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Woke up this morning from a strange dream that had elements of Wonderland (more the book than any of the  movies), the Unicorn Sonata, and bits of the Narnia series, all twisted into some weird amalgam of a dream.

I had been hiking in the woods with a friend when everything started to look vaguely unfamiliar and a dark fog started to roll in. My suggestions to turn around were met with a strange silence and she seemed to get further and further in front of me while not speeding up her gait at all. The trees began to curl over the path and there was less and less undergrowth.

When we emerged from the mist and the forest we were on a vast plateau that overlooked a huge mist filled canyon. At first all I saw was the beauty of the grasses, the clarity of the atmosphere, the huge mountains on the other side of the canyon. It was heaven.

But when I turned to my friend she had changed. Her eyes were dark, lacking both iris and sclera, and the familiar clothes of the twentieth century had been replaced with a tattered white shift, her body had become wasted and pale.

And then she smiled. A grin that took up far more space than her face would allow and was filled, shark like, with rows of rotting teeth.  It was then that I realized that within the smoke and mist of the canyon were weaving heads huge wyrms with grins that matched her own.  I scrambled backwards tripping and struggling to get back up into the forest, simultaneously realizing that the forest would be no safer, when a lanky man in a suit came up to me.  He had a face that shifted and changed, staying long and narrow and giving the impression of deep set eyes but no other features would stay still long enough for identification. He wore a pair of large dark goggles, and handed me a set.

"Wear them" he said.  And with a nagging sense of deja vu, the thought that I had both seen him before, and that perhaps he had saved me in the past, I complied.

When I turned from him, the beasts in the Canyon had disappeared, as had my friend, though a mangled dress and a few stray bones were laying by the edge of the plateau.

"Its the mist" he explained. "The goggles are affected the mists, and they can only see creatures that can see them.  So for now, we are safe, at least from those with teeth"  As he strode off, tails of his jacket catching on the tall grasses of the plains, I realized I had no choice but to follow him. Even if I could get back through the twisting paths in the forest (which I doubted) I had the vague recollection that my so-called friend had done something to them, I did not think I'd end up in the same place, perhaps not the same world.

And memories were starting to come back to me.
That I knew the man in the suit.
That he could help me.
And that I was supposed to be doing something to help someone else... or maybe something?

At this point in my dream I flashed over to my excitement to find a castle, and the man in the suit trying to stop me but being to late. We had just found a cache containing the key to rescuing ... something... when the castle came into view. I was certain that it was full of friends, I knocked on the door, and I had a flashback.

"I really wish you'd stop doing that" my companion sighed, as the door opened to reveal a large man in a stained lab coat who looked far too pleased to see me.

"Oh, good, I wondered if you'd tired of our little experiment" He grabbed my shoulder and ushered me through the dark halls and into a tiny bathroom tiled in avacado green. My companion sighed again and perched himself on the pedestal sink. "This is never fun"  It was at this point that all I remember in many of my dreams is waking up from horrid nightmares of being trapped in this room with monsters, and a large hand started to come out of the grate on the bathroom floor.

And then I woke up.

I got far more out of this dream than I have in the past. I have vague recollections that I may have done more, and that perhaps the thing I am rescuing is the last herd of unicorns, but I'm not sure how much my brain is filling in from reading the Unicorn Sonata recently.

Really quite an interesting dream, and now I want to paint quite a few scenes from it.
Mmkay, we'll start with the weird dreams, because everyone seems to get a helluva kick out of them.

So went to bed last night thinking please, no more weird dreams, haven't gotten much real sleep recently because of them.  And I think as the edges of those pleas made it to the glitchy little synapsis of my brain, all it caught was please... weird dreams... because this one was bizarre.

Honestly, the weirdest part -as relates to MY life- was at the beginning.  The whole world was caught up in this crazy soccer game (no thats not the weird bit) the weird bit is that I decided I wanted to go with a group of my friends.  And while I will happily attend the games my brother plays, they are tiny.  Mob mentality doesn't kick in (any large group freaks me out of my happy little mind), and honestly, the only reason I'm there is because it is my brother, I have absolutely no desire to go see a bunch of people I don't know playing any sort of sport. *  Ehm, anyhow.  So the whole world is in various stadiums watching crazy sporty people. And so was I...

And on come the mind controlled zombie people.  Apparently it started with the guards outside, don't know how it got to them but suddenly everyone is freaking out and panicking (insert mobs, and my brain screaming at me that this is NOT where I want to be and this is WHY I avoid sporting events).  Somehow myself and a friend, who at this point is starting to look rather like the Chaos Thoery guy from Jurassic Park (I suck at actors), scale the back wall of the stadium, sneak out through a car show filled with sweet futuristic concept cars and suddenly I realize it was all my fault.

And my dream threw me into a flashback, where instead of mild mannered artist type the government had recruited me to work on this odd piece of technology, and they needed me because everyone knows my mind doesn't work the way anyone elses does (true story, ask any of my friends, or hell just read this dream sequence) and logic wasn't solving this particular problem so they needed me to fix it.  And I did.  I had no idea what it was for, it all seemed very abstract, and somehow tried to meld the concepts of slaves, zombies, and yarn, so I figured they were metaphors for something else.

and the flashback ended and I was swimming in very chlorine scented sewers to try and escape the mind controlled zombie people who were working for the government and realized they were about to hit the second phase.  Slowly yarn was knitting (well, crocheting - I know how to crochet and clearly my mind didn't want to try and make up how knitting would work) it's way around the pursuing swimmers. Until the second phase had finished and we were being pursued by gangly soaking crocheted zombie cats. Who were really bizarrely creepy. I had just come to the conclusion that oh crap, there are five more stages of horrors to come, when I woke up.


AND ONWARD TO NON-CRACKED OUT STUFF  - i.e. Cons, and my site....

Ehm... so as for Cons.
I leave in approximately 24 hours to go to Oklacon.
I still need to find a 3" binder, as we have to set up and take down every day, and my print setup won't work for that, and 2" is NOT ENOUGH (that's what she said... sorry, had to)
I need to go buy food, since it is an outdoor con and I am lazy and don't drive places for food
I need to pack
I need to matt (mat? I never know how to spell that) a few pieces
I am vaguely sad, because I just got this STUNNING leather mask ( http://lauragarabedian.deviantart.com/favourites/#/d2zddar ;) and want to wear it but am afraid to take it to an outdoor con - errrrr..... so it is staying home and it is going to be a Halloween without dressing up for Laura :(
I need my brain to explode - oh wait that's already happened
I will survive!!! Erm, yeah.

Meanwhile, my sites galleries are down, for no apparent reason, so boo.  Especially as I just gave out a ton of business cards to random professionals this weekend.  Crapmonkies strike again. 

Erm, yeah, so.  Gone tomorrow, back Monday at some point.  Probably no internets in the middle.  And Wish me lots of luck and sales, 'cause I sure could use it!

Thanks guys!!! Hope you all have a happy Halloween!

*I will happily watch people riding horses that I don't know.  But honestly, a) I amnot watching the people 90% of the time, I am watching horses b) most horsey events aren't that crowded c) even the ones that are, are very rarely mobbish, there is not one side against the other crap going on....
So I woke up this morning going WTF? I don't know if this is just all the stress culminating in my dream or what

Ursula Vernon (www.redwombatstudio.com) invited myself and another artist (Dona Vajgand http://dona-v.com/) to come and speak with her at a coffee shop in plano (why plano and why us? She isn't native to Texas - lucky- and Dona isn't in the US??) about the art process and about trying to make a living with art... so I say sure but it's last minute and todd is not around so I drop Isis off for a friend to watch and go up there, meanwhile I take the wrong portfolio so all I have to show are miniatures (which I almost call the ACEO's and get eye rolls of disgust from other artists until I clarify) and half finished work, I also didn't know there would be a projector so I can't show anything large because I don't have any files.  Then the talk gets done and I am supposed to go pick up Isis and meet my brother... somewhere... and my dad calls, said my mom gave him Cholera and he needs to go to the hospital, suddenly my mom is on the phone telling me that she is getting rid of all the animals as fast as she can, including our old family dog (who has been dead for 6 years mind) and she is neutering all the roosters (some of which have also been dead for years and some that she names off are in reality hens) and trying to find homes for all the animals. Including the two dragons in the barn, but she won't let me keep them because they are too big to be good in an apartment.


My theory - money stress+family stress+early onset con anxiety (as there is one at the end of the month) = WTF dreams for laura.

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