So for all of you who have been waiting for me to get my act together and get SkulKlan going, this is my launch off point.  I am taking NaNoWriMo in an entirely different direction.  The goal of my November is to get the layouts and text DONE for SkulKlan. So that from there I can mull on whether to pitch it to a traditional publisher or just move on and start arting and self publish.

I took a long break from it for various reasons (busyness, personal problems etc). But am really diving back in head first and loving it.  I feel like I have already made a great deal of progress and look forward to pushing the envelope.  I think it is going to be somewhere between the styles of "Katurran Odyssey" and "Berona and the Hundred Year War".  I.e. this is not your typical comic panel graphic novel, it is going to be a lot of spreads and journal entries and strangeness such as that.  As for when it will be done.. well, we'll see. But hopefully the TEXT will be finalized and many of the thumbnails nailed down by the end of the month.  

In other news I found a publisher for the playing cards. I am going to nail down a final price with them this week and get cranking on pre-orders.  The cards should come out in January as predicted.

Hope you are all doing well.
So after the previous disaster day, I took a drive around my neighborhood to figure things out some more, and later discussed my successes/failures/strategies (yes I have strategies *LIES*) with my brother, whose first car (which he still has) is stick.

It was pointed out that the first day I wore my chucks, did fine, second, wore chacos (fave shoes EVER but really thick soles) did horribly, third wore my Five fingers did great... so until I get the hang of this more, thin soled shoes it is. But, in other news, haven't stalled the car since! Course this probably means as soon as I go to get backing board for the show I will stall at the 75/beltline intersection and be T-boned by a 18 wheeler - or a runaway elephant, but still, hooray for small successes.

In other news we had crepe night the other night. Glorious glorious crepe night. Savory crepes included, a steak and worchestershire concoction, a chicken pesto, and a sausage and mushroom.  Sweet crepes included cookie dough, nutella and the WINNER for the night, chocolate eclair crepes, which were amazingly fantastically crazily wonderful.  NOM.

And last but not least, here, have art!  Still doing a playing card a week, still enjoying the heck out of it!

Bye now!
I started painting these little guys a few month ago and just love them. It is so fun for me to work SO small. And it lets me work out a lot of color and style experiments that I might be nervous about large. The top two are sold but the bottom one (the King of Spades) is still available.

And my apologies for not being around much... my parents split up and I kind of didn't want to do much of anything that I didn't NEED to do for a little while.

Original SOLD
Prints at original size (2.5"x3.5") are $3 plus shipping

Original SOLD
Prints at original size (2.5"x3.5") are $3 plus shipping

Original $15 plus shipping
Prints at original size (2.5"x3.5") are $3 plus shipping

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