As a reminder I will be at AC this weekend at table K19 next to Myenia. i.e. walk in the door and the first full length row on your right, I'll be a two tables up it facing the short rows.

Also, I will be hosting TWO panels both on Thursday evening.

One will be Inspiration in Art from 7-8:30 (in Westmoreland room) and the other will be Equine Anatomy (In Pennsylvania room - starting with the history of the horse in art and moving on to portraying anatomy and then working on how that affects how we draw anthros) from 9-10:30. I imagine I won't have a big turnout so if you are around you should come, and also, if it isn't too huge its gonna be a lot of back and forth discussion, less lecture, which I always enjoy!

I leave tomorrow morning - safe travel to all! 

Working on a few new pieces to sell at AC. Realize I used water soluble marker for one. Decide to fix. Can't find fixative/gloss spray varnish. Move on to Acrylic Gloss Medium. Smear said art.  We'll see how this looks when it dries.

I leave for AC on Wednesday. I'm not packed. I'm not finished matting. I still have THINGS to do. And my personal life just took an interesting swing that I'm not ready to talk about yet but adds to the stupid.  Oh, and I will need a new transmission for my blasted car sometime in the next year or so... its going out.

Blagh. I want it to be the second week of July. AC will be over. My art show will have opened. Hopefully this personal crap will be resolved.

I need a nap.

All At Once

Jun. 8th, 2012 11:33 am
"Life has many ways of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once"
~Paulo Coelho

So I saw this quote this morning and realized that it is both very true and that I am once again in the all at once portion of it. This month is going to be absolutely nuts.  I have three large commissions I am working on that are an absolute blast. Got hit with one time intensive one for a friend, which again, was awesome but added yet another thing to do ASANOW.  And have a helluva lot of prep to get done. AC is in a week, I still need to take inventory and make fresh magnets/stickers/prints/matted prints/matted art, I have an art show at the beginning of July, and I have time sensitive commissions to get done in between. Not to mention the large pieces I NEED to finish for the art show. I might be freaking out more than a little right now. I thought I had enough time until these last few pieces went from being 'oh anytime in July is fine' for deadline to suddenly commissioners needing them by the beginning of July. *groans*  Anyhow. I won't be around too much I imagine.  

On a side note I did do the prep work for an L5R game last night while I did the sketches for some other pieces I need to get done. Looks like I will be playing a battle mage who has a warhorse and an odd foodog-hybrid-thing as her wardog (I've got some minor conceptings starting... considering painting the foo-dog thing as a large piece for the show - it's a borzoi inspired foo-dog thing and I love the idea of it).  Hopefully this game will go better than our other game which had a hardcore crash and burn ending where the GM simply didn't show and another member was slowly but surely driving me batshit by a)sabotaging the quests with the grace of a sledgehammer (and doing it on purpose, just to watch us and the GM flounder), and b) finding my buttons and just pushing them because he could (seriously dude, my moving away from you is because you are too close, I told you that, its not a game).  

Anyhow, here, check out my rush job :) I kind of love it, except my wrist was freaking killing me by the time it was done - 11x14 graphite.  And I am pretty sold to go in with some red prismacolor to add a bit of a pop to the piece as demonstrated by the PS color overlay I did... Thoughts?

The Gift - Vampire type woman giving a dead bird with a bowThe Gift - Vampire like woman giving dead bird with bow - red accents
So This month is completely crazifaced.
In an act of probably just pure stupidity or overconfidence I decided a good idea was to do three conventions this month. Well, not so much decided it kind of went like this.
Well of course I NEED to do AnthroCon, too many cool artists go there and it is near family, and with any luck I will do much better than last year.
And A-Kon is near me and it is a low stress (in terms of local - not in terms of squeeling anime teenage fangirls) very fun con so IF I can get in that would be fab (sold out in under 2 minutes because it's CRAZY like that) and I got in so woohoo.
And then I learned about DucKon, and my brain said, "Hey, you're driving to Pittsburgh anyhow, and it's kind of on the way so you should do that, lots of cool people there and it is an area you want to start doing work for so howabout you go there."
And suddenly I had three conventions back to back.  Wheeeeee.... So while I have enough art I was struck by the sudden realization that my merch was INCREDIBLY low, and proceeded to run around like a very desperate headless chicken until I got the order placed. So now I am just sitting rather anxiously hoping that I will get everything together in time to put together my new stickers/magnets for A-Kon this weekend.  *just remembered I need to make more mugs, crap*

So if I am a bit AWOL, well thats why.  But anyhow, The plus side is AFTER the conventions I am going to spend two weeks on the east coast ENJOYING myself, approaching galleries, and generally NOT being at conventions.  I am trying to figure out what route I'll take back... depending on time I may truck along the east coast southwards and then go across, I have family I haven't seen in 6 years that live in Virginia so... It's a perhaps.

In any case, expect me to be updating briefly, if at all for the next few weeks, as my head may well explode from the crazy.

In other news I started some seeds that my aunt gave me in the house (because with triple digit weather Texas is killing seedlings right now) and we'll see if they survive my trip away (i.e. will Todd water the little guys).

Here, have some art!

Tribal Snow Leopard design made primarily for stickers and magnets.
Original for sale.. approximately 5x7 (live area approx 5x5 as it is very square)

Tribal-esque frog
He is vaguely zen... I think... Playing with a ball of energy or some such.
Original for sale.. approximately 4x6

And Last but not least, have a lion

Tribal Lion Watercolor

Original for sold

These ALL make GREAT Magnets or stickers, and I can do prints or mugs or just about anything you could put an image on are available, just contact me for more info. Art[at]

Art © Laura Garabedian

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