So my printer began, what I believed was it's last print run the other day.  After speaking to Epson and fixing a few things it is now back to printing out happily.  But I think it is a sign that I should be looking for a new one (I use the ever-loving crap out of these guys), and right now Epson has some great deals on the newer models of what I have.  

So Epson R1900, I bought it for $800 new, three years ago.  Makes stunning archival giclee prints. Prints up to 13" wide and indefinitely long (can handle roll printing).  Great workhorse of a printer.

Gonna try and sell for $200 plus shipping to whomever is interested.  It would include about $200 worth of ink with it so really worth it for the ink alone, but I am just trying to recoup a bit of cost for buying a new one.

In interest of full disclosure what I was having problems with, CERTAIN files (no rhyme or reason to which ones, had three total that it happened to) would end up with a fine 'barcode' of 1/2"wide and anywhere from 1" to 4" of width of scratching.  This only happened with a few files and Only on 13x19 sheets.  

Once I spoke to epson I reset the print settings to enable handling thick paper and now it is printing perfectly.  Even the ones it had the most problems with perfectly.  It was also occasionally getting grumpy about feeding paper, but with babying would do it. The setting change fixed that as well.

This is a no returns kind of a deal. Selling as is, but it is in damn fine condition if I do say so myself. I have LOVED having this printer and just gonna buy an upgrade because would rather try and sell this one now while it still has some life in it (my guess a year or so if you print off around 300-500 prints a year like I do - more if you do less). And hopefully recoup some cost so that I can afford to buy the new guy.  Right now money is pretty stupid tight because medical bills from the car accident won't be reimbursed until treatment is done... so blagh.
Any interested takers?  Any questions? E-mail me,
Who knows how much ink and half a ream of paper later...
So the printer is not allowed to control print quality on the newest scans.
Photoshop has to do it. *slams head on desk* 
Even thought the printer was happy with its job previously, apparently it doesn't like THESE scans... All other scans are fine.
And then they print fine.  Reds are still a bit dark and undersaturated, but damn close.  I can use these prints.  
Thank Ganesh for breaking down this obstacle for me.

Now to get this portfolio ready for Spectrum - heres hoping I have enough ink...
Welp its not the printers fault (which isn't something you hear people say very often) 

No I'm not spontaneously turning into a pirate... though I am considering throwing myself off the plank.  (no, not really, bad joke, whatever).  After much troubleshooting and going through a crapton of ink and paper I think the problem isn't my printer its me.  I changed my scanner settings about a month ago as they seemed to be producing a better digital image.  
Yep. Digital image is GREAT best scans of watercolors I've ever gotten.  But something about it has destroyed the print quality.  No subtleties to shadows and highlights, oversaturated golds and blues and undersaturated and way to dark reds... holy cripes batman, I just want it to print whats on my screen... which has NEVER been a problem before.  i.e. all of the things that I've printed before are printing just lovely. No problems whatsoever... anything SCANNED w/in the last month... crap...
Dammit.  So I think everything I've done in the past month is gonna have crap for printability, I'm still trying to fix things in Photoshop but my hope is low at this point...

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