Hahaha, I kind of slacked of, on urm, yeah, everything internets in the past week, as I couldn't POST any of the stuff I did for people for Christmas and I was frustrated *grinz* AND I was frustrated because the internets were arguing at every turn. So APOLOGIES if I missed anything I am trying to double check to make sure I didn't miss anything, but I have nagging feelings I might have - if you sent me anything and you would have expected a response by now, my DEEPEST apologies. If you don't get an answer by tonight- please E-mail me to confirm that your stuff didn't get lost in the crazy that was last week. Happy happy now.

Hope you all had freaking fantastic holidays, doing whatever you want, be it hanging with family or by yourself, or going to the zoo or whatever. I had pretty good holidays. Spent a lot of time with my brother, minimal time with the parents (prob for the best as I am still easily hurt by their current behavior) and lots of time w/my boy.
And I got prezzies.
And gave prezzies (and by some of the giftees reactions, did a damn good job so YAY!)
My fave received prezzies were... small bag of scraps of fur and teeth and bone from a friend online, FUZZY BOOTS from my brother (not the typical Ugg tall chunky boots which I hate), a TARDIS USB splitter from my boy, a sonic screwdriver led torch from my brother, a fantastic flask from my mom, and a sushi dinner from my dad :)
My favorite gifts I gave - an egg incubator for my mom so she can 'grow her own' chickens *grinz*, various bizarre hot sauces for my dad because he likes trying new sauces, an AWESOME collar for my brothers new dog (seriously, check out Karma Collars, they have a shop on Etsy and they are fantastic - this one has the ends of 12 gauge bullets in it - and the dogs name is Chester - short for Winchester - so perfect - and has a lifetime guarantee) and also some fantastic steampunk cufflinks by luckykojak  luckykojak, really nice ceramic pots and a mug for my boy.
Hooray! I like giving and receiving, and giving...

BTW I am RIDICULOUSLY jealous of all you people with snow. Ridiculously. Just saying. I know most of you are probably over it, and whatever, but dammit, I like snow. It never feels like holidays without snow.  Or even winter for that matter. Yeah, anyhow...

And as a reminder my ACEO counting contest is on until jan 1st whereupon the ten people CLOSEST to the actual # will get little free ACEO's. and right now I only have 3 entries, so GUESS PEOPLE!!!!
rules are below

So here is the contest
How many ACEO's do I have? Including ACEO's done for commission.
They are ALL posted somewhere, but I admit they may not all be posted in one place. Honestly, I don't think they are :/ But they are ALL posted online. But how many ACEO's do I have?
E-MAIL ME THE RESPONSE! To Art[at]LauraGarabedian.com - Subject line Christmas Contest.
As a reminder the various places I have art online are...
My Shiney New Website www.LauraGarabedian.com
DA - http://lauragarabedian.deviantart.com/
FB - http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/La.....k/212014834464
Etsy - http://www.etsy.com/people/LauraGarabedian
I am holding this contest on a few platforms and don't want to be confused, so please don't comment, comments won't be valid

You must e-mail me with your guess/count of the number of ACEO's that I have to Art[at]LauraGarabedian.com
Contest is over on the 1st of January, winners will be announced that week, and I'll ship off the prints sometime the first week of 2011.
ALL ACEO's must be counted, not just ones for sale, or commissioned work.
Also included are my ACEO's that have a white border for framing purposes, (they are listed as such) I know they aren't classic ACEO theme, but they are (in my mind) ACEO's and it's my contest :)
Mmkay, we'll start with the weird dreams, because everyone seems to get a helluva kick out of them.

So went to bed last night thinking please, no more weird dreams, haven't gotten much real sleep recently because of them.  And I think as the edges of those pleas made it to the glitchy little synapsis of my brain, all it caught was please... weird dreams... because this one was bizarre.

Honestly, the weirdest part -as relates to MY life- was at the beginning.  The whole world was caught up in this crazy soccer game (no thats not the weird bit) the weird bit is that I decided I wanted to go with a group of my friends.  And while I will happily attend the games my brother plays, they are tiny.  Mob mentality doesn't kick in (any large group freaks me out of my happy little mind), and honestly, the only reason I'm there is because it is my brother, I have absolutely no desire to go see a bunch of people I don't know playing any sort of sport. *  Ehm, anyhow.  So the whole world is in various stadiums watching crazy sporty people. And so was I...

And on come the mind controlled zombie people.  Apparently it started with the guards outside, don't know how it got to them but suddenly everyone is freaking out and panicking (insert mobs, and my brain screaming at me that this is NOT where I want to be and this is WHY I avoid sporting events).  Somehow myself and a friend, who at this point is starting to look rather like the Chaos Thoery guy from Jurassic Park (I suck at actors), scale the back wall of the stadium, sneak out through a car show filled with sweet futuristic concept cars and suddenly I realize it was all my fault.

And my dream threw me into a flashback, where instead of mild mannered artist type the government had recruited me to work on this odd piece of technology, and they needed me because everyone knows my mind doesn't work the way anyone elses does (true story, ask any of my friends, or hell just read this dream sequence) and logic wasn't solving this particular problem so they needed me to fix it.  And I did.  I had no idea what it was for, it all seemed very abstract, and somehow tried to meld the concepts of slaves, zombies, and yarn, so I figured they were metaphors for something else.

and the flashback ended and I was swimming in very chlorine scented sewers to try and escape the mind controlled zombie people who were working for the government and realized they were about to hit the second phase.  Slowly yarn was knitting (well, crocheting - I know how to crochet and clearly my mind didn't want to try and make up how knitting would work) it's way around the pursuing swimmers. Until the second phase had finished and we were being pursued by gangly soaking crocheted zombie cats. Who were really bizarrely creepy. I had just come to the conclusion that oh crap, there are five more stages of horrors to come, when I woke up.


AND ONWARD TO NON-CRACKED OUT STUFF  - i.e. Cons, and my site....

Ehm... so as for Cons.
I leave in approximately 24 hours to go to Oklacon.
I still need to find a 3" binder, as we have to set up and take down every day, and my print setup won't work for that, and 2" is NOT ENOUGH (that's what she said... sorry, had to)
I need to go buy food, since it is an outdoor con and I am lazy and don't drive places for food
I need to pack
I need to matt (mat? I never know how to spell that) a few pieces
I am vaguely sad, because I just got this STUNNING leather mask ( http://lauragarabedian.deviantart.com/favourites/#/d2zddar ;) and want to wear it but am afraid to take it to an outdoor con - errrrr..... so it is staying home and it is going to be a Halloween without dressing up for Laura :(
I need my brain to explode - oh wait that's already happened
I will survive!!! Erm, yeah.

Meanwhile, my sites galleries are down, for no apparent reason, so boo.  Especially as I just gave out a ton of business cards to random professionals this weekend.  Crapmonkies strike again. 

Erm, yeah, so.  Gone tomorrow, back Monday at some point.  Probably no internets in the middle.  And Wish me lots of luck and sales, 'cause I sure could use it!

Thanks guys!!! Hope you all have a happy Halloween!

*I will happily watch people riding horses that I don't know.  But honestly, a) I amnot watching the people 90% of the time, I am watching horses b) most horsey events aren't that crowded c) even the ones that are, are very rarely mobbish, there is not one side against the other crap going on....
Just keeps on going...

The update for my personal info is this paragraph for those of you that read the crap of September.
Well apparently my parents are done.  They aren't going to try.  Which hurts... but they have to do what they have to do.  At least they stopped calling and bitching to me.  Which I appreciate, that is not a spot I want to be in.
The better news is that Todd decided he'd rather be with me than have kids *d'aww*  but we are probably going to have to be in Texas for a while.  And honestly we aren't back to 'right' yet, but we are going to try.   Part of the problem is apparently he doesn't like our current home so he is going to buy a house in Dallas, and since he knows how much I despise Texas I will just plan on traveling a lot in the summer.  And so I am looking at getting a camper, and will visit a lot of friends and family over the summer.  Hopefully combined with con trips so it is all businessy.
My aunt is still sick. She wouldn't see my dad when he went to visit, because she doesn't want anyone to see her that ill *rolls eyes*.  He flew out to PA to see her and she wouldn't see him.  Oh, well.

Been painting a ton of masked sphinxes.  Which I really enjoy.
The button maker is not working right.  Gonna try one more time but ARG nothing is lining up right!!! The backs are all setting crooked and the manufacturer is being no help.
Stickers are FAB - now I have stickers of my tree critters and my tribalish critters, fun stuff.
Got a call from my mom the other day that apparently her horse got into the outdoor area where my parrot lived.  Lived as she knocked over his cage and he flew away.  She has been leaving food out and the area open, but no sight or sound (most telling) of him.  He was such a sweet bird.   LOUD. But sweet. I am really going to miss him.  This is particularly hard for me as the month before I was trying to figure out how/when to bring him to my house. I put it off because I didn't want to have to see my parent's.  Shoulda Coulda Woulda but I am too late.

Soes... I am a) short on money b) cleaning out the studio so if anyone is interested in these old gesture studies let me know. They will be $10 plus $10 shipping (sorry, expensive shipping I know but they are BIG 18"x24" and will need to be shipped in tubes and such.  Send me an e-mail if you are interested in any of them (include the photo # i.e. DSC_0090) or whatever.  Then I will make sure no one else reserved it, get payment and ship them off promptly.  Also, let me know if you have any questions on materials or whatnot. 

WARNING - THIS IS ALL LIFE DRAWINGS FROM NUDE MODELS - Almost everyone who watches me is a fellow artist, but just in case you are one of the few who isn't and might get offended, yeah, that is your big bold warning.

So here is the link - http://www.flickr.com/photos/27823078@N08/
So I woke up this morning going WTF? I don't know if this is just all the stress culminating in my dream or what

Ursula Vernon (www.redwombatstudio.com) invited myself and another artist (Dona Vajgand http://dona-v.com/) to come and speak with her at a coffee shop in plano (why plano and why us? She isn't native to Texas - lucky- and Dona isn't in the US??) about the art process and about trying to make a living with art... so I say sure but it's last minute and todd is not around so I drop Isis off for a friend to watch and go up there, meanwhile I take the wrong portfolio so all I have to show are miniatures (which I almost call the ACEO's and get eye rolls of disgust from other artists until I clarify) and half finished work, I also didn't know there would be a projector so I can't show anything large because I don't have any files.  Then the talk gets done and I am supposed to go pick up Isis and meet my brother... somewhere... and my dad calls, said my mom gave him Cholera and he needs to go to the hospital, suddenly my mom is on the phone telling me that she is getting rid of all the animals as fast as she can, including our old family dog (who has been dead for 6 years mind) and she is neutering all the roosters (some of which have also been dead for years and some that she names off are in reality hens) and trying to find homes for all the animals. Including the two dragons in the barn, but she won't let me keep them because they are too big to be good in an apartment.


My theory - money stress+family stress+early onset con anxiety (as there is one at the end of the month) = WTF dreams for laura.
Got off a 5 day or so art block where NOTHING was coming out right. My ACEO's were crap. My large pieces were crappier and I just didn't know what to do.

So I switched tracks.

Went in my file of old sketches that had promise and pulled out the tribal-ish pieces I've done such as

And decided to keep playing with those sketches, so here have a weird kitty and a weird gold inky gryphon.
BTW, gold ink = pain in the ass to use. clogs up EVERYTHING brushes or pen nibs
and the good news is hooray! the art block is gone! Now I can play and paint and go forth and do more!!!

As always, the originals are for sale and prints/magnets/and stickers are available should you be so inclined. Just send me an e-mail :)

Hope all is well for everyone
A very good friend of mine started a massage business in North Dallas.  If you happen to be native she has VERY good prices and offers really good discounts for community professional services, police, educators, vets, and more (info is on her site)

Also for every 4 full priced 1 hr massages she'll give you a free 1/2 hour massage.

Anyhow, if you need a massage and live in dallas, I highly recommend her.  Check out

for more info

p.s. if you do go visit, let her know I recommended you ;) then I get discounts too :)
September Sorrows image
Out of warning this journal is very personal, pretty depressing, and just kind of blargh. If you have any advice I sure would appreciate it, but really I just needed to blow off some steam.
If you want, just scroll down to the art at the end. There are pretties down there.

So, September.

This has historically been a bad month for my family. My brother and I look forward to it the same way we look forward to dentists visits, no little dread, and the feeling you are going to come out of it worse for the wear rather than better. September takes. It took my grandmother, our family dog, many a pet, and my grandfather. Among other things. It was always the month when the best relationships turned south.

I know it sounds crazy and superstitious or whatever, but in our family, September is never good.

And this year it decided to throw a few doozies in.

It came a bit early this year, as my parent's split up at the end of August. The depression and true realization set in around the beginning of the month and I got put on anti-depressents a week in. My mother told me I didn't have a right to talk to her and my dad about how I felt because it was none of my business. Thanks for that mom, you keep asking me to watch your farm, you are both bitching to me, and somehow it's none of my business. Right.

Then on the way to what was supposed to be a de-stressing vacation with my boyfriend of 2.5 years he threw a huge stick in the cogs and gears that run my life.
As a pre-req to this - I start every relationship with "I DO NOT WANT KIDS" that vehemently. Seriously. Why waste both of our time, and don't try and push them on me and tell me they are cute.  I admit I may change my mind, my mom never wanted them until she was thirty something, but I tell them all of this up front.
So he has been going through a lot of transitions and he may have changed his mind. And I know, better to know now than if we were to get married. But he still isn't sure, maybe he wants them, but maybe I will be enough, maybe he won't need them. But he wants the option open. Seriously? What does that even freaking mean? I think it means that we will try but... I just don't know.
Add to that he never wants to get married again, which I kind of get, but I always figured that if I loved someone enough and we wanted to be together we would get married. Not soon, by no means have I pushed this. Honestly I wouldn't even want an engagement until probably well after 3 years. AND I am not the person that wants a big white wedding and all the flounce.  I want a party where I can wear a fun dress, a laid back minister who is nondenominational who can say "you guys promise to stay together, and love and cherish one another, Awesome".  I will add that he knows that he is the first person that I have even been able to talk to about marriage without freaking out and suffering crazy commitmentphobia and running away, and he always said he was cool with it.
And he may not want to leave Texas.
And I can't stand it here.
It definitely contributes to my depression. I do not handle the heat well, and miss the mountains horribly. Again, told him this when we started dating. HE is the only reason I am still here, I told him I would wait until he got out of debt so that we could go together. And now he may not want to leave his job. He definitely won't want to leave until after next summer, and I am so tired of being here it hurts.  He told me maybe he'd change his mind, and maybe it would just take my leaving to get him the stimulation he needs to follow.  Maybe he just needs the incentive, because right now he doesn't have it.  So should I just leave then? That is kind of where I am at now.
And he put all this on me on the way to what was supposed to be a de-stressing vacation - along with a few other more personal, less life altering complaints. So instead of de-stressing all weekend what did I do? I worried. And fretted. And sure was glad I was already on the anti-depressants.
And now he seems confused that I am withdrawn and trying to figure out what the hell I am supposed to do. What did he expect?

The final thing to add to the sheer awfulness that is this month is my dad's aunt. I have always called her aunt, but I don't know what the official title of that is. Anyhow, she was diagnosed with Leukemia a few years ago, and has been fighting it. At the beginning of the month she was knocked over by a large dog and shattered her ankle. While going through physical therapy she contracted pneumonia and it doesn't look good. My dad flew up to see her this yesterday.

I would sincerely like this month to be over. It nearly is but GodDAMMIT. I am over this crap. And if you have suggestions/advice on dealing with parents going through a divorce and/or what the hell to do about my boyfriend I am all ears, right now I am so frazzled I can't think straight, which is NOT a healthy way to make decisions about anything. Oh yeah.  And the fact that this quarter business expenses/costs broke even - i.e. I made no profit this quarter, before personal expenses.  Yeah, that isn't helping my stress levels.  But that at least, I expect to get better soon, so I won't rail on it.

Ehm... on a happier note, here have art.  As always, it's all for sale and prints are available

Brahma bull and calf   TreeHorse - horse made out of trees!   Gargoyle ACEO
Trying to figure out if I am going to put jewelry on them.  Not much, just a little bit... an ear cuff and an earring... hmmmm... I know that tends to be popular, just trying to figure out if it is for them

Werewolf Calender Entry 1
by *LauraGarabedian on deviantART
Soes I promised a report...

Before-Con Adventures.
Well as most of you probably know, I took the opportunity of going to CO as an excuse to visit a dear friend who moved up there. Unfortunately didn't get as much done (work or play wise) as I would hope due to her BF's grumpiness. But did get to have some adventures... Two hikes, one up grizzly creek, which resulted in some sweet photos, the sighting of a dipper bird, a trout tinier than my pinky nail, and a snake. And one hike up the VERY STEEP mountain behind her house, which resulted in the finding of MANY bones. Unfortunately most were too old (i.e. crumbling) or too new (i.e. still covered in fur/hair/sinew) for me to take home.
Also did a really nice trail ride for about 18 miles on her horses in the park by rifle canyon, which was pretty awesome. Also resulted in fantastic photos, of aspens, of horses, of a bird of prey as yet unidentified, and me nearly loosing myself and my very nice camera into a morass of mud when my horse misstepped and went into the mud up to his belly. Wheeeeee....
Sooooes took a ton of pics, still sorting through and figuring out where to upload...

Then drove to Denver, with a side trip to Mount Evans which is the highest scenic byway in the US at 14,000 ft. So cool. I remember doing that trip with my parents as a kid and loving it. We used to ALWAYS see bighorn sheep, and occasionally mountain goats. So that was the goal. Which was not realized. By the time I made it to the top it had started sleeting so I turned around and went back down. My various pulloffs got photos of fantastic scenery, lots of atmospheric perspecitve, marmots, pikas, chipmunks, and woodpeckers.

Then into Denver!
And the people I was going to stay with ended up still out of town so I stayed at a Super 8 - which was okay, but I realized I accidentally left my favorite down pillow there so I am a bit bummed... and the room was rather overpriced for what it was.
Then the con started!
Got there at 8
way before staff was ready for me, oops! But they were SUPER COOL! Mad props to the con staff and volunteery people for just being awesome. Got set up. Realized I had a 1/2 table not a full table (oops) felt all squishy as the other 1/2 table was a group of two people.
BTW - 3 people PLUS con gear do not fit well behind one table. Oh well. They were cool.
Cool things that happened at/because of the con.
Got to stay with a family that is basically like second family to me that I hadn't seen in years.
Met the fantastic wolf-nymph  wolf-nymph wintersoul  wintersoul vantid  vantid kitewanderlust  kitewanderlust and more that I haven't found you on FA yet so apologies. All of whom are not only great artists but fantastic people too. So if they aren't on your watchlist go look them up.
Got a chance to chat with the fantastic guys from Sofawolf, and even made them some badges, hope they like them, I was pretty darn pleased. BTW I LOVE doing couples badges, and they tend to get a bit involved just because I LIKE THEM! Anyhow.
Chatted with Heather Bruton quite a bit, and Dark Natasha. Love those ladies, wish we had more time to hang out.
Got to GO TO THE ZOO WITH ARTISTS. Rocking hells ya. Love it. TONS OF PICS - Ladies who went with me, if you want copies let me know where to send them.

The bad/indifferent/weird
There was a moment of panic when it was thought an artists money bag was lost. It was found, life was good.
Thou shalt not steal thy neighbors customers. I'm just saying. It's rude.
Had a couple foot in mouth moments that I rather regret. I swear I didn't mean them how they came out, so if you think I said something mean, I apologize I don't always speak well - especially when I am exhausted at cons and getting odd questions when I am trying to get details from another customer. I really am a nice person though I SWEAR. Or I try to be :( I hope I didn't hurt anyones feelings.

As always a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped me out at a con, either financially by getting prints/commissions/etc, or by being sweet chipper people who take the time to stop and say hi. You all rock.

Drive back was long.
I almost cried when the mountains disappeared. The rockies will always be my home I think. It is my goal to move either to CO (preferably) or Northern NM/Western PA in the next year, at most year and a half. I NEED the topography. It makes me calm and happy.

Now, I need to get back to my commissions.
BTW - Next Con I hit will be OKLACON - I hope I will see you ALL there!
Post Con Report for AC2010

In short... People are made of WIN Sales were full of fail.

Lets get the bad over first.  Didn't sell anything in the art show.  Magnets and ACEO's went over very well.  Slow commissions and slow print sales.  This seems to be an across the board thing.  Urusula Vernon, and a lot of big names had the same problem.  I was told to please not judge AC on this show, so I won't.  Sales were down by half for many big names.  So I will probably be back next year and try try again. So much for this being the biggest con of the year.  I barely broke even.


I got a chance to hang out with Ursula Redwombatstudio.com , Kevin sonney.com , and Myenia http://www.myenia-art.com/ (who I had met before) and met a plethora of artists who are FULL of amazing.  You should go check out their work.  Jennie http://thedevilspanties.com/ , Mel http://www.missmonster.com/ , Lizardbeth http://www.lizardbeth.net/ , Spunkywolf http://toonapalooza.net/ , Foxfeather http://foxloft.com and her hubby, Heather http://www.heatherbruton.com/ , and a lovely artist who makes fantastic resin cats and I can't remember her name so if you know her you should tell me so I can add her to the list of amazing people here.  And I KNOW I probably forgot some people.  I'm sorry! It was a long weekend running on virtually no sleep (as are all conventions) so... comment/note me if you feel left out!

Myenia and I truly lucked out on roommates too.  They were just awesome.  Turns out I already knew one already.  I'll put your names/links down if you want ladies, I just feel funny putting out info unless peeps are artists ('cause then I'm plugging their art, and I know all artists are fantastically happy about that).  And the suits of one roommate?  Fantastic!  Just stunning.  Clockwork Creatures truly makes some works of ART.  It is the same company that made another friends suit (you know who you are my friend).

Oh and I got to meet James Gurney http://gurneyjourney.blogspot.com/ the artist of the awe inspiring Dinotopia books.  Bought a fantastic book on creating Illustration from Imagination and got a chance to ask a few questions I had in regards to scanning art.

Little bit of trip info.
For those of you that didn't know we (my boyfriend and I) drove to AC (which is in Pittsburgh).
From Dallas.
With a stop in Philly.
Ehm. This is over 24 hours in a car.
If I never sit in a car again, it will be too soon.
Unfortunately I still need to drive back.

So here is how the travels went.
We were supposed to leave on Tuesday, and my boyfriends boss came home a day early so we got to drive leave Monday.  So we left north Dallas at 11pm Monday.  Took a break in Arkansas for a 2 hour nap and continued on to Bowling Green Kentucky.  Where we stopped at the Lost River Cave and rode on a boat on a underground river, which was REALLY cool.  That was definitely worth the stop and leg stretch.  Apparently back in the 30's the opening to the cave (being one of the largest in the world) was host to a nightclub.  And people in their tuxedos and long dresses made their way down over a hundred feet of treacherous stairs carved into the side of the canyon down to the 'club' which was a roofed in part of the cave (so they didn't get dripped on) to dance.  And then walked back up after dancing and drinking all night.  I wish that was still active, be awesome to go swing dancing in a cave!
Meanwhile I had called my relatives in Philly and managed to get in touch with them.  So we navigated on to Philly.  Long leg of a trip that was.  We again, took a 2 hour nap break and kept on trucking.  Spend a full day in Philly with my grandmother and a couple of aunts and a cousin, which was lovely! I hadn't seen them in about 3 years, so that was fantastic.
Then on to AC!  Another 6 hours in the car, but through western PA, which is really just stunning land.  Got to see lots of horses and buggies as we passed through Amish country, and big draft mules helping till the land.
3 Days in Pittsburgh, which was a fantastic city full of great people and delicious food.
And then the drive out to Marion Ohio, where I will be until Saturday as my boyfriend competes in the Disc Golf World Tournaments in Advanced Amateur.

Soes! That is how it goes.  AC2010 was fun and a lovely convention, I loved that I got to hang out with so many great people, and got to see my relatives, and now I am enjoying the lovely temperatures of mid-Ohio.

So, updates will be sporadic until I get home, but thanks again to everyone who helped me out at AC, the artists, the lovely commissioners (you know who you are) and my fantastic roomies.


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