I got my first solid nights sleep in... well... in as long as I can remember, last night.  The day was pretty wasted as far as work goes, but fantastic in terms of getting me back to feeling a bit better.

My car is feeling better! Woot! And the check engine light turned off! Thank everything for that. Ran errands most of the day then grabbed my awesome friend Liz for a celebration of friendship and an awesome girls night out.   For her birthday I got her tickets for MUSE. So we took the train in to Denver, ate at La Grande Bistro and Oyster bar, which was amazing, and then on to the show. Cage the Elephant opened, and the singer was hilarious. A very fit topless guy in white bellbottoms who strutted happily around stage like a very cocky rooster.  He was so much fun to watch. The band was pretty good but then MUSE... I can't help it, the moment they start I get this huge smile that doesn't go away for the whole show.  I had some trepidation a few times that maybe I shouldn't spend the money but it all melted away with those first notes. It is just pure visual and audio joy. Their shows are so spectacular and beautiful. Liz had never seen them before and loved them just as much as I'd hope she would and we were both just buzzed. Danced, sang, enjoyed. Took the train home on a happy music high, and then slept. Man did I sleep. I slept for a good 8 hours and from the moment I passed out until my alarm I didn't wake up once. That is nothing short of a miracle. Clearly I need to see MUSE more often :)

And boring food diary (though tbh dinner wasn't boring at all)
breakfast : grapes and cheese
lunch : gf pizza! with pepperoni and mushrooms from the place on Tims campus
dinner : gf bread with butter, ricotta stuffed fried squash blossoms, gin marinated salmon with capers, onions, and egg, steak tartare, and a drink with ginger syrup, rosewater, whiskey and thyme.
So yesterday I was still SO caught up in the awesome that was making things, I may have spent the majority of my day painting my MissMonster masks instead of commission work. On one hand, BAD LAURA, on the other hand, I really need to get one done to sell so I can keep buying her work (hahaha, that is how I justify buying them, I buy 2... one to sell) *cough* anyhow.  I'm really pleased with them so far. Though I did have the sad realization that I totally forgot that I needed moonstone, labradorite and something gold (was going to look at tigers eye and amber) small stones for them for inset purposes (They are this style) and I should have picked them up at the mineral show where they would have been like half as expensive as ordering them online (if my deals on everything else are to be believed). So blast, will end up spending more, but oh well, water, right under the bridge. Which, is better than over the bridge, or taking out a bridge or... sorry the flooding is on my mind right now. *cough* sorry... tangenty Laura is tangental.  Anyhow the masks are a fire and ice theme. One is all blues and whites with aqua tinges, the other is reds golds and blacks. And I'm excited about them :)

I did get my MAS cleaned and the air-filter finally dried and my car seems to be running better now! I hope that this is true today too, and not just a fluke for yesterday, but I was so happy! Hooray for an $8 and lots of time fix rather than a huge mess with all of the money.

And in the evening I ended up having a glorious sushi dinner with some friends. So that was amazing. Finally found a sushi restaurant that counts as a fave here in CO.  Hadn't had a ton of luck yet. Granted its nowhere near me, but it is near Zhon so thats pretty awesome, since she's a sushi nut too.

The boring bit that you guys can probably skip
What I ate...
Breakfast cheese omelette with harissa and salt (that I couldn't keep down) :/
Lunch Leftover Pad Thai
Dinner Sushi - salmon and spicy tuna and all sorts of things :/ don't remember and tried other peoples and Hot Sake
Because why not have a subject that is longer than it has any right to be?

Life events!!!

So my car, whose name is CARDIS, because of reasons*, had a couple moments in the past couple weeks where it would randomly 'hiccup'. I.e. Skip a cylinder when accelerating, I assumed the grounds were getting corroded again, it happened shortly after I got the car, took FOREVER to diagnose, but once I did was a relatively simple fix.  Only happened twice, a pretty far apart so I figured I had time to talk to my mechanically inclined friend.

Meanwhile.... HOUSESAT!
Was up in Fort Collins for almost a week, housesitting for the awesome [livejournal.com profile] idess where I hung out with her pups (and my pup) did lots of art on her couch, and cuddled chickens. That was pretty cool. I wasn't used to living without A/C so that was a bit of adventure, but I had a blast, and so did my pup.

Then I came home to THE RAIN
The rain, and the flood and the water forever.  Now, take into account that we live in a floodplain... Colorado doesn't get a ton of rain often but when it has one of those 100 year floods... well... its been pretty terrible here for people.  I've been terribly lucky, in that we weren't flooded out. The basement is fine, the new trees are fine, the veg garden is FLAT and pretty shot now, but overall... we're all right.  However during this nonsense, apparently it rained hard enough that it soaked my air filter... which shot dirty water up into my MAS when I went to drive my poor car and it misfired a LOT the next time I went to drive it and now is registering temperature sensor problems and not accelerating at all. :( So now I am carless, which sucks because I have a couple of car intensive errands I am supposed to run tomorrow. Cleaning and drying everything but my silly air filter just isn't drying because its been so humid here (which is bizarre, humidity in CO?? What??) Oh, yeah, and it hailed and now I have little paint dings in my car. Which makes me sads.

And then there were ROCKS!
I had planned on going to a fossil/gem/mineral show with a good friend Sunday and when my car zonked out I got super upset thinking I wouldn't be able to go. But luckily my boyfriend was able to drop me off and my friend drove me home. Man, we had a blast. I spent a bit too much money but now have some great focal pieces/things to play with for wire wrapping so I can put together some necklaces (some of which hopefully I'll sell) but among the treasure I found were some beautiful blue opal pieces, a small jar of mexican opal, fire agate, red tigers eye beads, ammonites, a chunk of petrified wood, and fossilized walrus teeth.  We were supposed to be home by 1 and got so distracted by all of the awesome that was around us we barely made it home by 2 whereupon people started showing up for

I host little or large making things events periodically and they are always varying sizes. I decided to host another one this past Sunday, but it was super small because I didn't feel like cleaning the whole house, putting out enough tables etc. And it ended up even smaller because (due to the rain/flooding) a couple of those few couldn't make it. But it was a blast. Zhon and I sorted our firey opally treasures, I painted some Exploding Van Gogh TARDIS shoes for a friend who paid me in sneakers to paint for myself. And then worked on two of my MissMonster masks and some wire-wrapping.  Some of the cool things that were being worked on at this get together were - crocheting/knitting, costume making (and costume repairing), coding for uploading to art sites, sculpting, and general cookery and silliness.  The food was pretty epic this time, I made a batch of chili from scratch, gluten-free cornbread was made by one friend, and another brought delicious pumpkin cheesecake that he made. NOM!

So now I am going to try and fix my bloody car before tomorrow so I can make it to see MUSE!!!!! (If not, I'll figure something out, but I'd like to have my car so I can continue initial plans).  I got tickets for them to see with a friend for her birthday, I'd rather not have to make her b'day plans stressful.

You'll probably be hearing a bit more from me for a while internet, even if its just food diary-ish stuff, because I think its a good idea to keep a food diary for reasons outlined below. But I'll try and do interesting stuff too.

So I'll end with the boring/gross stuff, skip this paragraph if you don't want boring gross food drama - I really need to start making note of what I eat everyday, and see if there is something that is tricking my poor tummy out.  I've never been one to have a super unsettled stomach and three times in the past three months I've thrown up right as I take that last bite of my breakfast. First time it was right after a lot of travel and pills got taken at wrong times and I thought I was reacting poorly to that. Second time it was after a night where I drank a bit more than usual but didn't feel like it was enough to throw up but that last bite of breakfast and my stomach revolted. And today... today nothing has been abnormal, that I can think of. Pills on time, no drinking in last three days, and still. Last bite of breakfast and stomach is done. Not even a moment of nauseau, just a sudden, message from my stomach of "Oh hey, get to a toilet NOW you have less than three minutes". So, I need to food  diary this nonsense. So what I can remember from yesterday is as follows - Breakfast : Eggs over easy and bacon, Lunch: Leftover Pot Roast, Snacks: bit of veg, fruit (grapes), and cheese, Dinner: Homemade chili with roasted green chilies and gf cornbread, and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert (did have a wheat crust but I hardly had any of it)

*CARDIS is thusly named because it is a) Bigger on the inside b) makes all sorts of noises other cars don't because of its exhaust (not because I leave the brakes on) c) was initally pretty twitchy/hard for me to drive because I hadn't driven manual in a while.

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