Nov. 18th, 2014 04:27 pm
Just an update to say, in spite of finances, in spite of a few other things. Right now? Right now, life is good. I'm busy. I have personal projects that are being re-vamped. I have a wonderful man in my life. I have sun on snow, and time with friends. I'm working on my SkulKlan graphic novel. On my Broken Worlds work. On portfolio stuff for Spectrum.

My family is coming over this Friday, and they'll be around for the weekend (in the case of my dad) and almost a full week, in the case of my brother and his girlfriend. I look forward to seeing all of them. And to hosting friendsgiving. And generally looking forward to this week.

I'm happy. I hope you are all having a lovely fall as well.
I got my first solid nights sleep in... well... in as long as I can remember, last night.  The day was pretty wasted as far as work goes, but fantastic in terms of getting me back to feeling a bit better.

My car is feeling better! Woot! And the check engine light turned off! Thank everything for that. Ran errands most of the day then grabbed my awesome friend Liz for a celebration of friendship and an awesome girls night out.   For her birthday I got her tickets for MUSE. So we took the train in to Denver, ate at La Grande Bistro and Oyster bar, which was amazing, and then on to the show. Cage the Elephant opened, and the singer was hilarious. A very fit topless guy in white bellbottoms who strutted happily around stage like a very cocky rooster.  He was so much fun to watch. The band was pretty good but then MUSE... I can't help it, the moment they start I get this huge smile that doesn't go away for the whole show.  I had some trepidation a few times that maybe I shouldn't spend the money but it all melted away with those first notes. It is just pure visual and audio joy. Their shows are so spectacular and beautiful. Liz had never seen them before and loved them just as much as I'd hope she would and we were both just buzzed. Danced, sang, enjoyed. Took the train home on a happy music high, and then slept. Man did I sleep. I slept for a good 8 hours and from the moment I passed out until my alarm I didn't wake up once. That is nothing short of a miracle. Clearly I need to see MUSE more often :)

And boring food diary (though tbh dinner wasn't boring at all)
breakfast : grapes and cheese
lunch : gf pizza! with pepperoni and mushrooms from the place on Tims campus
dinner : gf bread with butter, ricotta stuffed fried squash blossoms, gin marinated salmon with capers, onions, and egg, steak tartare, and a drink with ginger syrup, rosewater, whiskey and thyme.
So my life has been super crazy and exhausting and dizzying recently but I just wanted to take the time to post a journal about everything that is going right in my life right now, because I think it's important.

Because really, ever since I moved to Colorado last September my life has been steadily improving. My income, while not great, is enough to be paying my bills, and since my parents gave me some cash for Christmas I was able to get new boots for cons, and a couple things for myself so I have more winter gear.  I have the absolute best roommate that I have ever had, and he has turned into one of my best friends.  Colorado has provided me with a fantastic support network of friends and artists who I have been able to hang out with and call, and generally be there for me, as I am there for them and I love knowing all of these wonderful people. 

I was pretty nervous about this weekend because I booked it up with a lot of social obligations and was still feeling run-down from the con-crud but really it turned out to be awesome.  I'm still coughing quite a bit, and randomly pretty tired, but I felt so good doing ALL of the things.  Went to dinner with Waffe and crew Friday at a Brazilian steakhouse that had an awesome deal going on so had a great 'All You Can Meat' evening.  Then cooked dinner with a couple friends Friday.  Did a Baby Shower (which was a blast, full of great food and geektastic onesie decorating) and REI garage sale shopping Saturday afternoon and worked into the wee hours because I was still pretty awake and jazzed from hanging out with awesome people. And finally spend most of Sunday looking for new con boots (pretty well failed) since mine have DIED the tragic death of 18 cons and lots of wearing about because I love them.  Apparently I was one week after the main boot sales and all leftovers have now been shipped to warehouses *sad* but I ordered some Dr Martens online and am hoping they'll fit, because, well, CONS... I need BOOTS for CONS.   That's just the way it is.  And after a long day of trekking about the malls, we finished with a great street taco and tequila place, and then came home to Big Bang Theory and Sherlock with the roomie.  Finished the day up futzing on the internet and working way late into the evening because I couldn't sleep due to the amped up nature of spending the weekend with AMAZING people.  And now here it is, Monday morning.  I worked and ran errands this morning, and have since been curled up with the laptop in front of me for refs while I work in the comfy chair at Waffe's place while he games and we have DS9 and Doctor Who on in the background.  Life is freaking good.

I have FWA to attend this weekend. I have a garden to start soon. Spring is coming.  As exhausting as life has been these days it is freaking good, and I am SO thankful. 

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