So yesterday I was still SO caught up in the awesome that was making things, I may have spent the majority of my day painting my MissMonster masks instead of commission work. On one hand, BAD LAURA, on the other hand, I really need to get one done to sell so I can keep buying her work (hahaha, that is how I justify buying them, I buy 2... one to sell) *cough* anyhow.  I'm really pleased with them so far. Though I did have the sad realization that I totally forgot that I needed moonstone, labradorite and something gold (was going to look at tigers eye and amber) small stones for them for inset purposes (They are this style) and I should have picked them up at the mineral show where they would have been like half as expensive as ordering them online (if my deals on everything else are to be believed). So blast, will end up spending more, but oh well, water, right under the bridge. Which, is better than over the bridge, or taking out a bridge or... sorry the flooding is on my mind right now. *cough* sorry... tangenty Laura is tangental.  Anyhow the masks are a fire and ice theme. One is all blues and whites with aqua tinges, the other is reds golds and blacks. And I'm excited about them :)

I did get my MAS cleaned and the air-filter finally dried and my car seems to be running better now! I hope that this is true today too, and not just a fluke for yesterday, but I was so happy! Hooray for an $8 and lots of time fix rather than a huge mess with all of the money.

And in the evening I ended up having a glorious sushi dinner with some friends. So that was amazing. Finally found a sushi restaurant that counts as a fave here in CO.  Hadn't had a ton of luck yet. Granted its nowhere near me, but it is near Zhon so thats pretty awesome, since she's a sushi nut too.

The boring bit that you guys can probably skip
What I ate...
Breakfast cheese omelette with harissa and salt (that I couldn't keep down) :/
Lunch Leftover Pad Thai
Dinner Sushi - salmon and spicy tuna and all sorts of things :/ don't remember and tried other peoples and Hot Sake
So I may (ehm... did) wash my boyfriends ipod. 
It's dead.

It's a 160G ipod classic.

Before I buy one from a stranger/refurb, anyone here have one they want to sell/trade for art? All I ask is that it WORK and not be too dinged up.  I ask mainly b/c I know a lot of people buy new tech and the old stuff just sits around


BTW I'll update w/Spectrum info later, and it was crazy informative so may take a few entries :P
Sung in a minor key.
For no apparent reason other than that I like minor keys dammit.

Ehm... so, anyhow.  Life is getting better.  Due to the kind help of various commissioners/friends etc. finances are looking better, still not great, but heckuva lot better than they were two weeks ago. 

Still nervous about driving my car... more car adventures to come tomorrow I'm sure...

We ripped out the really ugly prickly distorted holly bushes and planted roses, and in various containters veggies and herbs, and in the gardens we planted sunflowers, strawflowers, and all sorts of other seeds.
So that was a week or two ago, and despite torrential downpours, that really did wash some of the seeds away, the sunflowers seem to have survived, as have a few of the hollyhocks. So HOOORAY! Tiny little things that once were little things that looked like rocks are now growing! No matter how many times I plant seeds that it never ceases to amaze.

And they brought Matboard!
Okay so watching the fedex guy try and manage a rather large box under one arm and the awkward large but narrow box of matboard with the other hand was fairly hilarious, I looked out the window to see him laughing at himself tripping up my walkway, so I ran out and helped him (and prayed that he really was fedex as his van was unmarked - he later explained that it was brand new, hadn't been painted yet).
So this metric ton of matboard is in for a show I'm doing next friday. It is pretty schwank and a one day event so I was honored to be invited and am sure I am going to stick out like a sore thumb, but whatever - very exciting.  I was... umm... lazy? I guess? got a lot of pre-cut matboard as last time I had to cut out a metric ton of mats mine and my boys wrists bothered us for over a week, so decided I'd buy standard cut mats and only cut my own of the weird sizes/colors.

So yay! Life is looking up, seeds are sprouting, roses are blooming, birds are bathing in my birdbath

And here have art! That's why you're really here right?
Scanned like crap, I'll try again later but don't expect much better - boo.

BTW if you read this Ursula and you prefer this - just ask it's yours :)

Original for sale, prints, mugs, stickers, magnets etc.. all available
So... for those of you that don't know I'm a HUGE Doctor who fan.
And I just found out that they are having a signing tomorrow in New York, Karen Gillian and Matt Smith will be there signing copies of the 5th season.  If ANYONE could get me a copy I would be SO happy! I will pay you back (of course) and include a custom badge or small piece of art, because you would TOTALLY make my birthday!
The info is here...
Or some such

Woke up this morning from a strange dream that had elements of Wonderland (more the book than any of the  movies), the Unicorn Sonata, and bits of the Narnia series, all twisted into some weird amalgam of a dream.

I had been hiking in the woods with a friend when everything started to look vaguely unfamiliar and a dark fog started to roll in. My suggestions to turn around were met with a strange silence and she seemed to get further and further in front of me while not speeding up her gait at all. The trees began to curl over the path and there was less and less undergrowth.

When we emerged from the mist and the forest we were on a vast plateau that overlooked a huge mist filled canyon. At first all I saw was the beauty of the grasses, the clarity of the atmosphere, the huge mountains on the other side of the canyon. It was heaven.

But when I turned to my friend she had changed. Her eyes were dark, lacking both iris and sclera, and the familiar clothes of the twentieth century had been replaced with a tattered white shift, her body had become wasted and pale.

And then she smiled. A grin that took up far more space than her face would allow and was filled, shark like, with rows of rotting teeth.  It was then that I realized that within the smoke and mist of the canyon were weaving heads huge wyrms with grins that matched her own.  I scrambled backwards tripping and struggling to get back up into the forest, simultaneously realizing that the forest would be no safer, when a lanky man in a suit came up to me.  He had a face that shifted and changed, staying long and narrow and giving the impression of deep set eyes but no other features would stay still long enough for identification. He wore a pair of large dark goggles, and handed me a set.

"Wear them" he said.  And with a nagging sense of deja vu, the thought that I had both seen him before, and that perhaps he had saved me in the past, I complied.

When I turned from him, the beasts in the Canyon had disappeared, as had my friend, though a mangled dress and a few stray bones were laying by the edge of the plateau.

"Its the mist" he explained. "The goggles are affected the mists, and they can only see creatures that can see them.  So for now, we are safe, at least from those with teeth"  As he strode off, tails of his jacket catching on the tall grasses of the plains, I realized I had no choice but to follow him. Even if I could get back through the twisting paths in the forest (which I doubted) I had the vague recollection that my so-called friend had done something to them, I did not think I'd end up in the same place, perhaps not the same world.

And memories were starting to come back to me.
That I knew the man in the suit.
That he could help me.
And that I was supposed to be doing something to help someone else... or maybe something?

At this point in my dream I flashed over to my excitement to find a castle, and the man in the suit trying to stop me but being to late. We had just found a cache containing the key to rescuing ... something... when the castle came into view. I was certain that it was full of friends, I knocked on the door, and I had a flashback.

"I really wish you'd stop doing that" my companion sighed, as the door opened to reveal a large man in a stained lab coat who looked far too pleased to see me.

"Oh, good, I wondered if you'd tired of our little experiment" He grabbed my shoulder and ushered me through the dark halls and into a tiny bathroom tiled in avacado green. My companion sighed again and perched himself on the pedestal sink. "This is never fun"  It was at this point that all I remember in many of my dreams is waking up from horrid nightmares of being trapped in this room with monsters, and a large hand started to come out of the grate on the bathroom floor.

And then I woke up.

I got far more out of this dream than I have in the past. I have vague recollections that I may have done more, and that perhaps the thing I am rescuing is the last herd of unicorns, but I'm not sure how much my brain is filling in from reading the Unicorn Sonata recently.

Really quite an interesting dream, and now I want to paint quite a few scenes from it.


Feb. 5th, 2011 04:40 pm
Because if I never hear the term snowpocalypse it will be too soon.

Not to mention that in terms of weather until yesterday THERE WASN'T SNOW at least where I am. And to be quite honest I was iced in. But Yeah. Been iced in since Tuesday morning. Wheeeeeeee. Tons of tiny tiny little ice pellets, little sleetballs everywhere turned the roads to slick black and white ice covered morasses, the weathermans fail (and our listening to him) meant that Todd was parked up our driveway instead of in the road Tuesday morning (as the storm supposedly wasn't going to be in until Tuesday night). And he was locked in here until yesterday, and the boy does not take well to that so... fun.

We did get lovely lovely snow yesterday though. About five inches of beautiful white fluffy powder. Which is now almost entirely melted away, except for the shady spots.

In personal news, it looks like there may be a high likilihood of my moving, perhaps to Colorado, this spring, without Todd. We had another long talk the other day and agreed that unless there is significant progress/improvement by April I should probably move out or we are going to hate each other... so, we'll see, but for those of you in CO if you keep your ears open for affordable housing opportunities, that accept one large sweet dog opening anytime between april and june I'd sure appreciate it.

And if you could all cross fingers, burn incense, whatever you do when you hope for people, I just applied for a job which, while it may or may not pay great would be a freaking blast so if you could keep me in your thoughts I'd sure appreciate it.

Here have some art,  it's more fun than any of that chatty crap anyhow.
I'm having a freaking blast with the playing cards, with any luck they will be done by next FC *fingers crossed*

When it cools off my constant companion is tea. The kettle is constantly boiling to make more of my favorite drink.
I figure thats true for just about anybirdy. *sorry* reeeeeaaaaaly bad pun...

Anyhow, original is available, and is watercolor on arches paper, approximately 3.5"x5"

As always, prints, mugs, stickers, magnets, and just about anything you could put an image on are available, just contact me for more info.

Art © Laura Garabedian

Way to have a pretentious title Laura. But to me the were here is retreating, and as I have always found peace while climbing (it's a passion of mine) I figure it might be this Were's sanctuary as well.

But anyhow, this piece was just awesome to work on, too much fun. I don't even know where to begin except that it began in the awesome Myenia's talented hands. This was a collaboration I did with her, she sketched it and I painted it, and damn but it was fun. This will either be up for sale at FC (assuming I get in the art show as apparently the app I thought I turned in either I didn't or got lost - one way or another it will be there) or perhaps in the art show at Furry Fiesta if someone doesn't make me an offer I can't refuse. We will be offering a limited edition run of archival prints of these pieces. This was such a blast to work on, and I hope to do another piece with her in the future. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

It will be a run of 50 and they will be $20 and will be 8.5"x11"
Art is © to Laura Garabedian and Myenia
Soes... I am a) short on money b) cleaning out the studio so if anyone is interested in these old gesture studies let me know. They will be $10 plus $10 shipping (sorry, expensive shipping I know but they are BIG 18"x24" and will need to be shipped in tubes and such.  Send me an e-mail if you are interested in any of them (include the photo # i.e. DSC_0090) or whatever.  Then I will make sure no one else reserved it, get payment and ship them off promptly.  Also, let me know if you have any questions on materials or whatnot. 

WARNING - THIS IS ALL LIFE DRAWINGS FROM NUDE MODELS - Almost everyone who watches me is a fellow artist, but just in case you are one of the few who isn't and might get offended, yeah, that is your big bold warning.

So here is the link -
Got off a 5 day or so art block where NOTHING was coming out right. My ACEO's were crap. My large pieces were crappier and I just didn't know what to do.

So I switched tracks.

Went in my file of old sketches that had promise and pulled out the tribal-ish pieces I've done such as

And decided to keep playing with those sketches, so here have a weird kitty and a weird gold inky gryphon.
BTW, gold ink = pain in the ass to use. clogs up EVERYTHING brushes or pen nibs
and the good news is hooray! the art block is gone! Now I can play and paint and go forth and do more!!!

As always, the originals are for sale and prints/magnets/and stickers are available should you be so inclined. Just send me an e-mail :)

Hope all is well for everyone
I started painting these little guys a few month ago and just love them. It is so fun for me to work SO small. And it lets me work out a lot of color and style experiments that I might be nervous about large. The top two are sold but the bottom one (the King of Spades) is still available.

And my apologies for not being around much... my parents split up and I kind of didn't want to do much of anything that I didn't NEED to do for a little while.

Original SOLD
Prints at original size (2.5"x3.5") are $3 plus shipping

Original SOLD
Prints at original size (2.5"x3.5") are $3 plus shipping

Original $15 plus shipping
Prints at original size (2.5"x3.5") are $3 plus shipping


Jul. 6th, 2010 04:51 pm
I feel like a ghost in the darkness
Like shadows hissing across stone
Today I whisper thunder and fall stormily against silence.
I shed no tears
Scream no sound
I tear the sky
With a chorus of angry echoes

No real reason. Feeling odd and poetic today.

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