So yesterday I was still SO caught up in the awesome that was making things, I may have spent the majority of my day painting my MissMonster masks instead of commission work. On one hand, BAD LAURA, on the other hand, I really need to get one done to sell so I can keep buying her work (hahaha, that is how I justify buying them, I buy 2... one to sell) *cough* anyhow.  I'm really pleased with them so far. Though I did have the sad realization that I totally forgot that I needed moonstone, labradorite and something gold (was going to look at tigers eye and amber) small stones for them for inset purposes (They are this style) and I should have picked them up at the mineral show where they would have been like half as expensive as ordering them online (if my deals on everything else are to be believed). So blast, will end up spending more, but oh well, water, right under the bridge. Which, is better than over the bridge, or taking out a bridge or... sorry the flooding is on my mind right now. *cough* sorry... tangenty Laura is tangental.  Anyhow the masks are a fire and ice theme. One is all blues and whites with aqua tinges, the other is reds golds and blacks. And I'm excited about them :)

I did get my MAS cleaned and the air-filter finally dried and my car seems to be running better now! I hope that this is true today too, and not just a fluke for yesterday, but I was so happy! Hooray for an $8 and lots of time fix rather than a huge mess with all of the money.

And in the evening I ended up having a glorious sushi dinner with some friends. So that was amazing. Finally found a sushi restaurant that counts as a fave here in CO.  Hadn't had a ton of luck yet. Granted its nowhere near me, but it is near Zhon so thats pretty awesome, since she's a sushi nut too.

The boring bit that you guys can probably skip
What I ate...
Breakfast cheese omelette with harissa and salt (that I couldn't keep down) :/
Lunch Leftover Pad Thai
Dinner Sushi - salmon and spicy tuna and all sorts of things :/ don't remember and tried other peoples and Hot Sake
And this is why you never see my sphinxes smile. Because then the
perception filter breaks and you see behind the mask your mind made.

Art and Character © Laura Garabedian
Mmkay, we'll start with the weird dreams, because everyone seems to get a helluva kick out of them.

So went to bed last night thinking please, no more weird dreams, haven't gotten much real sleep recently because of them.  And I think as the edges of those pleas made it to the glitchy little synapsis of my brain, all it caught was please... weird dreams... because this one was bizarre.

Honestly, the weirdest part -as relates to MY life- was at the beginning.  The whole world was caught up in this crazy soccer game (no thats not the weird bit) the weird bit is that I decided I wanted to go with a group of my friends.  And while I will happily attend the games my brother plays, they are tiny.  Mob mentality doesn't kick in (any large group freaks me out of my happy little mind), and honestly, the only reason I'm there is because it is my brother, I have absolutely no desire to go see a bunch of people I don't know playing any sort of sport. *  Ehm, anyhow.  So the whole world is in various stadiums watching crazy sporty people. And so was I...

And on come the mind controlled zombie people.  Apparently it started with the guards outside, don't know how it got to them but suddenly everyone is freaking out and panicking (insert mobs, and my brain screaming at me that this is NOT where I want to be and this is WHY I avoid sporting events).  Somehow myself and a friend, who at this point is starting to look rather like the Chaos Thoery guy from Jurassic Park (I suck at actors), scale the back wall of the stadium, sneak out through a car show filled with sweet futuristic concept cars and suddenly I realize it was all my fault.

And my dream threw me into a flashback, where instead of mild mannered artist type the government had recruited me to work on this odd piece of technology, and they needed me because everyone knows my mind doesn't work the way anyone elses does (true story, ask any of my friends, or hell just read this dream sequence) and logic wasn't solving this particular problem so they needed me to fix it.  And I did.  I had no idea what it was for, it all seemed very abstract, and somehow tried to meld the concepts of slaves, zombies, and yarn, so I figured they were metaphors for something else.

and the flashback ended and I was swimming in very chlorine scented sewers to try and escape the mind controlled zombie people who were working for the government and realized they were about to hit the second phase.  Slowly yarn was knitting (well, crocheting - I know how to crochet and clearly my mind didn't want to try and make up how knitting would work) it's way around the pursuing swimmers. Until the second phase had finished and we were being pursued by gangly soaking crocheted zombie cats. Who were really bizarrely creepy. I had just come to the conclusion that oh crap, there are five more stages of horrors to come, when I woke up.


AND ONWARD TO NON-CRACKED OUT STUFF  - i.e. Cons, and my site....

Ehm... so as for Cons.
I leave in approximately 24 hours to go to Oklacon.
I still need to find a 3" binder, as we have to set up and take down every day, and my print setup won't work for that, and 2" is NOT ENOUGH (that's what she said... sorry, had to)
I need to go buy food, since it is an outdoor con and I am lazy and don't drive places for food
I need to pack
I need to matt (mat? I never know how to spell that) a few pieces
I am vaguely sad, because I just got this STUNNING leather mask ( ;) and want to wear it but am afraid to take it to an outdoor con - errrrr..... so it is staying home and it is going to be a Halloween without dressing up for Laura :(
I need my brain to explode - oh wait that's already happened
I will survive!!! Erm, yeah.

Meanwhile, my sites galleries are down, for no apparent reason, so boo.  Especially as I just gave out a ton of business cards to random professionals this weekend.  Crapmonkies strike again. 

Erm, yeah, so.  Gone tomorrow, back Monday at some point.  Probably no internets in the middle.  And Wish me lots of luck and sales, 'cause I sure could use it!

Thanks guys!!! Hope you all have a happy Halloween!

*I will happily watch people riding horses that I don't know.  But honestly, a) I amnot watching the people 90% of the time, I am watching horses b) most horsey events aren't that crowded c) even the ones that are, are very rarely mobbish, there is not one side against the other crap going on....
Just keeps on going...

The update for my personal info is this paragraph for those of you that read the crap of September.
Well apparently my parents are done.  They aren't going to try.  Which hurts... but they have to do what they have to do.  At least they stopped calling and bitching to me.  Which I appreciate, that is not a spot I want to be in.
The better news is that Todd decided he'd rather be with me than have kids *d'aww*  but we are probably going to have to be in Texas for a while.  And honestly we aren't back to 'right' yet, but we are going to try.   Part of the problem is apparently he doesn't like our current home so he is going to buy a house in Dallas, and since he knows how much I despise Texas I will just plan on traveling a lot in the summer.  And so I am looking at getting a camper, and will visit a lot of friends and family over the summer.  Hopefully combined with con trips so it is all businessy.
My aunt is still sick. She wouldn't see my dad when he went to visit, because she doesn't want anyone to see her that ill *rolls eyes*.  He flew out to PA to see her and she wouldn't see him.  Oh, well.

Been painting a ton of masked sphinxes.  Which I really enjoy.
The button maker is not working right.  Gonna try one more time but ARG nothing is lining up right!!! The backs are all setting crooked and the manufacturer is being no help.
Stickers are FAB - now I have stickers of my tree critters and my tribalish critters, fun stuff.
Got a call from my mom the other day that apparently her horse got into the outdoor area where my parrot lived.  Lived as she knocked over his cage and he flew away.  She has been leaving food out and the area open, but no sight or sound (most telling) of him.  He was such a sweet bird.   LOUD. But sweet. I am really going to miss him.  This is particularly hard for me as the month before I was trying to figure out how/when to bring him to my house. I put it off because I didn't want to have to see my parent's.  Shoulda Coulda Woulda but I am too late.

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