For no reason other than a brief glimpse of a piece of art (that I can't find) inspired me to a brief look into another world, where this was happening. And then the door shut... I don't know what else happens, but I thought it was interesting enough to write down...

She saw the bird fall. A limp gray rag, tumbling from the sky. The rain making colors smear into gray and shapes lose their edges in the blur of water drops. Tears streamed down her young face as she whispered to herself, small prayers of well wishing, the murmering of sorrows to the sky. She knew about death. She knew the family needed to eat. But every life tore a bit at her fragile soul, ripping through the cobwebs of her heart.

The cornfield was a salt-less sea, and she stood, swaying, at its prow. Silent vigil, a small stone mourner of the death that had blown by. Her mind bent under the pressure of the small feathered form lying heavy on the ground. Heavy in her heart. The mud splattered feathers, the tiny crater in the mud caused by the plummeting body leaving its last impression on the earth.
So while out to lunch with Idess and her boyfriend today, a topic which randomly strikes my curiosity came up. That of fursona names and how/when to refer to people by them.

It is strange because it seems like it is a familiarity I am hesitant to strike up. And yet AT a convention to ask for any other name is to familiar. I tend to fall into the at conventions, I strictly address people by their fursona name, and afterward I keep to that unless they offer otherwise in e-mail correspondence, yet once they have offered their name if I see them outside of the convention I tend to refer to them by their given name because I know so many furries are 'closeted' and don't want to be 'that guy' who outs them. In any case, it all ends up getting mixed up because my brain misfires anyhow... but I think it is an interesting subject.


Jul. 6th, 2010 04:51 pm
I feel like a ghost in the darkness
Like shadows hissing across stone
Today I whisper thunder and fall stormily against silence.
I shed no tears
Scream no sound
I tear the sky
With a chorus of angry echoes

No real reason. Feeling odd and poetic today.

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