Oh... You say you haven't been used (or did you say abused) like that since I tore my tendon a few years ago?
You say perhaps I should have waited for more help?
You say that .75 ton of dirt by myself and 1.25 tons split between myself and my roommate was perhaps a bit excessive?

We moved ALL of the dirt.

And now I hurt... in all of my core and shoulders... and my knee is confused.
Hell, my whole body is a little confused.
And mildly sunburned

But we have a GARDEN.
Two proper garden boxes... filled with tomato, cucumber, summer squash, butternut squash, zucchini, and peppers... and will have strawberries and onions and more soon. 

Now hopefully it'll all LIVE!
And then we can eat all of the things.
and Ouch.  


Mar. 25th, 2012 03:30 pm
So yesterday I took a totally unscheduled day off.  My roomie and I had planned  on going to the garden store and picking up seeds and such for a veggie garden for a while now and we finally did it.  Which resulted in me freaking out about how beautiful the day was, spending the day outside prepping little seeds in little containers so they can sprout inside, safe from freeze, and laying things out in my head for the backyard planning and generally getting filthy.  During this time, a good friend called and invited me to go to the goth club with them that night so I took them up on that offer.  Went to their house, ate so much delicious food, and then went out dancing.  It was a fantastic evening topped with mediterannean food at 3am, and I am still worn out.  But feel so much better about everything, I'm tired, (not much sleep/too much to drink/bad reaction to too much sugar) I'm a bit behind, but I got to spend a day in the sun and an evening with friends.  Sometimes that is all you need to get your batteries started charging again. 
So! I have been out of town for a full week now, and it was just what I needed!  The purpose of the trip was to hit up FAUnited, but to keep airfare cheap and because I really wanted to, I built a couple days on either side to see family.  The family time and getting to relax in PA was just what the doctor called for.

FA United was a great little con. I do emphasize the little bit. Pretty tiny little thing, with a proportionally sized dealers room. But the people were fantastic, both the artists and the general con-goers. I only had good things to say about the dealers room guard guy 'Kittens' who was super sweet and helpful. The last day had a minor run-in with con staff when they tried to charge my aunt more than the reg price on the site, which was strange because they said they 'raised it for the last day'. After she argued that there were just a few hours left and it never said anything like that on the site she got in for the right price, but, that was very strange.  She generally enjoyed the con, and it was nice to hang out with her/have someone else at my table so I didn't feel guilty walking around.  LOVED hanging out with all the super sweet and cool artists, made homework night so much more fun and interesting. So all was well on that front. Also had great neighbors, so that was fab!

In terms of personal vacation, well having that time to catch up with my grandmother, an uncle, and various aunts was so nice. Had been two years since I had seen my uncle, a bit less for the rest, and am looking forward to catching up with them again when I drive up for AC.  I got a chance to see my aunts beautiful garden, have lots of good food (cannolis, and hoagies, and scrapple, oh my!) and brought back TastyKakes for my brother and I.  Just overall beautiful, soaked in the gorgeous green of the east coast and breathed in the fresh damp air.  I am so incredibly jealous of all the STUFF that grows up there, my aunt gave me quite a few seeds from her garden (various columbines, wood poppy, bleeding heart, and helleborus) in hopes that it will grow down here.  We talked veg gardening a bit (as that is my primary gardening experience), and really I just enjoyed myself.  

This was the relaxing trip that I think I really needed. I had a lot of alone time to just be, most of my commissions were at a good spot to set down while I left so I could do some work, and overall I really enjoyed myself. I look forward to heading back up there in the fall.

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