I got my first solid nights sleep in... well... in as long as I can remember, last night.  The day was pretty wasted as far as work goes, but fantastic in terms of getting me back to feeling a bit better.

My car is feeling better! Woot! And the check engine light turned off! Thank everything for that. Ran errands most of the day then grabbed my awesome friend Liz for a celebration of friendship and an awesome girls night out.   For her birthday I got her tickets for MUSE. So we took the train in to Denver, ate at La Grande Bistro and Oyster bar, which was amazing, and then on to the show. Cage the Elephant opened, and the singer was hilarious. A very fit topless guy in white bellbottoms who strutted happily around stage like a very cocky rooster.  He was so much fun to watch. The band was pretty good but then MUSE... I can't help it, the moment they start I get this huge smile that doesn't go away for the whole show.  I had some trepidation a few times that maybe I shouldn't spend the money but it all melted away with those first notes. It is just pure visual and audio joy. Their shows are so spectacular and beautiful. Liz had never seen them before and loved them just as much as I'd hope she would and we were both just buzzed. Danced, sang, enjoyed. Took the train home on a happy music high, and then slept. Man did I sleep. I slept for a good 8 hours and from the moment I passed out until my alarm I didn't wake up once. That is nothing short of a miracle. Clearly I need to see MUSE more often :)

And boring food diary (though tbh dinner wasn't boring at all)
breakfast : grapes and cheese
lunch : gf pizza! with pepperoni and mushrooms from the place on Tims campus
dinner : gf bread with butter, ricotta stuffed fried squash blossoms, gin marinated salmon with capers, onions, and egg, steak tartare, and a drink with ginger syrup, rosewater, whiskey and thyme.
So yesterday I was still SO caught up in the awesome that was making things, I may have spent the majority of my day painting my MissMonster masks instead of commission work. On one hand, BAD LAURA, on the other hand, I really need to get one done to sell so I can keep buying her work (hahaha, that is how I justify buying them, I buy 2... one to sell) *cough* anyhow.  I'm really pleased with them so far. Though I did have the sad realization that I totally forgot that I needed moonstone, labradorite and something gold (was going to look at tigers eye and amber) small stones for them for inset purposes (They are this style) and I should have picked them up at the mineral show where they would have been like half as expensive as ordering them online (if my deals on everything else are to be believed). So blast, will end up spending more, but oh well, water, right under the bridge. Which, is better than over the bridge, or taking out a bridge or... sorry the flooding is on my mind right now. *cough* sorry... tangenty Laura is tangental.  Anyhow the masks are a fire and ice theme. One is all blues and whites with aqua tinges, the other is reds golds and blacks. And I'm excited about them :)

I did get my MAS cleaned and the air-filter finally dried and my car seems to be running better now! I hope that this is true today too, and not just a fluke for yesterday, but I was so happy! Hooray for an $8 and lots of time fix rather than a huge mess with all of the money.

And in the evening I ended up having a glorious sushi dinner with some friends. So that was amazing. Finally found a sushi restaurant that counts as a fave here in CO.  Hadn't had a ton of luck yet. Granted its nowhere near me, but it is near Zhon so thats pretty awesome, since she's a sushi nut too.

The boring bit that you guys can probably skip
What I ate...
Breakfast cheese omelette with harissa and salt (that I couldn't keep down) :/
Lunch Leftover Pad Thai
Dinner Sushi - salmon and spicy tuna and all sorts of things :/ don't remember and tried other peoples and Hot Sake

Oh life...

Sep. 12th, 2012 06:29 pm
So the car is finally at a shop. They are now saying the engine mount isn't because of the accident even thought they specifically had me go to TWO other mechanics to confirmt that it was. And maybe they won't pay for it.  Jackasses.  Looks like repairs won't be done until the day I leave for Seattle. Which has a plus and a minus - plus side is that I can drop off the rental at the airport and thus won't need anyone to drop us off. Minus is that I can either leave my car at the shop (in a rather shady area of town) for two weeks, OR get someone else to come pick it up and hope they can make sure it is all fine and dandy... leaning toward the second but not sure.

Oh, yeah Seattle. Gonna spend 5 days there on vacation, 5 days taking caring of some of Tims family after an operation, and 4 days at a convention.  I am excited to be in Seattle, never been, only heard good things.  And Rainfurrest is supposed to be a good con, so fingers crossed.

And we got the lovely news at the beginning of the week that Tim needs to move out by Nov 1 instead of Jan 1 so that leaves us kind of flailing for him to find a place (since he is gonna be out of town for 3 weeks for family stuff), and then they started pulling even more crap so he may be trying to move out earlier. So if anyone knows of a good room to rent situation he could grab for a month or two, or a good apartment complex he could look at for more permanent lodging in Denver we sure would appreciate a heads up.

I was thinking I'd be glad once Seattle happened b/c after that it is all planned out and we can relax (except for the surgery stuff) but that doesn't look like its gonna happen. 

Gonna get to see my brother and his girlfriend around thanksgiving though, and thats exciting.

TaTa interwebs... Hope you are having a less hectic week.
So after the previous disaster day, I took a drive around my neighborhood to figure things out some more, and later discussed my successes/failures/strategies (yes I have strategies *LIES*) with my brother, whose first car (which he still has) is stick.

It was pointed out that the first day I wore my chucks, did fine, second, wore chacos (fave shoes EVER but really thick soles) did horribly, third wore my Five fingers did great... so until I get the hang of this more, thin soled shoes it is. But, in other news, haven't stalled the car since! Course this probably means as soon as I go to get backing board for the show I will stall at the 75/beltline intersection and be T-boned by a 18 wheeler - or a runaway elephant, but still, hooray for small successes.

In other news we had crepe night the other night. Glorious glorious crepe night. Savory crepes included, a steak and worchestershire concoction, a chicken pesto, and a sausage and mushroom.  Sweet crepes included cookie dough, nutella and the WINNER for the night, chocolate eclair crepes, which were amazingly fantastically crazily wonderful.  NOM.

And last but not least, here, have art!  Still doing a playing card a week, still enjoying the heck out of it!

Bye now!


May. 5th, 2011 10:35 am
I know it is rather silly, but I get attached to inanimate objects when they have a large part in my life. And thus the fact that today a bid a fond farewell to my faithful litte truck is a bit nostalgic.  It is staying in the family, as my dad bought it off me, but I will miss the sturdiness and nonchalance that having a truck offers.

This was my first car, and has been a faithful little truck for eleven years now.  It has on numerous occassions gotten me out of tough situations simply by being a truck.  Parked in in front of a curb? no problem, it's a truck, we'll jump it.  Locked in a parking lot overnight? - no problem, they didn't fence the whole lot, we can get out of there.  Really crappy roads for this climbing trip we're looking at? no worries, we'll take the truck.

I am super excited about my new little car, but I know I will now have to pay better attention to parking lot closing times and if I get parked in... well, I'll be stuck.  But at least it's staying around, I have visiting rights.  But it is still going to feel like a long drive today as I go to drop it off.
So the first day I drove my car I did great! Honestly, for someone who hadn't driven stick in over 6 years. I only stalled once, I had one instance of grinding gears (which was the first time in my LIFE) and generally was pretty damn proud of myself.

And then there was yesterday.
Yesterday was bad.
I was a very bad car mom yesterday. Had to drive to pick up my prescription and it was pouring rain, but I figured it was 10:45, not much traffic, good time to go. Stalled 3 times THREE TIMES at a major intersection. Ended up partway in the intersection and the light was changing. Shaking and feeling INCREDIBLY stupid I managed to back the car up threw on my caution blinker things, and tried to breath and get things sorted out in my head before the light changed. Apparently it worked, I made it to the parking lot, whereupon I stalled out three more times. WTF? Where did my brain go? By now I'm shaking and feeling incredibly stupid, and praying that I don't end up trapped somewhere in North Dallas STUCK in a damn intersection because apparently, today, I can't drive. I felt bad for my car and felt like an idiot.

Guess we'll try again today...
poor little Mazda

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