I appreciate you all. I love you all, for following me, for supporting me, for commenting, for generally just being there. So hey there internet would you be interested in random things?  I kept meaning to post this and then, well, life, it gets in the way, also, this started going around right before I left for Greece so I was CRAZYFACE busy...  Quoting Nam here, because to lazy to turn it into my own post and it completely describes me and why I appreciate you all and, well, everything...

"Hello everyone. I appreciate you. I notice you and think you are cool. I cannot possibly show this to each of you the way I want to, but perhaps from time to time I can show some of you, as I'm able.
Maybe I see you are having a hard time, and a tiny bit of cheer in the mail will help a little bit.
Maybe I see you have done something that touches my heart and I want to show you that I appreciated that.
Maybe I'm just random as hell.

With all that said, anyone that might like a random little treat in the mail from time to time, please leave your complete mailing address in a comment below. Comments are screened. If you do not want to leave it below, feel free to comment saying "I will email you my address" and then feel free to do so (please, just do comment, so I have a record of it in one place).
Randomly, when I am able, I will send tiny treats in the mail. Maybe only one person per month or one every few months. It could be art, jewelry, a simple letter, a postcard of my chickens, a little print... just simple little things to brighten your day.

I cannot promise anything, as sometimes I find myself running on financial fumes.
I cannot promise when or if this will happen.
I cannot promise you will love what I send (but I won't send junk).
Please understand that items sent internationally will be, by necessity, small and light. International shipping is scary expensive now.
Please, if you sign up and don't get anything for a while, don't be upset. It does not indicate how much I like you. It doesn't mean I ignore you. I just am limited in my resources at times.
Please do not feel greedy or guilty for signing up. I do not see it as a 'grab for stuff'! This is meant to just be... cheerful. No strings, no worries.

Feel free to post a similar thing in your journal!"
I've gathered all lot more of it since living with Todd. I think it's one of those I knew he wasn't going anywhere for a while so my normal nature of 'can I/would I want to move this?' got disregarded. Not to say I don't normally gather things, but I also normally purge once a year or so.

Now I am purging a couple years of crap. I'm trying to condense my life back into the boxes it once fit in. It will never go completely back in, I mean, I have an 'office' now to deal with. But it can get a lot smaller.

Had to go back to the doctor today. Want to know whats fun? When the doctor does a series of tests and gives you a funny look and walks off. Then comes back and says, well, I just want to check something... And flips to the page of his medical book on 'Digitalis'. Now if you pay any attention to crime scene shows, or if you are just a plant nerd like me, you know this is used to treat heart conditions and is pretty potent stuff (and that it comes from foxglove). Then he goes... "Ooooh thats why" He said the tests were coming up that I needed it but not to treat a heart condition necessarily but that it would help break up the anxiety block or something that I am having that is causing my heart to be stupid. Weird. Medicine is weird, and bodies are weird, and life is just strange. So I took digitalis today! It was a one shot thing that apparently is supposed to shock my system back to normal or something.. I didn't pay enough attention, I was also busy with all these other tests he was running.

I hope this takes care of it all, I'm tired of paying for doctors visits. I mean, he is a nice guy and all but dammit, I need that money.

In other news, the house is about half packed up. And that half is everything but the studio. Bathroom minus necessities is packed, most of the kitchen is packed, most of the bedroom is good. And the studio... well the studio looks like a bomb exploded, a thief stole most of my books, and is otherwise... unpacked. *sigh* hopefully we can rectify this monday, when a good friend is coming over to sigh over me and help things get in boxes.

Hope everyone else is doing well and guess what? MOUNTAINS! MOUNTAINS IN BARELY OVER A WEEK! WOOHOO!

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