Oh hai there new year! I was pretty MIA for the past two months because my schedule was packed ridiculously full.  I spent about a month and a half laying out my new art book (Yay!!) that should release at FC this year.  It took Waaaaay longer than it should have because, a) I hadn't used InDesign in years and was rusty b) I hadn't done Layout in years and was rusty and c) I waited to ask for help for far too bloody long.  So then we had to fix a lot of things that I didn't think about/remember/realize there were better ways to do things. Luckily I have KIND Art Director and Designer friends who were willing to help me and now the book looks pretty damn sharp if I do say so myself.  At least it does all laid out and on paper... we'll see what happens when it prints *fingers crossed* As that started wrapping up I had three 12x16 pieces that I needed to get finished up (secretly) for Christmas, so hauled ass getting those done. I got them to the commissioner the night of Christmas Eve, and then Christmas night I flew down to Texas for a week with the family.  It's been lovely, but crazy busy, and gosh am I ready to get back home and just do some art for a while. Granted I still have some looming deadlines that are making me itchy to get painting now, but it shouldn't be as bad as the past two months.

I hope you all had some lovely holidays and have an amazing new year!

As many of you are aware 2010 was one helluva a rollercoaster for me. Started my own business (full time) after the economy laid me off of a job I should have quit a long time ago. It kept me with a wonderful guy who even with some rough patches is still here and putting up with all of my artistic quirks... "Ooooh Todd, look, something died there, let's remember that spot there might be some nice bones there later" and "yes, my girlfriend sells art to furries... no they are not all like that CSI episode... no she isn't into it, she just likes to draw animals..." *snickers*. After seeming to be going so well the other shoes (plural, really was that necessary) dropped, my parents split up, had some personal problems I had to get over, got treated for depression for a bit, and dealt with a lot of ill health in the family.
But through it all, damn- my brother bought a house, and then rescued a dog, two things which are great for him, (the dog especially) pets can do so much. I did a ridiculous amount of art, even through the bad times, I can't manage to stop painting, which I think is part of my affirmation that I'm doing what I need to do. I'm finally getting down what needs to go to conventions, what I should pack, and getting a good group of artists that I know/hang out with/paint with/keep in touch with. THIS is the most amazing part of this year. The people I've met. You know  who you are! I really appreciate all of your support and comments.  Without this year of cons I wouldn't have the AMAZING new website, among a million other great things that happened this year. 
So man, 2010, you may have kicked me out HARD but overall, you were pretty damn awesome. And I have Todd to thank for so much of that. And for reminding me of all the wonderful things that happened, and help me realize that the bad things weren't anything I could have done anything about.

As for 2011 - I can only hope to be able to keep on growing as an artist. I know how much better my art has gotten just from sheer chugging along, that will continue.
I now have a fantastic website I can update, so will be doing that at least once a week, and hopefully will have e-commerce going there soon.
I am setting up a schedule so you guys can expect to see updates from SkulKlan at least once a week as well.
May start doing more little autobiographical sketches, as they seem to go over well.
Expect to see more tiny tiny art. It goes over well, and I enjoy it!
Travel! There will be travel. I adore it and now I am writing it off :) Whether or not the RV goes through I will be doing a road trip or two this year so may be hitting up people, I'd love to go up the east coast, we'll see if it happens...
My knee is finally healing up, so I am getting to go back outside. Hiking, climbing, one year was long enough, I miss you nature!

So WELCOME 2011 - I have high hopes for you.

Oh, here, have some art, make this a little prettier.

This piece was commissioned by a good friend. Her father had looked out the window one day as suddenly his room had gone black to see a red shouldered hawk banking across the house (in front of his window) and stooped down and snagged a frog out of the pool. Not so terribly gracefully as he had to flounder out of the pool but, anyhow she wanted a picture of the moment before the snag so here it is!

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