So this trip to Texas has been infinitely better than my last trip.  No cons, just one wedding. Of dear friends. That I wasn't IN so didn't have to worry about any of that kind of stress.  Figure I'll give you some weekend highlights.

Picked up from the airport Thurs by one of my longest running friends wife, whereupon we went shopping, got a little dress for me to wear to the wedding, and then had a lovely dinner w/that couple and my brother and his gf.  Lots of catching up, lots of good food. A really good time.  Nice evening of playing 'Bang!' a card game which was really a blast and would probably be better with more than three people. But really... you get to 'Bang!' (or shoot, but its way more fun to say Bang) the other card players *snickers* (I'm still a teenager clearly).  Also got the sad news that my boyfriends dad is doing very poorly so he will be flying down to try and help him out for a couple weeks as of Saturday. So I am keeping him in my thoughts, and hoping things are better than we are being led to believe...

Super productive day Friday, got a lot of art and e-mailing done while watching the ever awesome EskiWorks stream her art. So it felt like I had company, and then sushi dinner with my dad and his girlfriend (which made me a bit nervous... parents split up two years ago so new to this environment). But Dinner was lovely, my brother was there too, so that was nice.
Saturday was overly busy. My brothers gf and I met my mom early in the day for bra shopping (there is an AWESOME outlet in Dallas that doesn't exist in the whole of Colorado, so had to get new bras while I was in town) then getting ready for the wedding and then wedding in the evening.  Wedding was gorgeous. One of my oldest college friends, who is still a great friend of mine, a backpacker/climber/super outdoorsy guy, so lots of our mutual outdoorsy friends were there. So great catching up with all of them. Groom was Handsome. Bride was Radiant. Food was amazing. Music was lovely. Texas decided to cool off a bit, so the fact that the reception was partially outdoors was lovely. 

Sunday had a lazy day with my brother, not much exciting. Just catching up with family.

And now its Monday. I packed up my luggage this morning. Did a bit of art. And filed a paypal claim (for the first time ever). Making me feel a bit like a tattletell, but this seller (a steampunk convention in Denver that I will NEVER work with again, for they have been hard to deal with for this whole process) just won't give me back my money and I am tired of working with them.  Luckily for me the paypal rep that I spoke to was super helpful and made me not feel like  a horrible person for just wanting my money back for an event I didn't vend at, and that I TRIED for weeks to work with the con staff. So hopefully I will get that back. I sure as freaking heck hope so. I can't be out that much money.  
And this evening I will catch up with another old friend from college and she will drive me to the airport at O'Dark'Hundred tomorrow morning.  I have a lot of art to do and a lot of gardening to do when I get home.

It's also almost my birthday (the 10th). So have been planning a joint birthday celebration for myself and a few friends that will probably involve a day of making THINGS (everyone bring things to make - I am gonna try and make a soft bodied doll, another friend is bringing knitting, another miniature painting... STUFF) and an evening of grilling/drinking/socializing.   I am super excited about this.  I am also excited to be home, in Colorado, for a full month and a half. No more travel for me for a full month and a half. That seems like bliss. Just art. and gardening. and ART. and hiking. and ART

BTW I finally got over the bad art storm that had been plaguing me. But more about that later, this journal already has exceeded my normal lengths.  Hope you all have a LOVELY day.
So the 21st was my roommates birthday. And he has a party on the Solstice to celebrate the both his birthday and the longest night of the year.  It was my first time to attend this gloriousness but I am so glad I was around for it. It was a glorious celebration of friendship, camaraderie, and geekery, and was just an incredible amount of fun.  There were a plethora of candles, of friendship, of mugs (that I designed), of geekery, and of a genuinely wonderful and heartfelt good time.

This will be my first year not to have Christmas with my family and TBH it is kind of a relief.  I decided to leave the decision of whether or not I went to TX up to the weather, and rather thankfully two nights ago we got about a foot of snow on the ground and most of the roads leaving to TX are covered in ice.  So rather than a 16 hour drive followed by stress and trying to see family and friends in a very short a stressful time, followed by another stressful 16 hour drive back, I will have a lazy morning. With a lazy afternoon to follow. And the only things I am required to do will be to feed myself.  I may even take a day off from art (probably not, but maybe).  And just be lazy.  My only definite plan for the morrow is to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special. And to be honest, that is enough of a plan to make me happy.

So what I want to do here is just say thank you.
Thank you all for your support.
Thank you for your friendship.
And I hope you all have a chance to have beautiful and relaxing holidays, to spend however you see fit. 

Cheers to all, and happy 2012.
Hey there all! Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes! you gave me the warm and fuzzies inside :)

So yesterday after posting my ten cents about MFF, and cleaning up a bit around the house I did a little planting (veggies in containers out front). And then headed over to my moms place. Still stupid weird not saying my parents place, and I still think they are both being dumb pig headed people, but that is all beside the point.  I got there and saw that I had a box waiting for me *squee* I treated myself to a few new Breyer model horses with some birthday money and they came in. I have collected these guys since I was little, and I use them as ref, and they generally just make me happy. Then went on to give the dog a haircut (much needed) she is now appropriately Who like (think the whos from Dr. Suess, fairly skinny, long hair fluffy tail and fluffy feet).
Then people showed up, and much delicious food was had and lots of talking and life was pretty good. Even got to watch a lightening storm before heading home, so WOOT!

Man, I found out a good friend is moving to Washington, so had my 'in' for who to stay with AROUND Rainfurrest, and now it's booked up. Drat. Well, I put myself on the waitlist, so we'll see if I get in.

State of the studio... erm.. well, yeah. You can see pics if you want at my new Tumblr... It is slightly less, chaotic, and slightly more, realized the printer/scanner would do better elsewhere but don't have a place for them, but the books are mostly unpacked so... thats good right? You can also see pics of the old setup in teh loft (old old, don't have pics of the newer old setup in the loft but, man, between better light and more space, helluva improvement right?)

So today, more shipping, more unpacking and taxes BLAGH
So... for those of you that don't know I'm a HUGE Doctor who fan.
And I just found out that they are having a signing tomorrow in New York, Karen Gillian and Matt Smith will be there signing copies of the 5th season.  If ANYONE could get me a copy I would be SO happy! I will pay you back (of course) and include a custom badge or small piece of art, because you would TOTALLY make my birthday!
The info is here...

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