So trying to do both my RF and my AFC write-ups in this post, because I hadn't gotten to RF yet.

Rainfurrest continues to be one of my favorite conventions.  Its just the right size, the people are fantastic, and the food is always stellar (okay, okay maybe thats just that Seattle has good food and I've found some real gems but FOOD man.  That stuff is important.)  So this year I flew in on Thursday, and the wonderful, noble, heroic, Davecko *grinz* helped me haul my luggage from the airport to the hotel... I'm stubborn and probably would have tried to haul it all over there myself otherwise, which probably wouldn't have ended terribly well ><. I need to learn from this, and know that if someone can't help me next year, I need to call a cab. After weighing all my luggage I realize that it outstrips my own weight by, well, quite a bit.  In any case, he helped me get my luggage over to the con, I setup, and then went to dinner with that awesome fellow and his friends, and I am in fact AWFUL with names... so... I'm sorry for not calling you all out individually *sorrrrry*. (Also, I got furry and real names and that just means I am twice as likely to forget)

Con went great for the next few days, pretty productive and I limited my commissions so ended up being able to do a good amount of socializing every evening, which was lovely!  Hung out with the ever awesome, Kit, Kyell, Kenket, Teagan, FoxAmoore, Vantid, Xyk, Davecko, Jack, Path, and more... again, horrid with remembering names so if I forgot yours, my most sincere apologies, you know you are loved, and appreciated, and that my mental filing system is just horrid.
After the Con I spent a couple days just outside of Seattle proper with a friend who I hadn't seen in a few years, which was lovely. Had the best sushi I've had in my life, saw harbor seals, and sea lions, and wandered about Seattle a bit, but mostly hung out with her, (introduced her to Doctor Who, because thats what I do) and caught up on all of our crazy life gossip.

Then I came home for 2 days, and my dad got into town, so I promptly went up to Frisco with him and his girlfriend. Unfortunately, due to Frontier Airlines horrid screwups, he got here 8 hours late, so I only got 2 days with him, but we had a lovely time.  Did a few light hikes, wandered around cute little mountain towns, and generally enjoyed each others company.

Two days after that I started my road trip to AFC with my dear friend Liz.  First day was just a pounding of road beneath our wheels. Fourteen hours of driving later (all me, she doesn't drive stick) we hit the hotel, punch drunk and still silly happy with each other.  Met with the guest liaison Arielle (who is a wonderful human being and was terribly helpful all weekend), got shown our room and around the hotel, setup in the dealers room and then settled in for what was to be a gorgeous weekend.  The weather was a bit hot for my tastes, but then I'm spoiled by Colorado.  The view was exquisite though, looking out over a golf course with the mountains behind that and the huge dark desert sky above us.  This con is the first (to my knowledge) to give dealers a lunch break, which just made it that much more awesome in my book. The fact that we, as dealers and guests, could retreat for an hour or two to our rooms. Collect our thoughts, and recharge afternoon was invaluable. I absolutely loved that!
I continued my tradition from Rainfurrest and strictly limited conventions to allow for socialization, and it worked out so well. I actually had a chance to enjoy my evenings with my friends.  Hung out with such wonderful people as Myenia, Rukis, Liz, Fuzzwolf, Teiran, and more.

On our way back we didn't do the crazy long haul of the first trip.  Stopped for a picnic lunch detour at an offshoot of the Grand Canyon (didn't got to the Canyon proper, b/c it was quite a bit further, but even our little offshoot was glorious).  We had gotten a rather late start, but made it to Moab by evening, where we found a place to pitch a tent (ended up in an RV park which isn't as nice as proper campgrounds but DID have a hot tub, so bonus points).  The next morning we had adventures in Arches National Park.  We were up and out by 8 and got to Arches by 9:30 or so and it was everything I could have wished for.  Liz and I both hoped to go there to get a good solid center spiritually (yes, sounds flaky but having that quiet outdoor time is important to both of us, and our lives have been pretty tumultuous recently so it was soothing to our souls to just sit and enjoy that exquisite piece of nature).  Luckily the day before our arrival Utah opened its national parks with state funds, so we were able to make it in, and there were hardly any people there. Only about 12 of us or so at Delicate Arch, and we had lots of time to just sit quietly, to enjoy, to take it all in.  We picnicked at the 'Windows' area, and then started our stuttered trip back home.  That night was spent with Liz's family in Grand Junction, and the next morning puttered our way from a diner, to a winery, through Georgetown to one of our favorite restaurants in Colorado, then back home.

So I've been home for a couple days now and am about to leave again (Wednesday) for another week.  I'll sure be glad to be home for a while after this next trip, and am hoping I will be, but I just got news that my grandmother is in rather poor health, so I may be making a trip to Philly to see her. *urf*

I have a whole 'nother post I want to write later about centering and such but thats for later, I think this is more than enough for now.

No really. This next month is silly.  Granted it started last month but still. Silly.

So I was gone for 10 days in Dec. To visit family. Gone last weekend for FC (report at the end of this). Back until Tues. Then to Seattle for 7 days. Back for 7 days, gone for 13 days.... Why all of these place you ask? Family was Dec. Then FC for Con and paying of bills. Then Seattle because my boyfriend is sweet and is flying us there to see MUSE since they aren't making it to CO or any adjacent state (gonna work while I'm up there, I can't be out a week of work) we are staying with a friend though so while I will have Short-ER days I will still probably work at least 6 hours each day I am up there, Minus concert day, which is a day for us.  Then back, massive con prep, and then to TFF, which is also a family/friends trip as I don't see them often, so mixing it w/business is good (I generally see them twice a year, last year was three times and that is only b/c Xmas flights were SO relativel cheap).

SO... FC!

FC was pretty awesome but it starteed reeeeaaaaally hairy.
The day before I was in last minute freak out con prep mode and had promised my roommate that I would get the cab arranged for us for the next day.  It was going to be four of us carpooling, Rooth, BB (forget con name, so yeah, doing initials), Tim and I.  So we were gonna split a cab.  Tim realized how frazzled I was so offered to book it. I said 'Sure' and he went about doing such.
Next morning... hits 10 (when its supposed to be there) he calls to check and turns out that a) he booked the airport shuttle b) they weren't giving us a separate vehicle like they said they would c) it was in the system wrong, so would be showing up at 10:30... so our 9:45/10 ride was now 10:30... kind of a big deal.
 And then we get there and I ask to have my luggage hand checked and get dressed down by the agent who was rude and horrible, and we are already getting to the front of the damn line only 45 min before our flight, haven't even made it to luggage, so that delays us even more.  So we ended up running to our gate after security, it was ridiculous.  Second to last people on the plane (apparently there were other people running too) luckily Rooth and BB got there before us and got us seats b/c they are AWESOME and didn't have a horrid lady holding them up.  So from then on everything was gravy.

Got in, got setup, had a lovely Indian dinner with [ profile] idess and Charlie, and went to bed.  Next day started the CON!!! Which went fantastically.  Great first day, great sales, few creepers, only downside was the TERRIBLE A/C! It was so freaking sauna-like in there. So everything was humid and hot and smelled horribly, as everyone was hot and sweaty.  Dinner was, again, Indian (b/c curry! -in a hurry!!) Then off to Tims Harassment panel, which went really well, Then on to homework and visiting with artists that I don't see often, which is lovely. Late night was late, but terribly productive, so that was fantastic.  

Sat, repeat of Fri, good sales, good people, and sold some things in the art show, and thankfully they figured out the A/C so we were all comfortable :)

Dinner was an amazing Sushi restaurant that was not at all equipped for the crowd it got, so took quite a while, but was fantastic.  Hung out with [ profile] ursulav, and [ profile] kyellgold and Louve, and generally had a fantastic time.  Off to more homeowork and then to Sunday. Which was really (as always) a day that I am just thoroughly WIPED. If you saw me sunday and I seemed distant, it is because I was Ex-Haus-Ted! But had a lovely Thai dinner with [ profile] vantid and [ profile] idess nonetheless and then hung out with my friends that I rarely see Ursulav and Alchemist as well as Vantid, Tasha and Heather.  

I saw many more people (Utunu and Kikivuli, Fibre, Keirajo, and many more that I can't remember right now b/c I am still SO SLEEPY) but over all fantastic con.  Good monies, good time.

So this trip to Texas has been infinitely better than my last trip.  No cons, just one wedding. Of dear friends. That I wasn't IN so didn't have to worry about any of that kind of stress.  Figure I'll give you some weekend highlights.

Picked up from the airport Thurs by one of my longest running friends wife, whereupon we went shopping, got a little dress for me to wear to the wedding, and then had a lovely dinner w/that couple and my brother and his gf.  Lots of catching up, lots of good food. A really good time.  Nice evening of playing 'Bang!' a card game which was really a blast and would probably be better with more than three people. But really... you get to 'Bang!' (or shoot, but its way more fun to say Bang) the other card players *snickers* (I'm still a teenager clearly).  Also got the sad news that my boyfriends dad is doing very poorly so he will be flying down to try and help him out for a couple weeks as of Saturday. So I am keeping him in my thoughts, and hoping things are better than we are being led to believe...

Super productive day Friday, got a lot of art and e-mailing done while watching the ever awesome EskiWorks stream her art. So it felt like I had company, and then sushi dinner with my dad and his girlfriend (which made me a bit nervous... parents split up two years ago so new to this environment). But Dinner was lovely, my brother was there too, so that was nice.
Saturday was overly busy. My brothers gf and I met my mom early in the day for bra shopping (there is an AWESOME outlet in Dallas that doesn't exist in the whole of Colorado, so had to get new bras while I was in town) then getting ready for the wedding and then wedding in the evening.  Wedding was gorgeous. One of my oldest college friends, who is still a great friend of mine, a backpacker/climber/super outdoorsy guy, so lots of our mutual outdoorsy friends were there. So great catching up with all of them. Groom was Handsome. Bride was Radiant. Food was amazing. Music was lovely. Texas decided to cool off a bit, so the fact that the reception was partially outdoors was lovely. 

Sunday had a lazy day with my brother, not much exciting. Just catching up with family.

And now its Monday. I packed up my luggage this morning. Did a bit of art. And filed a paypal claim (for the first time ever). Making me feel a bit like a tattletell, but this seller (a steampunk convention in Denver that I will NEVER work with again, for they have been hard to deal with for this whole process) just won't give me back my money and I am tired of working with them.  Luckily for me the paypal rep that I spoke to was super helpful and made me not feel like  a horrible person for just wanting my money back for an event I didn't vend at, and that I TRIED for weeks to work with the con staff. So hopefully I will get that back. I sure as freaking heck hope so. I can't be out that much money.  
And this evening I will catch up with another old friend from college and she will drive me to the airport at O'Dark'Hundred tomorrow morning.  I have a lot of art to do and a lot of gardening to do when I get home.

It's also almost my birthday (the 10th). So have been planning a joint birthday celebration for myself and a few friends that will probably involve a day of making THINGS (everyone bring things to make - I am gonna try and make a soft bodied doll, another friend is bringing knitting, another miniature painting... STUFF) and an evening of grilling/drinking/socializing.   I am super excited about this.  I am also excited to be home, in Colorado, for a full month and a half. No more travel for me for a full month and a half. That seems like bliss. Just art. and gardening. and ART. and hiking. and ART

BTW I finally got over the bad art storm that had been plaguing me. But more about that later, this journal already has exceeded my normal lengths.  Hope you all have a LOVELY day.
So whatever else has been going on recently, I saw The Lion King musical today.  And just... Wow.  Total visual overload. As much of a mask whore as I am and as much as I love fantastic lighting, and as fascinating as I find puppetry, I just feel like my brain is overstimulated with amazingness.  I was super lucky to be offered a trade for tickets and dinner for art and just... wow.  I have been hoping to see that show for ages, and am still just vibrating with exitement and happiness. And really stoked to incorporate some of the wild colors and patterns into my art and now the urge to make masks has been amped up even more.  I also got some great ideas for the masks of my masked sphinxes and how to make the soft bodied dolls I've been thinking of... (thinking hair tufts and maybe cane pieces... still mulling things over).  So yeah.  So incredibly thankful for the opportunity to go see this amazing show and so jazzed and energized from the experience. 

In other news, I leave on Friday to go to Chicago for MFF. Yes, MFF isn't until the weekend after, life/planetickets/friends schedules are funny, so I will be up there for 10 days. I hope to get a lot of work done while I am up there, and am excited about attending the con.  While my fantastically awesome roommate will be watching my puppy, for which I am eternally grateful.  When I get back I will immediately pick up my puppy and drive her up to fort collins so a fantastically awesome friend  (have I mentioned how grateful I am to have these friends? No? Really? Because they kick some serious ass) can watch her over thanksgiving because my father, my brother, and his girlfriend will have flown in shortly before me and I will meet them out in Boulder for two days in boulder and then two days in Vail.  I haven't been to Vail since I was a kid and I haven't seen The fam or Catherine in a couple months (really long for me in regards to my brother, as we are pretty close). And am SO excited to be able to spend some quality time with them.

So if I'm a bit slow to reply there is your reason, though I should be able to check mail and update etc at least once a day while in Chicago.  Just may not be uploading *sad* 

I feel like this should be in teenage girl speak "Like OMG the con this weekend, it was like, so fantastic, and like, there were so many sweet cosplayers there and like...." Just because I heard THAT all weekend.  But I'll refrain because really, just because I was subjected to it doesn't mean I need to subject YOU to it!

Wow though. A-KON was FANTASTIC for me this year. I think my brain intentionally blocked out how long the days are at A-KON and how crazy intense the con is.  I think it is a safety mechanism, if I remembered all of that I probably wouldn't keep signing up, but I do really enjoy the con, it is an absolute blast seeing all the cosplayers, I got to meet a lot of wonderful people and made some great contacts.  I had the joy of sitting between the awesome Dusty of and the lovely people of Pan-Gaia designs who do fabulous kimonos and jewelry.  Also, the location of the booth was fantastic! I was right outside the dealers room doors so got a lot of traffic due to flow/lines for the dealers doors.

On that note, can anyone explain why when the alley opens people immediately wait in line to get in the dealers den? I mean most of those people have merch. Merch you can order. And are likely not out of right? Why wait in line for an hour or two to get in rather than peruse the alley/chat with people. Dusty didn't know either.

By the end of the con though I was ready to drop. And realized I sold out of most of my stickers so need to make more. Than realized I somehow got to the end of my sticker making material and now it won't be in until Tuesday 'sometime' when I kind of was planning on leaving for this road trip Tuesday morning *palmface* so I guess we already have delays for our trip *sighs*. Serves me right for not double checking.  My buttons went over really well though, so that was cool, I'll have to keep stocking those designs, 'twas a fun product to have and doesn't take up much space. I also got rid of A LOT of mugs there, which was really neat! I love carrying mugs, and LOVE the idea that people get to see my art in the morning with their tea/coffee etc. I just think that is too cool.

Now onward, to prep for my equine anatomy panel and to get my packing together!
So! I have been out of town for a full week now, and it was just what I needed!  The purpose of the trip was to hit up FAUnited, but to keep airfare cheap and because I really wanted to, I built a couple days on either side to see family.  The family time and getting to relax in PA was just what the doctor called for.

FA United was a great little con. I do emphasize the little bit. Pretty tiny little thing, with a proportionally sized dealers room. But the people were fantastic, both the artists and the general con-goers. I only had good things to say about the dealers room guard guy 'Kittens' who was super sweet and helpful. The last day had a minor run-in with con staff when they tried to charge my aunt more than the reg price on the site, which was strange because they said they 'raised it for the last day'. After she argued that there were just a few hours left and it never said anything like that on the site she got in for the right price, but, that was very strange.  She generally enjoyed the con, and it was nice to hang out with her/have someone else at my table so I didn't feel guilty walking around.  LOVED hanging out with all the super sweet and cool artists, made homework night so much more fun and interesting. So all was well on that front. Also had great neighbors, so that was fab!

In terms of personal vacation, well having that time to catch up with my grandmother, an uncle, and various aunts was so nice. Had been two years since I had seen my uncle, a bit less for the rest, and am looking forward to catching up with them again when I drive up for AC.  I got a chance to see my aunts beautiful garden, have lots of good food (cannolis, and hoagies, and scrapple, oh my!) and brought back TastyKakes for my brother and I.  Just overall beautiful, soaked in the gorgeous green of the east coast and breathed in the fresh damp air.  I am so incredibly jealous of all the STUFF that grows up there, my aunt gave me quite a few seeds from her garden (various columbines, wood poppy, bleeding heart, and helleborus) in hopes that it will grow down here.  We talked veg gardening a bit (as that is my primary gardening experience), and really I just enjoyed myself.  

This was the relaxing trip that I think I really needed. I had a lot of alone time to just be, most of my commissions were at a good spot to set down while I left so I could do some work, and overall I really enjoyed myself. I look forward to heading back up there in the fall.
But the dealers setup for MFF was not acceptable...  And they plan on doing it again this year.  For those of you who didn't go, the dealers den was in the lower basement level.  It wasn't well marked and sales showed it.  Meanwhile, the artists alley was right beside registration and next to the art show.  I had a friend who was in the art show come downstairs for 1/2 a day Saturday and then say, 'sorry guys' traffic is so much better up there. And he left. I had numerous people e-mail me after the con saying they looked for me in the Den and why didn't I come. After I asked where they were looking (i.e. di they come down to the basement) they were shocked and said that they didn't realize it existed.  Apparently the Dealers Room advocate (Brendon) wants to help us but he says that he can't convince the rest of the staff that its a problem and asked us to start a thread over at the MFF forums.. The thread is here and if you could go ask them to DO something (if you are at all involved or whatever) it would be greatly appreciated.

I am still all nervous and shaky because I don't like to be confrontational (especially with people I don't know) and I just wrote how I felt. Which is affronted. We pay for a space, we pay to go out there, and then we get told that our friends in the artists alley who don't have to pay the dealers fees are making twice as much because no one knows where we are? Not okay.

I am giving MFF a chance to make this right. But I won't be back if they don't. And if they don't fix it I know quite a few artists aren't coming this year. I am sorry, I did love the people I met there, but I can't justify poor sales when the staff doesn't seem to care.  It's funny - if they at least apologized and said they were trying I'd be fine, if the staff cares, I'll go out of my way for them (and again, Brendon has been great), but in general, the con staff is treating the dealers like they don't matter, and I don't feel the need to go out of my way for them if that is the case. So, again, if you are/were involved please speak up, it is looking like the Dealers room is going to be awfully empty otherwise.
I mean, just wow.

Texas Furry Fiesta, you totally just rocked. A HUGE thank you to all the staff/volunteers etc who made that event possible.  You were SUPER helpful, ever so sweet and kind and just generally amazing. So again, just thanks thanks thanks.

I rather liked what I did about good/bad/learned thingy so I'm doing that again.

We'll start with the bad (why? because there was hardly ANY of it and none of it was the cons fault and yeah - want to end with the good and the learning)

Couple of uncomfortable people who assumed since they watched me online we were like BFF's - made me a little squirmy
I'm a great big dummy head and kept leaving important things at home *D'OH!* the perils of a local con is that I am worse about keeping my S**T together and making sure everything is packed properly
A-KON Reg was Sunday night so I couldn't hang out after the con/packed up a little early
Hmmm only thing I Maaaaay have changed is the times on friday seemed a bit odd (in that it opened rather earlier than I expected and didn't stay open as late - since people are coming in from work etc) a few artists went over to do work in the alley, but as I'm local I was having a problem justifying that
To that regard also sad I missed having dinner with the group that went to Peruvian, just couldn't do it do to scheduling etc.
Didn't sell anything in the art show (but whatever, I rarely do)

SEEE! Not many bad things at all!!
The Good!!!
The staff was FANTASTIC! Just lovely people all around who were super helpful and even had a scanner setup so some of the badges I really liked doing got scanned in :) Didn't get a chance to get them all done but that was super sweet to offer that service
The People! Dude - this was one of the more friendly cons - I thought I remembered that from last year, but definitely confirmed, so many awesome people who took the time to say hi and that they liked my work - less people that just did the glance and give you and odd look (which always seems a bit awkward I haven't deciphered that look yet)
Got a chance to have dinner with the lovely Kyell Gold and Kit Silver, and meet the fantastic Mitti - that was just such a blast, I am so glad to have had a chance to hang out with you all.
Met and talked food with a lovely commissioner, that was super fun and I can't wait to find the recipes later
Was RECOGNIZED by people -*blushes* I mean this is my first repeat con so that was just really cool, lots of people who remembered me from last year
I finally made enough at a con to justify actually buying something for myself at the con - Got a book from Kyell :) super fun
This con was the best by far that I have been to, so I am super excited about that, the size was right the vibe was excited but not uber-excited-oncrack like they can get, the fursuit parade came right by - which was kind of cool  - I never leave from behind my table so wow, fun! (and mad shout out to whoever was in the Beautiful Plague Doctor costume - just lovely work)

The Learning things
Learned that I need to bring more treecreature prints :) Which is awesome! Thanks guys!
My mugs sell pretty well, I will probably always stock five designs or so, but as a reminder I can ship ;) can't stock too many - breakable, take up a lot of space, and everyone has their own idea about what design they want, but the chicken and tea, cheshire and tea, and treecreatures are pretty good (and dragon librarian was quite popular)
TFF sold more bunnies than any other con - interesting - tribal and otherwise, people wanted their bunnies!
My steampunky owl needs more product :)

And the 'list' - this is everyone that I have down that has CUSTOM work and it is in order of payment (so workload as well)

Asurea - Full Body Dragon Badge
Ceolan - Bust Cu Sith Badge (sorry don't know how to do all the fun things on letters here)
Coyo  - Watercolor sketch with three char
QuickKyk - Watercolor Sketch of Coyote and fire
De_Sade - Cheetah Full Body Badge
James Swift - Bust Badge dragon
Cometfox - Bust Badge Dark Red Fox
Niku & Indu - 2 badges TBD
Glacier - Bust Badge with Sharp ink linework

SideNote List- (everyone who ordered product that needed shipping)

Xia - Shiba Inu Magnet
Glacier - Keychain with Red Dragon
Kyle - Tribal Fox Die Cut Magnet
Araya - Dragon Librarians on a Mug
SveeMon - Red Dragon Magnet to ship elsewhere as a gift

IF you ordered something and don't see yourself on either list let me know - I will double check receipts

But seriously.


Made me have much more faith in what I'm doing and that maybe, just maybe, I can make a living doing this. Thank you all.
Soes I promised a report...

Before-Con Adventures.
Well as most of you probably know, I took the opportunity of going to CO as an excuse to visit a dear friend who moved up there. Unfortunately didn't get as much done (work or play wise) as I would hope due to her BF's grumpiness. But did get to have some adventures... Two hikes, one up grizzly creek, which resulted in some sweet photos, the sighting of a dipper bird, a trout tinier than my pinky nail, and a snake. And one hike up the VERY STEEP mountain behind her house, which resulted in the finding of MANY bones. Unfortunately most were too old (i.e. crumbling) or too new (i.e. still covered in fur/hair/sinew) for me to take home.
Also did a really nice trail ride for about 18 miles on her horses in the park by rifle canyon, which was pretty awesome. Also resulted in fantastic photos, of aspens, of horses, of a bird of prey as yet unidentified, and me nearly loosing myself and my very nice camera into a morass of mud when my horse misstepped and went into the mud up to his belly. Wheeeeee....
Sooooes took a ton of pics, still sorting through and figuring out where to upload...

Then drove to Denver, with a side trip to Mount Evans which is the highest scenic byway in the US at 14,000 ft. So cool. I remember doing that trip with my parents as a kid and loving it. We used to ALWAYS see bighorn sheep, and occasionally mountain goats. So that was the goal. Which was not realized. By the time I made it to the top it had started sleeting so I turned around and went back down. My various pulloffs got photos of fantastic scenery, lots of atmospheric perspecitve, marmots, pikas, chipmunks, and woodpeckers.

Then into Denver!
And the people I was going to stay with ended up still out of town so I stayed at a Super 8 - which was okay, but I realized I accidentally left my favorite down pillow there so I am a bit bummed... and the room was rather overpriced for what it was.
Then the con started!
Got there at 8
way before staff was ready for me, oops! But they were SUPER COOL! Mad props to the con staff and volunteery people for just being awesome. Got set up. Realized I had a 1/2 table not a full table (oops) felt all squishy as the other 1/2 table was a group of two people.
BTW - 3 people PLUS con gear do not fit well behind one table. Oh well. They were cool.
Cool things that happened at/because of the con.
Got to stay with a family that is basically like second family to me that I hadn't seen in years.
Met the fantastic wolf-nymph  wolf-nymph wintersoul  wintersoul vantid  vantid kitewanderlust  kitewanderlust and more that I haven't found you on FA yet so apologies. All of whom are not only great artists but fantastic people too. So if they aren't on your watchlist go look them up.
Got a chance to chat with the fantastic guys from Sofawolf, and even made them some badges, hope they like them, I was pretty darn pleased. BTW I LOVE doing couples badges, and they tend to get a bit involved just because I LIKE THEM! Anyhow.
Chatted with Heather Bruton quite a bit, and Dark Natasha. Love those ladies, wish we had more time to hang out.
Got to GO TO THE ZOO WITH ARTISTS. Rocking hells ya. Love it. TONS OF PICS - Ladies who went with me, if you want copies let me know where to send them.

The bad/indifferent/weird
There was a moment of panic when it was thought an artists money bag was lost. It was found, life was good.
Thou shalt not steal thy neighbors customers. I'm just saying. It's rude.
Had a couple foot in mouth moments that I rather regret. I swear I didn't mean them how they came out, so if you think I said something mean, I apologize I don't always speak well - especially when I am exhausted at cons and getting odd questions when I am trying to get details from another customer. I really am a nice person though I SWEAR. Or I try to be :( I hope I didn't hurt anyones feelings.

As always a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped me out at a con, either financially by getting prints/commissions/etc, or by being sweet chipper people who take the time to stop and say hi. You all rock.

Drive back was long.
I almost cried when the mountains disappeared. The rockies will always be my home I think. It is my goal to move either to CO (preferably) or Northern NM/Western PA in the next year, at most year and a half. I NEED the topography. It makes me calm and happy.

Now, I need to get back to my commissions.
BTW - Next Con I hit will be OKLACON - I hope I will see you ALL there!
To Rocky Mountain FurCon!

Driving - and staying with a friend for a week and a half so my internet presence will be limited! Hope everyone is safe and happy and I am taking my 'homework' with me so never fear! There will be art when I return (and not just RMFC art!)

See you after the mountains guys.

I freaking Love Colorado, I'll be dragging myself back

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