Nov. 19th, 2013 12:57 pm
So I got an IUD put in yesterday.
Two words. OW! and GRATEFUL!

"Ow" because, yeah. Ow... painful process to get the sucker put in, dunno how long it actually lasted, felt like around 5 minutes, but think it wasn't nearly that long.  Made my uterus turn into some nasty alien scraping and scrambling at my pelvis for a few hours, and made my joints achy and terrible, and my back all tight and spasm-y, but that's mostly settled down today.  Just achy back and cramps today. So... hopefully will all be uphill from here!

"Grateful" for two reasons, one, for the Arch Foundation for making it affordable for people on low income like myself. And two, and most importantly for my two dear friends who came with me to hold my hands and keep me from totally freaking myself out.  Feel free to identify yourself if you like, didn't know if you wanted to be called out. But gosh I'm thankful to you both. For being there for me for hand holding. For bringing of food, for driving, for everything. It made me feel like it was all going to be okay. That I had support if something went wrong. That I wasn't alone. Which is terribly terribly important. So thank you so much. You know who you are, and know that you made what could have been a sad, painful day feeling sorry for myself into a wonderful day in spite of 5 minutes of horrid pain and a few hours of extreme discomfort and pretty strong pain.

And all my friends out there on the internet. Thank you all for being my friends. I appreciate you all.

Hehehe, also realized that this is possibly a TMI and its Tuesday. So its the right day for that according to the internet.
So my health has been crummy. Yep, we've talked about this. I have been doing better about keeping my diet more on track (less carbs/sugars) and trying to be good about taking my pills but you know what helps the most?

Two things.
1) Getting OUT OF THE DAMN HOUSE. Which is one of the main reasons I moved... I hardly did it in Texas as for most of the year it was too bloody hot. And this week I was kind of bad about it because I felt really pressured to finish some commissions. But you know what? On the days I did get out and walk around... with a friend, with my puppy, just AROUND. I felt a lot better. And that translated through to the morning. I slept better, and I didn't wake up feeling like I was coming out of an anxiety attack.

2) Being with friends. Getting a chance to hang out with my buddy Wolf-Nymph noticeably lowered my stress level too. I.e. yesterday, when I did both things, I slept infinitely better than I have in quite a while, and didn't wake up with chest pains.

It's funny what happens when you listen to your doctor and your body. And it is kind of proving to me that I did the right thing coming here. I am MUCH more inclined to get outside here, and go and DO things. Not to mention Colorado is full of artsy friends. I love being creative with other people, it makes the process so much more enjoyable and fluid.

In other news, still looking for a permanent place to be, and staring at the list of THINGS TO DO. Which is too damn long.
I decided to sit down and make a proper list and damn. I mean, just damn. I have an awful lot of stuff on the burner, but really not enough of it is paid work >< Which is just kind of painful. But still. I hope to finish up the playing cards in the next three weeks (hoping to finish early, we'll see if it happens - my commissions always take first priority). I have a lot of personal projects I need to work on and a ton of internet/businessy stuff to finish *blagh*. The only bit of being a small business I don't care for is the actual BUSINESS side of it, but whatever.

Next convention is OklaCon, so prepping some steampunky goodness right now *grinz*

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