So I acquired these tiny little ornaments/frames for a discount and think they would make perfect Christmas Gifts for people.  I will paint a tiny little original to fit in it of your characters portrait in one of these wee little frames.  I have ovular (both vertical and horizontal), rectangular (both vertical and horizontal) and square frames and they are between 2" and 1" on all sides (so the ovals are approximately 1.5x1 and the rectangles about 1.5x1 and the square about 1.25x1.25 ) Now I don't have a ton of these little guys, they were a discount store find.  Please keep in mind these are WEE. As in the image you see on your screen is probably a bit larger than life (depending on your screen resolution etc).

But here is the deal, it will be $35 including shipping for a tiny piece of original watercolor art in a tiny little gold frame with a little gold chain hanger (such as shown in the photos). 

Please e-mail me with your references/desire to have a slot and if you REALLY specific frame shape
I will get back to you to confirm whether or not you got in (and if the frame shape you request is still availabe) and request a paypal payment for $30
My TOS are here

When it cools off my constant companion is tea. The kettle is constantly boiling to make more of my favorite drink.
I figure thats true for just about anybirdy. *sorry* reeeeeaaaaaly bad pun...

Anyhow, original is available, and is watercolor on arches paper, approximately 3.5"x5"

As always, prints, mugs, stickers, magnets, and just about anything you could put an image on are available, just contact me for more info.

Art © Laura Garabedian
Got off a 5 day or so art block where NOTHING was coming out right. My ACEO's were crap. My large pieces were crappier and I just didn't know what to do.

So I switched tracks.

Went in my file of old sketches that had promise and pulled out the tribal-ish pieces I've done such as

And decided to keep playing with those sketches, so here have a weird kitty and a weird gold inky gryphon.
BTW, gold ink = pain in the ass to use. clogs up EVERYTHING brushes or pen nibs
and the good news is hooray! the art block is gone! Now I can play and paint and go forth and do more!!!

As always, the originals are for sale and prints/magnets/and stickers are available should you be so inclined. Just send me an e-mail :)

Hope all is well for everyone

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