Oh hai there new year! I was pretty MIA for the past two months because my schedule was packed ridiculously full.  I spent about a month and a half laying out my new art book (Yay!!) that should release at FC this year.  It took Waaaaay longer than it should have because, a) I hadn't used InDesign in years and was rusty b) I hadn't done Layout in years and was rusty and c) I waited to ask for help for far too bloody long.  So then we had to fix a lot of things that I didn't think about/remember/realize there were better ways to do things. Luckily I have KIND Art Director and Designer friends who were willing to help me and now the book looks pretty damn sharp if I do say so myself.  At least it does all laid out and on paper... we'll see what happens when it prints *fingers crossed* As that started wrapping up I had three 12x16 pieces that I needed to get finished up (secretly) for Christmas, so hauled ass getting those done. I got them to the commissioner the night of Christmas Eve, and then Christmas night I flew down to Texas for a week with the family.  It's been lovely, but crazy busy, and gosh am I ready to get back home and just do some art for a while. Granted I still have some looming deadlines that are making me itchy to get painting now, but it shouldn't be as bad as the past two months.

I hope you all had some lovely holidays and have an amazing new year!
Found the recipe for this drink, it was my favorite christmas drink a few years ago so figured I'd share!

1.5oz vodka
1 t peppermint schnapps

shake with ice
strain into glass

garnish with crushed candy canes rimming the glass and/or small candy cane over the rim.

OPTIONAL - add simple syrup to the drink to make it sweeter. 


Cheers, to all. And I will try and do a proper update here in a bit.
So the 21st was my roommates birthday. And he has a party on the Solstice to celebrate the both his birthday and the longest night of the year.  It was my first time to attend this gloriousness but I am so glad I was around for it. It was a glorious celebration of friendship, camaraderie, and geekery, and was just an incredible amount of fun.  There were a plethora of candles, of friendship, of mugs (that I designed), of geekery, and of a genuinely wonderful and heartfelt good time.

This will be my first year not to have Christmas with my family and TBH it is kind of a relief.  I decided to leave the decision of whether or not I went to TX up to the weather, and rather thankfully two nights ago we got about a foot of snow on the ground and most of the roads leaving to TX are covered in ice.  So rather than a 16 hour drive followed by stress and trying to see family and friends in a very short a stressful time, followed by another stressful 16 hour drive back, I will have a lazy morning. With a lazy afternoon to follow. And the only things I am required to do will be to feed myself.  I may even take a day off from art (probably not, but maybe).  And just be lazy.  My only definite plan for the morrow is to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special. And to be honest, that is enough of a plan to make me happy.

So what I want to do here is just say thank you.
Thank you all for your support.
Thank you for your friendship.
And I hope you all have a chance to have beautiful and relaxing holidays, to spend however you see fit. 

Cheers to all, and happy 2012.
So I acquired these tiny little ornaments/frames for a discount and think they would make perfect Christmas Gifts for people.  I will paint a tiny little original to fit in it of your characters portrait in one of these wee little frames.  I have ovular (both vertical and horizontal), rectangular (both vertical and horizontal) and square frames and they are between 2" and 1" on all sides (so the ovals are approximately 1.5x1 and the rectangles about 1.5x1 and the square about 1.25x1.25 ) Now I don't have a ton of these little guys, they were a discount store find.  Please keep in mind these are WEE. As in the image you see on your screen is probably a bit larger than life (depending on your screen resolution etc).

But here is the deal, it will be $35 including shipping for a tiny piece of original watercolor art in a tiny little gold frame with a little gold chain hanger (such as shown in the photos). 

Please e-mail me with your references/desire to have a slot and if you REALLY specific frame shape
I will get back to you to confirm whether or not you got in (and if the frame shape you request is still availabe) and request a paypal payment for $30
My TOS are here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g7TvwjZ3rN0qGiJKbSI6qDwtOXc2YX5KBrW4Irw2SsM/edit

Hahaha, I kind of slacked of, on urm, yeah, everything internets in the past week, as I couldn't POST any of the stuff I did for people for Christmas and I was frustrated *grinz* AND I was frustrated because the internets were arguing at every turn. So APOLOGIES if I missed anything I am trying to double check to make sure I didn't miss anything, but I have nagging feelings I might have - if you sent me anything and you would have expected a response by now, my DEEPEST apologies. If you don't get an answer by tonight- please E-mail me to confirm that your stuff didn't get lost in the crazy that was last week. Happy happy now.

Hope you all had freaking fantastic holidays, doing whatever you want, be it hanging with family or by yourself, or going to the zoo or whatever. I had pretty good holidays. Spent a lot of time with my brother, minimal time with the parents (prob for the best as I am still easily hurt by their current behavior) and lots of time w/my boy.
And I got prezzies.
And gave prezzies (and by some of the giftees reactions, did a damn good job so YAY!)
My fave received prezzies were... small bag of scraps of fur and teeth and bone from a friend online, FUZZY BOOTS from my brother (not the typical Ugg tall chunky boots which I hate), a TARDIS USB splitter from my boy, a sonic screwdriver led torch from my brother, a fantastic flask from my mom, and a sushi dinner from my dad :)
My favorite gifts I gave - an egg incubator for my mom so she can 'grow her own' chickens *grinz*, various bizarre hot sauces for my dad because he likes trying new sauces, an AWESOME collar for my brothers new dog (seriously, check out Karma Collars, they have a shop on Etsy and they are fantastic - this one has the ends of 12 gauge bullets in it - and the dogs name is Chester - short for Winchester - so perfect - and has a lifetime guarantee) and also some fantastic steampunk cufflinks by luckykojak  luckykojak, really nice ceramic pots and a mug for my boy.
Hooray! I like giving and receiving, and giving...

BTW I am RIDICULOUSLY jealous of all you people with snow. Ridiculously. Just saying. I know most of you are probably over it, and whatever, but dammit, I like snow. It never feels like holidays without snow.  Or even winter for that matter. Yeah, anyhow...

And as a reminder my ACEO counting contest is on until jan 1st whereupon the ten people CLOSEST to the actual # will get little free ACEO's. and right now I only have 3 entries, so GUESS PEOPLE!!!!
rules are below

So here is the contest
How many ACEO's do I have? Including ACEO's done for commission.
They are ALL posted somewhere, but I admit they may not all be posted in one place. Honestly, I don't think they are :/ But they are ALL posted online. But how many ACEO's do I have?
E-MAIL ME THE RESPONSE! To Art[at]LauraGarabedian.com - Subject line Christmas Contest.
As a reminder the various places I have art online are...
My Shiney New Website www.LauraGarabedian.com
DA - http://lauragarabedian.deviantart.com/
FB - http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/La.....k/212014834464
Etsy - http://www.etsy.com/people/LauraGarabedian
I am holding this contest on a few platforms and don't want to be confused, so please don't comment, comments won't be valid

You must e-mail me with your guess/count of the number of ACEO's that I have to Art[at]LauraGarabedian.com
Contest is over on the 1st of January, winners will be announced that week, and I'll ship off the prints sometime the first week of 2011.
ALL ACEO's must be counted, not just ones for sale, or commissioned work.
Also included are my ACEO's that have a white border for framing purposes, (they are listed as such) I know they aren't classic ACEO theme, but they are (in my mind) ACEO's and it's my contest :)

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