Where in the World has this crazy person been you might be asking yourself... as my last updates were pretty well filler, and the last REAL update that had anything to do with anything was in December. 

So here whats been happening.  Basically 2012 started on a crazy note and I had to hit the ground running. On the first I started dating a guy who is pretty awesome (or why would I be dating him right?) And that first week of January life just got crazy.  I had conprep for FC. Learned I got accepted into the gallery show for anthropomorphic work that was running concurrent with FC, so had to get those pieces, matted, framed and shipped within two days. Meanwhile I was prepping to take care of the BF, who is hereby gonna be designated Waffe, b/c that is his online handle, as he had surgery on the 9th.  Then off to FC, which was crazy busy and good sales, and good people and probably deserves its own post but probably won't get one b/c my life won't slow down.  And the whole con I was extra exhausted b/c I am apparently allergic to the new hotel.  I get back to my roomie gone for a week due to family emergencies, so spent most of the week with the still on leave BF while he got better. Meanwhile I've been doing con homework, and trying to finish the couple LARGE commissions I have in queue. 

Oh yeah, and I have a con this weekend and had to get tax stuff ready for that. And a friend is coming in from out of town Tuesday.  And I totally missed my Texas Tax deadline in the midst of all the crazy.

So bear with me guys, you should see fun new art again soon. But here, look! Pretty! Tribal! So at least this post isn't entirely about the craziness of my life!

So my schedule for this year is crazy.

The cons that are still up in the air have asterisks beside them

Jan 13-15 FC - San Jose
Jan 27-29 COSine - Colorado Springs
February 18-20 CONDFW - Dallas
February 24-26 TFF - Dallas
February 15-18 FWA - Atlanta
March 23-25 Anomaly Con - Denver
April 13-15 Furry Connection North - Novi, MI
May 25-27 ConQuest - K'City MO ******
June 1-3 AKON Dallas *****
June 14-17 AC - Pittsburgh
July -OFF-
August 10-12 RMFC - Denver
August 17-19 FA:U - NJ ******
August 24-28 Camp Feral *****
August 29-Sept 2 Either Eurofurrenct or Anime-Fest or DragonCon or WorldCon
Sept 14-16 NandesuKan - Denver
Sept 21-23 FenCon - Dallas ******
Sept 27-30 Rainfurrest - Seattle
October 17-22 OklaCon *****
October 26-28 FurFright
November MFF
December - OFF- For Christmas Commissionns

And then start it all over again.
And this is why I am continuously exhausted.
I feel like this should be in teenage girl speak "Like OMG the con this weekend, it was like, so fantastic, and like, there were so many sweet cosplayers there and like...." Just because I heard THAT all weekend.  But I'll refrain because really, just because I was subjected to it doesn't mean I need to subject YOU to it!

Wow though. A-KON was FANTASTIC for me this year. I think my brain intentionally blocked out how long the days are at A-KON and how crazy intense the con is.  I think it is a safety mechanism, if I remembered all of that I probably wouldn't keep signing up, but I do really enjoy the con, it is an absolute blast seeing all the cosplayers, I got to meet a lot of wonderful people and made some great contacts.  I had the joy of sitting between the awesome Dusty of http://www.scuttlebutt-inc.com/ and the lovely people of Pan-Gaia designs who do fabulous kimonos and jewelry.  Also, the location of the booth was fantastic! I was right outside the dealers room doors so got a lot of traffic due to flow/lines for the dealers doors.

On that note, can anyone explain why when the alley opens people immediately wait in line to get in the dealers den? I mean most of those people have merch. Merch you can order. And are likely not out of right? Why wait in line for an hour or two to get in rather than peruse the alley/chat with people. Dusty didn't know either.

By the end of the con though I was ready to drop. And realized I sold out of most of my stickers so need to make more. Than realized I somehow got to the end of my sticker making material and now it won't be in until Tuesday 'sometime' when I kind of was planning on leaving for this road trip Tuesday morning *palmface* so I guess we already have delays for our trip *sighs*. Serves me right for not double checking.  My buttons went over really well though, so that was cool, I'll have to keep stocking those designs, 'twas a fun product to have and doesn't take up much space. I also got rid of A LOT of mugs there, which was really neat! I love carrying mugs, and LOVE the idea that people get to see my art in the morning with their tea/coffee etc. I just think that is too cool.

Now onward, to prep for my equine anatomy panel and to get my packing together!
So This month is completely crazifaced.
In an act of probably just pure stupidity or overconfidence I decided a good idea was to do three conventions this month. Well, not so much decided it kind of went like this.
Well of course I NEED to do AnthroCon, too many cool artists go there and it is near family, and with any luck I will do much better than last year.
And A-Kon is near me and it is a low stress (in terms of local - not in terms of squeeling anime teenage fangirls) very fun con so IF I can get in that would be fab (sold out in under 2 minutes because it's CRAZY like that) and I got in so woohoo.
And then I learned about DucKon, and my brain said, "Hey, you're driving to Pittsburgh anyhow, and it's kind of on the way so you should do that, lots of cool people there and it is an area you want to start doing work for so howabout you go there."
And suddenly I had three conventions back to back.  Wheeeeee.... So while I have enough art I was struck by the sudden realization that my merch was INCREDIBLY low, and proceeded to run around like a very desperate headless chicken until I got the order placed. So now I am just sitting rather anxiously hoping that I will get everything together in time to put together my new stickers/magnets for A-Kon this weekend.  *just remembered I need to make more mugs, crap*

So if I am a bit AWOL, well thats why.  But anyhow, The plus side is AFTER the conventions I am going to spend two weeks on the east coast ENJOYING myself, approaching galleries, and generally NOT being at conventions.  I am trying to figure out what route I'll take back... depending on time I may truck along the east coast southwards and then go across, I have family I haven't seen in 6 years that live in Virginia so... It's a perhaps.

In any case, expect me to be updating briefly, if at all for the next few weeks, as my head may well explode from the crazy.

In other news I started some seeds that my aunt gave me in the house (because with triple digit weather Texas is killing seedlings right now) and we'll see if they survive my trip away (i.e. will Todd water the little guys).

Here, have some art!

Tribal Snow Leopard design made primarily for stickers and magnets.
Original for sale.. approximately 5x7 (live area approx 5x5 as it is very square)

Tribal-esque frog
He is vaguely zen... I think... Playing with a ball of energy or some such.
Original for sale.. approximately 4x6

And Last but not least, have a lion

Tribal Lion Watercolor

Original for sold

These ALL make GREAT Magnets or stickers, and I can do prints or mugs or just about anything you could put an image on are available, just contact me for more info. Art[at]LauraGarabedian.com

Art © Laura Garabedian

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