I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I LOVE RMFC.  This is one of my favorite conventions.  There are a lot of fantastic local artists, the convention is big enough to have a nice crowd but small enough that I don't feel claustrophobic if I walk around, and the staff is just lovely.  I will definitely be returning.

So my trip has gone like this (so far).
Left Dallas at 4 in the morning on Wednesday. And promptly got lost.  They had shut down a major highway (and the frontage road) for quite a ways and the detour route was NOT well marked.  So I wandered lost in Dallas for an hour or so before I found my way back to the road.  Then I drove for 15 hours or so.  Blagh.  The first 8 hours are the worst. Getting out of Texas.  It is infinite flatlands and brown brown brown this year because of the drought.   Once I get to New Mexico I start to get hopeful though, the sparseness of the grasslands combined with the slowly gathering plateaus gives me a taste of topography, so when I hit Raton pass and MOUNTAINS I am just so pleased.
I was lucky to stay with the lovely Wolf-Nymph and her boyfriend for the duration of my trip here in Colorado and they welcomed me with open arms and delicious chicken wings *Omnomnomnom* I feel like I may have crashed super early that night. I was tired.
The next day we met a herd? flock? crowd? of artists at the zoo including Wolf-Nymph, Sidian, Keet, Wintersoul, Kinket, Teagen, Jay, Crimson, Ralley, Rukis, and perhaps more people whose names I am leaving out because I am still a bit sleepy and recovering from con. Here we oohed and aahed over the tigers who were being cute and crazy and amazing (I took a metric ton of pictures). And saw other such lovelies as polar bears being regal, porcupines making music with their quills, snakes that looked enameled and CAPYBARAS SWIMMING! Agh! The Cute! It Burns!
During the weekend of the con I didn't actually end up going to any homework  at the con but went home and worked alongside Wolf-Nymph as we did our homework as we each had a pretty heavy workload *GOOD*.  And I finished out the Con with SUSHI with other artists, which was lovely barring the slow service. I got a chance to talk to Dark Natasha and Diane more than I had previously as well as Idess.  Rooth herded us crazy artist together to get there, and I got a chance to chill with him and have delicious delicious coconut hazelnut iced coffee at Starbucks beforehand (thanks Rooth!)  
Things I learned from the con : 
RMFC likes their otters! I met quite a few and they were all lovely, Skip and Skipp you were awesome! And I hope to do work for you again in the future
Tribal gryphon stickers do well here - which makes me incredibly happy, I like my tribal gryphon
I need to get my prices for graphite badges where they need to be. So all of you who got one here, you got the last discount prices, I had never raised them as no one was buying them but DAMN you guys liked them and they have been way underpriced for the amount of time/work that goes into them. So be happy you got them here.
Just re-iterating the staff and congoers as a whole are SO friendly. I love this con for its chill happiness.

It was a pleasure meeting people I've only talked to online, and seeing old friends and commissioners, and meeting new people.  I would name names, but I am sure I would leave people out and would feel bad.  But thanks for the origami dove YOU and I am looking foward to working with you on a sketchbook cover YOU other than that, if I met you and talked to you it was a PLEASURE and I hope to see you again soon.  I got a chance to do an awesome commission of a fox with beer that was a blast to do, and have two large commissions on my plate now that I am MOST sincerely looking forward to, so thank you so much for those pieces guys!  I think my true love will always be doing large paintings for people.

Now it is Tuesday, and I spent yesterday baking fudge and doing homework with Wolf-Nymph and Wintersoul and today will catch up with an old friend and then camp for a day or two before I head home.  I just want to say THANK YOU again to everyone who made this con amazing.  Oh, and before I forget. I am moving to Colorado and the end of September and am SO excited!
So it has become tradition.  In Greek/Armenian terms, we did it twice, now it will happen forevermore.  That when I come up to see my (adopted) family in New Jersey my 'sisters' and I take a trip to the city. It is just us three, and MUST involve a show and a trip to canal street.  Other optional events are as follows: going to the Met, attempting to go to the Met and realizing it is in fact a Monday and thus all museum activities are off limits, riding the subway, getting lost on the subway, eating steamed chinese buns, going to the south wharf, taking pictures of random architectures (because I am a geek like that), visiting central park, wearing shwanky new dresses with sneakers to the aforementioned show, getting lost in the city, and generally making fools of ourselves.

This year was just plain awesome.  We drove into the city from Jersey, which took about 2 hours (traffic, blagh) then wandered around canal street for a bit, as one of the sisters is a fashionista who need some new clothes/bags/etc.  We forced each other into ridiculous outfits, and I was convinced to buy a slinky yet punkish black asymetrical number, which I have no idea where I'll where it to, perhaps a con, though I will be overdressed... Having fulfilled her shopping wishes (most of them at least, that girl could have gone all day) we got out of the smothering heat and miasma of gross which is City air for a quick pop into a chinese restaurant.  Scooted on over to the Met and did a rather quick tour (only 2 or 2.5 hours) as my back and ankles started bothering me, the back I am used to, ankles were weird though, I'm blaming it on sheer amount of walking on concrete in the past week. Had a quick dinner and then saw WarHorse.

Oh Dear GOD WarHorse.  If you EVER have a chance to see this show do it. Spend the money (it's not cheap) and DO IT. We had the cheapest seats we could find in the very back of the theater and it was AMAZING. Mind bogglingly, beautifully, tragically, compellingly AMAZING.  The puppetry is something that could make you cry and makes you truly believe in the LIFE in these animals and the story is heartbreaking.  All three of us teared up at various points during the show.  
I could talk about that show for pages and pages, going on about the beautiful movement, about the sounds of breath, about the motion of the falling horses going down in battle, and the stunning visuals as life departs the puppets, but really, just go see it.  If you want a TASTE and it is a mere taste, see the Ted Talks on the Handspring Puppet Company which is the company in charge of the puppetry. You can view it Here and you really should. And if you are EVER in a city where it is playing you should splurge and see it.  I was EXTREMELY lucky in that this ticket was gifted to me and it is one of the best gifts I have ever received. The moments and inspiration I gained from that show was priceless.

So I'll stop fangirling now and mention that HEY I am going to be at Rocky Mountain FurCon in a couple weeks and you should come see me. I'll be sitting next to Dark Natasha, so while you are wandering away from her table basking in the glow of her glorious art say hello to me :)

Soes I promised a report...

Before-Con Adventures.
Well as most of you probably know, I took the opportunity of going to CO as an excuse to visit a dear friend who moved up there. Unfortunately didn't get as much done (work or play wise) as I would hope due to her BF's grumpiness. But did get to have some adventures... Two hikes, one up grizzly creek, which resulted in some sweet photos, the sighting of a dipper bird, a trout tinier than my pinky nail, and a snake. And one hike up the VERY STEEP mountain behind her house, which resulted in the finding of MANY bones. Unfortunately most were too old (i.e. crumbling) or too new (i.e. still covered in fur/hair/sinew) for me to take home.
Also did a really nice trail ride for about 18 miles on her horses in the park by rifle canyon, which was pretty awesome. Also resulted in fantastic photos, of aspens, of horses, of a bird of prey as yet unidentified, and me nearly loosing myself and my very nice camera into a morass of mud when my horse misstepped and went into the mud up to his belly. Wheeeeee....
Sooooes took a ton of pics, still sorting through and figuring out where to upload...

Then drove to Denver, with a side trip to Mount Evans which is the highest scenic byway in the US at 14,000 ft. So cool. I remember doing that trip with my parents as a kid and loving it. We used to ALWAYS see bighorn sheep, and occasionally mountain goats. So that was the goal. Which was not realized. By the time I made it to the top it had started sleeting so I turned around and went back down. My various pulloffs got photos of fantastic scenery, lots of atmospheric perspecitve, marmots, pikas, chipmunks, and woodpeckers.

Then into Denver!
And the people I was going to stay with ended up still out of town so I stayed at a Super 8 - which was okay, but I realized I accidentally left my favorite down pillow there so I am a bit bummed... and the room was rather overpriced for what it was.
Then the con started!
Got there at 8
way before staff was ready for me, oops! But they were SUPER COOL! Mad props to the con staff and volunteery people for just being awesome. Got set up. Realized I had a 1/2 table not a full table (oops) felt all squishy as the other 1/2 table was a group of two people.
BTW - 3 people PLUS con gear do not fit well behind one table. Oh well. They were cool.
Cool things that happened at/because of the con.
Got to stay with a family that is basically like second family to me that I hadn't seen in years.
Met the fantastic wolf-nymph  wolf-nymph wintersoul  wintersoul vantid  vantid kitewanderlust  kitewanderlust and more that I haven't found you on FA yet so apologies. All of whom are not only great artists but fantastic people too. So if they aren't on your watchlist go look them up.
Got a chance to chat with the fantastic guys from Sofawolf, and even made them some badges, hope they like them, I was pretty darn pleased. BTW I LOVE doing couples badges, and they tend to get a bit involved just because I LIKE THEM! Anyhow.
Chatted with Heather Bruton quite a bit, and Dark Natasha. Love those ladies, wish we had more time to hang out.
Got to GO TO THE ZOO WITH ARTISTS. Rocking hells ya. Love it. TONS OF PICS - Ladies who went with me, if you want copies let me know where to send them.

The bad/indifferent/weird
There was a moment of panic when it was thought an artists money bag was lost. It was found, life was good.
Thou shalt not steal thy neighbors customers. I'm just saying. It's rude.
Had a couple foot in mouth moments that I rather regret. I swear I didn't mean them how they came out, so if you think I said something mean, I apologize I don't always speak well - especially when I am exhausted at cons and getting odd questions when I am trying to get details from another customer. I really am a nice person though I SWEAR. Or I try to be :( I hope I didn't hurt anyones feelings.

As always a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped me out at a con, either financially by getting prints/commissions/etc, or by being sweet chipper people who take the time to stop and say hi. You all rock.

Drive back was long.
I almost cried when the mountains disappeared. The rockies will always be my home I think. It is my goal to move either to CO (preferably) or Northern NM/Western PA in the next year, at most year and a half. I NEED the topography. It makes me calm and happy.

Now, I need to get back to my commissions.
BTW - Next Con I hit will be OKLACON - I hope I will see you ALL there!
To Rocky Mountain FurCon!

Driving - and staying with a friend for a week and a half so my internet presence will be limited! Hope everyone is safe and happy and I am taking my 'homework' with me so never fear! There will be art when I return (and not just RMFC art!)

See you after the mountains guys.

I freaking Love Colorado, I'll be dragging myself back

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