

Where the change that is coming is apparent in the wind that occasionally rips through with a cold bitter taste that makes you gasp against the sun on your skin.

I love fall.
I don't know if I'm being jerked around by this guy or not and was hoping some people out there might be willing to dialogue with me via chat or something if you've come out of dealing with auto accident crap (when you weren't the party who initiated the accident) and felt like you got a fair deal.  
My big problem is that they say that since I am self-employed I can't send them 'hours lost' even though he initially told me to write up my hours lost.  What I needed to do apparently, and I can't do it now because its too late.  Is to tell them what clients I LOST due to the accident and what money I lost.  Apparently what they wanted me to do is to go ahead and open for commissions and then either cancel or not be able to accept them and have RECORD of it. Rather than do what I did, which was apologize PROFUSELY to my clients that I ran late on their commissions on and not open for commissions when I would have so that I made sure to have time for my other work.  So since I didn't do that, and don't have customer complaints, and cancelled work they are just offering me a flat fee that seems pretty low for two months of half work, that is still continuing.  
If anyone has any advice I'd sure appreciate it.  Or if you could chat with me or something provide your chat name and client and we can try and finangle some time to discuss.

Oh life...

Sep. 12th, 2012 06:29 pm
So the car is finally at a shop. They are now saying the engine mount isn't because of the accident even thought they specifically had me go to TWO other mechanics to confirmt that it was. And maybe they won't pay for it.  Jackasses.  Looks like repairs won't be done until the day I leave for Seattle. Which has a plus and a minus - plus side is that I can drop off the rental at the airport and thus won't need anyone to drop us off. Minus is that I can either leave my car at the shop (in a rather shady area of town) for two weeks, OR get someone else to come pick it up and hope they can make sure it is all fine and dandy... leaning toward the second but not sure.

Oh, yeah Seattle. Gonna spend 5 days there on vacation, 5 days taking caring of some of Tims family after an operation, and 4 days at a convention.  I am excited to be in Seattle, never been, only heard good things.  And Rainfurrest is supposed to be a good con, so fingers crossed.

And we got the lovely news at the beginning of the week that Tim needs to move out by Nov 1 instead of Jan 1 so that leaves us kind of flailing for him to find a place (since he is gonna be out of town for 3 weeks for family stuff), and then they started pulling even more crap so he may be trying to move out earlier. So if anyone knows of a good room to rent situation he could grab for a month or two, or a good apartment complex he could look at for more permanent lodging in Denver we sure would appreciate a heads up.

I was thinking I'd be glad once Seattle happened b/c after that it is all planned out and we can relax (except for the surgery stuff) but that doesn't look like its gonna happen. 

Gonna get to see my brother and his girlfriend around thanksgiving though, and thats exciting.

TaTa interwebs... Hope you are having a less hectic week.
Now it is clunking going into gear. 
It rattles worse than ever.
And it was pointed out that my right rear wheel (where the other car hit me) is canted in at the top... great. Fuck. And insurance was already dragging their heels about ANY repairs to the front end. Someone w/decent car knowledge thinks I may have frame damage.

Shit.Shit.Shit. Going to an independent mechanic tomorrow before I have to deal with progressives agent with no info.
So.. in all the craziness and prep for RMFC I was working most of last week without a car. Due to (I may have mentioned) my boyfriends roommate forgetting I was parked in the driveway.  So I dropped it off Friday with a friend of a friend. Relied on the boyfriend and the roommate for rides for con prep and did allright.  And then I picked it up Wednesday.  Hooray! Car! Pretty - still dented but clean and all buffed out and re-clear-coated etc.  I had my car for ten minutes. Ten. Minutes. And while accelerating out of an intersection (I was only going like 20mph yet) the guy in front of the guy in front of me swerved to get into the parking lot, changed his mind, dodged back into traffic and caused the guy in front of me to slam his brakes, I slammed mine, and the person in the very back (i.e. behind me) just fully failed to stop.  When it first happened I though that I hit the guy in front of me first... honestly I just jerked to a stop and thought I may have. Then the person behind me walloped my little car.  I didn't realize it until later that night (i.e. after the police report had been filed) that the person in front of me had started to pull away (AWAY not to the side) until I got hit.  I was at a dead stop. It wasn't until after the girl behind me hit me that he stopped (again) and started to pull into the parking lot to the right...  So of course now none of the front end stuff may be covered (at all) even though the guy in front of me and I just rubbed paint. (front of my car is utterly unconcerned... just got a bit of white paint on it, not even a ding - same w/his car).  And my car has progressed to being much more rattley and loud than it used to be.  *sigh* and their insurance isn't wanting to cooperate with medical stuff either.  So this is fun.  Went to the massage therapist/acupuncturist yesterday and was a big ball of hurt. Today I am less of a large ball of hurt but still sad.  And just want my car fixed.  And me fixed. And for my car to stop being invisible to people.  In the past month three people have forgotten my car was in the lane next to them and I had to blare my horn or get run off the road.  

If I get spare $$ I am buying skins for my car. Big fuckall red ravens with white tribal patterns, flying all over my car, so that maybe people see it.  

In other news RMFC was fun. YAY! Seeing great people (Utunu, Kikivuli, Sodalite, Idess, Natasha, Eskiworks, Wintersoul, Blotch, Black Teagen, Vantid, Xyk, Jake, Kyell, Kit, IdleWild, Rooth, Sidian, Myenia, Rukis, etc etc etc, you know who you are you awesome people).    
So for those of you that don't know, I am wheat sensitive. Not gluten, but wheat.  And it causes all sorts of joint problems for me.  I am also carb sensitive to a lesser degree. As in a meal or two with carbs or sugars a week is fine, I exceed that much and my muscles start freaking out.  And I have gotten worse and worse since I moved to CO, due to roomie/boyfriend loving carbs. So when a friend mentioned that she and her bf and another couple were going to do a Whole30 thing (basically 30 days of SUPER strict paleo cleanse) and would Tim and I like to join I said sure.   It has been... interesting.  On day 8 right now, and man am I glad the first week is over.   First week is the hardest for most people and it was pretty rough, I felt overall pretty run down and tired, a bit sore. Tim was the same but also SUPER achey. But then day 6 hit.. and they warn you, a lot of people get pissed of on days 6-8. Welp.. yeah... that happened.  I felt awful after my yelling/pissed off bit... but I'm past the awful bit.. They say after the first week its just food cravings to deal with not the getting the crap out of you system.  The headaches that persisted the weeks before I started this are gone, as are the majority of the muscle aches.  Now I feel great. Only thing healthwise that is getting me is persistent eye twitches... which started before this crap, and I think I may need new glasses but money is tight so been hoping to find a living social deal for an eye appointment. (Ironically saw one a week or two before the twitching started, considered it and decided $$ was too tight).

And in terms of art.  I pulled my art show the other week. Nothing sold AT the show but stuff sold before and after, so thats good. I can pay bills  this month! Stark contrast to last month... which we don't want to talk about.  But anyhow YAY!  Finished a BIG piece that I have been working on for a while, gonna upload that soon, and excited about a few other things on the way.  RMFC is this weekend, and I will be there vending.  So hopefully I'll see some of you. Come by! Say Hi! It'll be great!  

and here, have some art :) My favorite 3 pieces from the art show 

Of the last two month - bulleting style it b/c the idea of writing it all coherently makes me crazy and I want to write about life now and feel bad with this bigass gap.

so June started with basically 2 weeks hellish cramming for AC (b/c I spent a lot of May sick after too much work/exhaustion)
then 2 weeks hellish cramming for an art show at the beginning of July
the last few days of which were also crazy with trying to clean my studio so my roommate could stay there if needed, the guest room so his family could stay there (coming in town the DAY of my art opening) and my getting stuff ready for a week out of the house so his roomie could have the house
day of the show I slam my front tire into a curb trying to avoid a jackass - luckily its okay but a huge chunk out of the tire and wheel.
Trying to setup show in 3 hours
while negotiating with the boyfriend who was picking up my dad at the airport who he had never met ><'
Show went great!
Dad in town for 3 days - must show all of the things!
one day to sleep
family friend in town for 5 days - who was at a rough spot in her life so I got to be the ear she griped about everything in
body started shutting down (still not staying at my house mind)
by the second day she was here I was very sick
sick for a week - then sleeping in my bed again!
then company - back out of my house
aurora shooting (weird 3 degrees of seperation, knew 1 person there, 4 in the theater next door, plenty who planned on going and backed out- and friends of friends who got shot), furries getting hit in a hit and run, friend drama, and then another friend, while stressed and not paying attention backed into my car... (all in one day)
sick a little more - back home
finally feeling better, arting back to normal.
Car got an estimate, not too bad, friend is gonna pay to fix it..
con in 12 days...
I'm tired.. but at least doing better

So in essence... life has been crazy, but doing well now, should calm down, think after Rainfurrest I am done cons for the year... so that will be nice.

My body clearly decided it was done.  I pushed it through crazy business in June... through AnthroCon, through my Art Show opening, through my dads visit. But by the time a friend came to visit a week ago it was done.  Started with a day where I sneezed all bloody day and moved on to hacking coughs and general exhaustion.  l started feeling a lot better as of two days ago but this morning I woke up all scuzzy again.. I think it was the stress of yesterday.

Because yesterday was pretty scummy.  Woke up to all of the messages making sure I was okay and as I was replying checked the news and found out about the shooting at one of the local theaters.  So reassured everyone and did rollcall myself. Closest call of the people I KNOW was a guy I know was in the next theater.. bullets came through the wall near him.  But know other friends of friends who where there... who were terribly injured and who had children die.

And then the news from the furry community about the hit and run.

And the fact that Syria just looks like a boiling point... And I have far too many friends IN the military and my boyfriend is about to be out - but they have X amount of years that they can just pull you back if they need you and I really hate my friends being in warzones...

Yesterday was a bad day.
And I think that my body just didn't know what to do so decided to revert to sick again. Today I coughed and sneezed all bloody day, and was exhausted and vaguely achey.  I'm over this crap.

In other news I have been doing pretty well about getting lots of art done, been working on AC stuff and a dalek painting and a cave scene that are a blast.  Gonna start on a steampunk piece soon as well.

One of my favorite people from TX is gonna be in town from Thurs - Sun though. I am stupid stoked to see him, I really want to be WELL by the time he shows up. I am so excited to see him.

I'm not sure that this is terribly coherent... gonna wrap it up now. Hopefully you'll get more out of me (and more interesting stuff) soon.

As a reminder I will be at AC this weekend at table K19 next to Myenia. i.e. walk in the door and the first full length row on your right, I'll be a two tables up it facing the short rows.

Also, I will be hosting TWO panels both on Thursday evening.

One will be Inspiration in Art from 7-8:30 (in Westmoreland room) and the other will be Equine Anatomy (In Pennsylvania room - starting with the history of the horse in art and moving on to portraying anatomy and then working on how that affects how we draw anthros) from 9-10:30. I imagine I won't have a big turnout so if you are around you should come, and also, if it isn't too huge its gonna be a lot of back and forth discussion, less lecture, which I always enjoy!

I leave tomorrow morning - safe travel to all! 

Working on a few new pieces to sell at AC. Realize I used water soluble marker for one. Decide to fix. Can't find fixative/gloss spray varnish. Move on to Acrylic Gloss Medium. Smear said art.  We'll see how this looks when it dries.

I leave for AC on Wednesday. I'm not packed. I'm not finished matting. I still have THINGS to do. And my personal life just took an interesting swing that I'm not ready to talk about yet but adds to the stupid.  Oh, and I will need a new transmission for my blasted car sometime in the next year or so... its going out.

Blagh. I want it to be the second week of July. AC will be over. My art show will have opened. Hopefully this personal crap will be resolved.

I need a nap.

All At Once

Jun. 8th, 2012 11:33 am
"Life has many ways of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once"
~Paulo Coelho

So I saw this quote this morning and realized that it is both very true and that I am once again in the all at once portion of it. This month is going to be absolutely nuts.  I have three large commissions I am working on that are an absolute blast. Got hit with one time intensive one for a friend, which again, was awesome but added yet another thing to do ASANOW.  And have a helluva lot of prep to get done. AC is in a week, I still need to take inventory and make fresh magnets/stickers/prints/matted prints/matted art, I have an art show at the beginning of July, and I have time sensitive commissions to get done in between. Not to mention the large pieces I NEED to finish for the art show. I might be freaking out more than a little right now. I thought I had enough time until these last few pieces went from being 'oh anytime in July is fine' for deadline to suddenly commissioners needing them by the beginning of July. *groans*  Anyhow. I won't be around too much I imagine.  

On a side note I did do the prep work for an L5R game last night while I did the sketches for some other pieces I need to get done. Looks like I will be playing a battle mage who has a warhorse and an odd foodog-hybrid-thing as her wardog (I've got some minor conceptings starting... considering painting the foo-dog thing as a large piece for the show - it's a borzoi inspired foo-dog thing and I love the idea of it).  Hopefully this game will go better than our other game which had a hardcore crash and burn ending where the GM simply didn't show and another member was slowly but surely driving me batshit by a)sabotaging the quests with the grace of a sledgehammer (and doing it on purpose, just to watch us and the GM flounder), and b) finding my buttons and just pushing them because he could (seriously dude, my moving away from you is because you are too close, I told you that, its not a game).  

Anyhow, here, check out my rush job :) I kind of love it, except my wrist was freaking killing me by the time it was done - 11x14 graphite.  And I am pretty sold to go in with some red prismacolor to add a bit of a pop to the piece as demonstrated by the PS color overlay I did... Thoughts?

The Gift - Vampire type woman giving a dead bird with a bowThe Gift - Vampire like woman giving dead bird with bow - red accents

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