My body clearly decided it was done.  I pushed it through crazy business in June... through AnthroCon, through my Art Show opening, through my dads visit. But by the time a friend came to visit a week ago it was done.  Started with a day where I sneezed all bloody day and moved on to hacking coughs and general exhaustion.  l started feeling a lot better as of two days ago but this morning I woke up all scuzzy again.. I think it was the stress of yesterday.

Because yesterday was pretty scummy.  Woke up to all of the messages making sure I was okay and as I was replying checked the news and found out about the shooting at one of the local theaters.  So reassured everyone and did rollcall myself. Closest call of the people I KNOW was a guy I know was in the next theater.. bullets came through the wall near him.  But know other friends of friends who where there... who were terribly injured and who had children die.

And then the news from the furry community about the hit and run.

And the fact that Syria just looks like a boiling point... And I have far too many friends IN the military and my boyfriend is about to be out - but they have X amount of years that they can just pull you back if they need you and I really hate my friends being in warzones...

Yesterday was a bad day.
And I think that my body just didn't know what to do so decided to revert to sick again. Today I coughed and sneezed all bloody day, and was exhausted and vaguely achey.  I'm over this crap.

In other news I have been doing pretty well about getting lots of art done, been working on AC stuff and a dalek painting and a cave scene that are a blast.  Gonna start on a steampunk piece soon as well.

One of my favorite people from TX is gonna be in town from Thurs - Sun though. I am stupid stoked to see him, I really want to be WELL by the time he shows up. I am so excited to see him.

I'm not sure that this is terribly coherent... gonna wrap it up now. Hopefully you'll get more out of me (and more interesting stuff) soon.


When it cools off my constant companion is tea. The kettle is constantly boiling to make more of my favorite drink.
I figure thats true for just about anybirdy. *sorry* reeeeeaaaaaly bad pun...

Anyhow, original is available, and is watercolor on arches paper, approximately 3.5"x5"

As always, prints, mugs, stickers, magnets, and just about anything you could put an image on are available, just contact me for more info.

Art © Laura Garabedian
Just keeps on going...

The update for my personal info is this paragraph for those of you that read the crap of September.
Well apparently my parents are done.  They aren't going to try.  Which hurts... but they have to do what they have to do.  At least they stopped calling and bitching to me.  Which I appreciate, that is not a spot I want to be in.
The better news is that Todd decided he'd rather be with me than have kids *d'aww*  but we are probably going to have to be in Texas for a while.  And honestly we aren't back to 'right' yet, but we are going to try.   Part of the problem is apparently he doesn't like our current home so he is going to buy a house in Dallas, and since he knows how much I despise Texas I will just plan on traveling a lot in the summer.  And so I am looking at getting a camper, and will visit a lot of friends and family over the summer.  Hopefully combined with con trips so it is all businessy.
My aunt is still sick. She wouldn't see my dad when he went to visit, because she doesn't want anyone to see her that ill *rolls eyes*.  He flew out to PA to see her and she wouldn't see him.  Oh, well.

Been painting a ton of masked sphinxes.  Which I really enjoy.
The button maker is not working right.  Gonna try one more time but ARG nothing is lining up right!!! The backs are all setting crooked and the manufacturer is being no help.
Stickers are FAB - now I have stickers of my tree critters and my tribalish critters, fun stuff.
Got a call from my mom the other day that apparently her horse got into the outdoor area where my parrot lived.  Lived as she knocked over his cage and he flew away.  She has been leaving food out and the area open, but no sight or sound (most telling) of him.  He was such a sweet bird.   LOUD. But sweet. I am really going to miss him.  This is particularly hard for me as the month before I was trying to figure out how/when to bring him to my house. I put it off because I didn't want to have to see my parent's.  Shoulda Coulda Woulda but I am too late.

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