So trying to do both my RF and my AFC write-ups in this post, because I hadn't gotten to RF yet.

Rainfurrest continues to be one of my favorite conventions.  Its just the right size, the people are fantastic, and the food is always stellar (okay, okay maybe thats just that Seattle has good food and I've found some real gems but FOOD man.  That stuff is important.)  So this year I flew in on Thursday, and the wonderful, noble, heroic, Davecko *grinz* helped me haul my luggage from the airport to the hotel... I'm stubborn and probably would have tried to haul it all over there myself otherwise, which probably wouldn't have ended terribly well ><. I need to learn from this, and know that if someone can't help me next year, I need to call a cab. After weighing all my luggage I realize that it outstrips my own weight by, well, quite a bit.  In any case, he helped me get my luggage over to the con, I setup, and then went to dinner with that awesome fellow and his friends, and I am in fact AWFUL with names... so... I'm sorry for not calling you all out individually *sorrrrry*. (Also, I got furry and real names and that just means I am twice as likely to forget)

Con went great for the next few days, pretty productive and I limited my commissions so ended up being able to do a good amount of socializing every evening, which was lovely!  Hung out with the ever awesome, Kit, Kyell, Kenket, Teagan, FoxAmoore, Vantid, Xyk, Davecko, Jack, Path, and more... again, horrid with remembering names so if I forgot yours, my most sincere apologies, you know you are loved, and appreciated, and that my mental filing system is just horrid.
After the Con I spent a couple days just outside of Seattle proper with a friend who I hadn't seen in a few years, which was lovely. Had the best sushi I've had in my life, saw harbor seals, and sea lions, and wandered about Seattle a bit, but mostly hung out with her, (introduced her to Doctor Who, because thats what I do) and caught up on all of our crazy life gossip.

Then I came home for 2 days, and my dad got into town, so I promptly went up to Frisco with him and his girlfriend. Unfortunately, due to Frontier Airlines horrid screwups, he got here 8 hours late, so I only got 2 days with him, but we had a lovely time.  Did a few light hikes, wandered around cute little mountain towns, and generally enjoyed each others company.

Two days after that I started my road trip to AFC with my dear friend Liz.  First day was just a pounding of road beneath our wheels. Fourteen hours of driving later (all me, she doesn't drive stick) we hit the hotel, punch drunk and still silly happy with each other.  Met with the guest liaison Arielle (who is a wonderful human being and was terribly helpful all weekend), got shown our room and around the hotel, setup in the dealers room and then settled in for what was to be a gorgeous weekend.  The weather was a bit hot for my tastes, but then I'm spoiled by Colorado.  The view was exquisite though, looking out over a golf course with the mountains behind that and the huge dark desert sky above us.  This con is the first (to my knowledge) to give dealers a lunch break, which just made it that much more awesome in my book. The fact that we, as dealers and guests, could retreat for an hour or two to our rooms. Collect our thoughts, and recharge afternoon was invaluable. I absolutely loved that!
I continued my tradition from Rainfurrest and strictly limited conventions to allow for socialization, and it worked out so well. I actually had a chance to enjoy my evenings with my friends.  Hung out with such wonderful people as Myenia, Rukis, Liz, Fuzzwolf, Teiran, and more.

On our way back we didn't do the crazy long haul of the first trip.  Stopped for a picnic lunch detour at an offshoot of the Grand Canyon (didn't got to the Canyon proper, b/c it was quite a bit further, but even our little offshoot was glorious).  We had gotten a rather late start, but made it to Moab by evening, where we found a place to pitch a tent (ended up in an RV park which isn't as nice as proper campgrounds but DID have a hot tub, so bonus points).  The next morning we had adventures in Arches National Park.  We were up and out by 8 and got to Arches by 9:30 or so and it was everything I could have wished for.  Liz and I both hoped to go there to get a good solid center spiritually (yes, sounds flaky but having that quiet outdoor time is important to both of us, and our lives have been pretty tumultuous recently so it was soothing to our souls to just sit and enjoy that exquisite piece of nature).  Luckily the day before our arrival Utah opened its national parks with state funds, so we were able to make it in, and there were hardly any people there. Only about 12 of us or so at Delicate Arch, and we had lots of time to just sit quietly, to enjoy, to take it all in.  We picnicked at the 'Windows' area, and then started our stuttered trip back home.  That night was spent with Liz's family in Grand Junction, and the next morning puttered our way from a diner, to a winery, through Georgetown to one of our favorite restaurants in Colorado, then back home.

So I've been home for a couple days now and am about to leave again (Wednesday) for another week.  I'll sure be glad to be home for a while after this next trip, and am hoping I will be, but I just got news that my grandmother is in rather poor health, so I may be making a trip to Philly to see her. *urf*

I have a whole 'nother post I want to write later about centering and such but thats for later, I think this is more than enough for now.
It's odd. I wrote this huge long post and couldn't put it up. Because of this odd body shaming that I've had happen. I'm in this strange paradox right now, where I feel pretty confident about how I look (in general) but also have these huge shame issues attached to my body in certain regards, and when I've mentioned them I've been shot down as 'not knowing how bad people with real body issues have it'. So... I don't know. Strange uncomfortable feelings about blogging about them. So instead I'm just gonna say, guys. Don't make fun of people or say their body image issues aren't real or aren't good enough because other peoples are worse. Then it just makes them not want to talk about it at all. *cough* yeah.. so things.  And no it hasn't really been the LJ community, you peeps on my friendslist, so don't worry about that... not trying to put any of you down, just kind of sending a reminder out to the world at large through the crazy-vibes of the internets...

So... the next four months are gonna be flat out crazy.
Gone Thurs-Wed for Rainfurrest and spend an extra 2 days there to see a friend.
Dad arrives Fri with his GF and we go out to Silverthorne for 3 days
Leaves Monday
I leave Thursday morning for ArizonaFurCon
Back Wednesday
Spend a WEEK at home thank goodness
Leave for a week

So... yeah... dunno how much I'll be around here.
Also, yay fall! 
So the 21st was my roommates birthday. And he has a party on the Solstice to celebrate the both his birthday and the longest night of the year.  It was my first time to attend this gloriousness but I am so glad I was around for it. It was a glorious celebration of friendship, camaraderie, and geekery, and was just an incredible amount of fun.  There were a plethora of candles, of friendship, of mugs (that I designed), of geekery, and of a genuinely wonderful and heartfelt good time.

This will be my first year not to have Christmas with my family and TBH it is kind of a relief.  I decided to leave the decision of whether or not I went to TX up to the weather, and rather thankfully two nights ago we got about a foot of snow on the ground and most of the roads leaving to TX are covered in ice.  So rather than a 16 hour drive followed by stress and trying to see family and friends in a very short a stressful time, followed by another stressful 16 hour drive back, I will have a lazy morning. With a lazy afternoon to follow. And the only things I am required to do will be to feed myself.  I may even take a day off from art (probably not, but maybe).  And just be lazy.  My only definite plan for the morrow is to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special. And to be honest, that is enough of a plan to make me happy.

So what I want to do here is just say thank you.
Thank you all for your support.
Thank you for your friendship.
And I hope you all have a chance to have beautiful and relaxing holidays, to spend however you see fit. 

Cheers to all, and happy 2012.
Answered the question of 'where have you travelled' the other day and thought it might be an interesting blog post...

Ooooh goodness thats a long question. I love to freaking travel. Love
love LOVE to travel. And have done a decent amount. Road tripped last
year from Dallas to Chicago, then over to Pittsburgh, then to Philly,
Jersey, New York, Jersey, Philly and back to Texas :P Drove from Texas
to Oklahoma numerous times. And Back and forth to CO. Year before road
tripped to Pittsburgh and Ohio...

But places I really enjoyed traveling to/went out of my way to get to...


Scotland - been twice now and abso-freaking-lutely adore that country.
Beautiful with fantastic people, great pubs, and brilliant environment
for art. Yeah it rains a lot, but the atmospheric perspective is
stunning, the grass is ridiculously eye blazingly green, and I just love
it. Isle of Sky was my favorite place when we were there, we'd stay at
the pub until 2 or 3 and it would still be evening light... just
beautiful and surreally serene...

Italy - Also love. I mean this is the artists dream... I went to Turin
(or Torino as we americans say) and it is considered 'ugly' and
'industrial' and there is art on every corner. The food there is the
best I've had in my life, and the people entertain me. The old men are
kind of leches (you can't smile at people if you are female, or you're
telling them you are loose) and the old ladies go out to walk their dogs
in fur coats because everyone there is very concerned with appearances,
and I love to people watch.

England - Fantastic, but I prefer the north. I have the best memory of
being in York while the bells were being practiced at a local cathedral
eating scones and having a proper English tea. Bathe was also beautiful
and picturesque, but everything I love about England is enhanced in
Scotland. London was nice but if I'm going to be in a big city give me

Cancun - Almost doesn't count as international - It's really a suburb of
america, total tourist trap. But I can't deny the appeal of the
beautiful beaches. I adore snorkeling and I love enjoying watching the
waves crash. The water is so mesmerizing. Also took a horseback ride
among the Mangroves (AWESOME) and would love to explore the jungle there

Nationally (is that right? it's not internationally?) In order of favorite place
CO- Totally wins. I'm living where I've been wanting to live since we
left this place when I was a kid. The mountains feel like home, and I
love to hike. The sky constantly astounds me with it's beauty and the
people here are fantastic.

HI - Close second *grinz* I love to snorkle :) I like sun and sand and
the place is full of fantastic art galleries and beautiful vistas.
Don't think I could live there for more than a couple years because I
love SEASONS but it was really pretty to visit.

OR - This state and I have a love/hate relationship. I love it. I think
it hates me. First time I went there it was a trip with an ex up the
coast and we camped 3 days, stayed in a hotel 1, camped 3 days, stayed
in a hotel 1... and I was miserably sick the whole time. It was
beautiful but I felt like absolute crap. But man the light up there was
fantastic, the campsites were beautiful and free, the coast is
gorgeous... The moment we left the state I felt better. Next trip was
for a job interview and was a couple hours in from the coast, I felt
fine until we took a trip to the coast, then I felt like absolute crap
for the next couple days. I think it doesn't like me.

NJ - So I have family in Ocean City and Asbury Park. I have incredibly
fond memories of going to the boardwalk every evening after dinner when
visiting family and I adore fresh seafood, so Omnomnomnomnom.

PA - family here to. In and around Philly, which is a city which for
all it's problems I love. So many good museums, and so much to DO lots
of parks and stuff, and I have barely gotten to take advantage of that.

NY- Only been to NY proper, gone twice to go spend a day in the city,
shop, go to the Met, and go to shows. Been freaking fantastic for that.
But don't know that I'd want to live there... Felt safe though? Safer
than Downtown Dallas at least...

IL - Chicago really. Which is an awesome city! Such great public
transit, tons of fantastic parks, bars, restaurants, just always
something happening. I love this city. It is however the worst place to
drive EVER. I despise driving in Chicago, just take the public transit,
its fantastic. Oh and drink and dessert on top of the Hancock Tower?

LA- New Orleans - Lots of fun but so much touristy. Best places I went
were a bar slightly off the beaten path for really amazing oysters, and a
fantastic bartender, right up on the water, and the botanical gardens,
which were stunning. The strip is fun though, but I'm not big on the
the drinking and hanging out with drunks scene... just not my thing. And
Mardi Gras is all year there.

AR - Freaking beautiful. Some really sweet climbing and backpacking.
Plan on going again this year if I can swing it. Horseshoe Canyon ranch
is stunning and has some really kick ass walls.

OK - Ozarks are lovely... not much else to commend itself.

TX - Ugly state is ugly. But Austin is fun, there are a few great
places I know, because I lived there so long. But I really have no
desire to go back there. The nice thing about Texas is that land is
cheap, so we had horses. But if I wanted to be outdoorsy I had to drive
for 4 hours.

I've been to San Jose for the con, but didn't leave the hotel much (busy crayon is busy)
Travel plans. I leave tomorrow morning at O'Dark'Hundred (i.e. 3:30am) for RMFC in CO. Wheeeeee... Looking forward to the con though! I can't wait! I should be in CO for around a week

And as for future cons/travel plans. I am doing ArmadilloCon in Austin the last weekend of this month, AnimeFest in Dallas the first weekend of Next month. And have a fancy schmancy invite only gala on the 23rd of September. Please be aware that these are my LAST CONS IN TEXAS UNTIL FURRY FIESTA! and I may not be doing much more in Texas.

After a lot of back and forthing and trying to make things work, my boyfriend and I are splitting up. I am currently trying to figure out if I'm going to move to CO, which I adore. Or to NJ where I know I have free rent and family in the area. I am weighing out my support bases/how likely I think it is that I could get a part time job fairly soon in Denver, and the social politics that come with the free rent in NJ... So bear with me, my life is pretty hectic right now. In any case, the latest I would move would be end of September, and the earliest would be beginning of September. I am still figuring out logisitics and needing to get stuff packed up. We've lived together for 3 years so figuring out whose stuff was initially whose kind of sucks...

In any case, thats my life update, and hopefully I'll see you all at these next cons... Gonna post old art to ebay when I get back with cheap minimum bids. I can't move it all.

So it has become tradition.  In Greek/Armenian terms, we did it twice, now it will happen forevermore.  That when I come up to see my (adopted) family in New Jersey my 'sisters' and I take a trip to the city. It is just us three, and MUST involve a show and a trip to canal street.  Other optional events are as follows: going to the Met, attempting to go to the Met and realizing it is in fact a Monday and thus all museum activities are off limits, riding the subway, getting lost on the subway, eating steamed chinese buns, going to the south wharf, taking pictures of random architectures (because I am a geek like that), visiting central park, wearing shwanky new dresses with sneakers to the aforementioned show, getting lost in the city, and generally making fools of ourselves.

This year was just plain awesome.  We drove into the city from Jersey, which took about 2 hours (traffic, blagh) then wandered around canal street for a bit, as one of the sisters is a fashionista who need some new clothes/bags/etc.  We forced each other into ridiculous outfits, and I was convinced to buy a slinky yet punkish black asymetrical number, which I have no idea where I'll where it to, perhaps a con, though I will be overdressed... Having fulfilled her shopping wishes (most of them at least, that girl could have gone all day) we got out of the smothering heat and miasma of gross which is City air for a quick pop into a chinese restaurant.  Scooted on over to the Met and did a rather quick tour (only 2 or 2.5 hours) as my back and ankles started bothering me, the back I am used to, ankles were weird though, I'm blaming it on sheer amount of walking on concrete in the past week. Had a quick dinner and then saw WarHorse.

Oh Dear GOD WarHorse.  If you EVER have a chance to see this show do it. Spend the money (it's not cheap) and DO IT. We had the cheapest seats we could find in the very back of the theater and it was AMAZING. Mind bogglingly, beautifully, tragically, compellingly AMAZING.  The puppetry is something that could make you cry and makes you truly believe in the LIFE in these animals and the story is heartbreaking.  All three of us teared up at various points during the show.  
I could talk about that show for pages and pages, going on about the beautiful movement, about the sounds of breath, about the motion of the falling horses going down in battle, and the stunning visuals as life departs the puppets, but really, just go see it.  If you want a TASTE and it is a mere taste, see the Ted Talks on the Handspring Puppet Company which is the company in charge of the puppetry. You can view it Here and you really should. And if you are EVER in a city where it is playing you should splurge and see it.  I was EXTREMELY lucky in that this ticket was gifted to me and it is one of the best gifts I have ever received. The moments and inspiration I gained from that show was priceless.

So I'll stop fangirling now and mention that HEY I am going to be at Rocky Mountain FurCon in a couple weeks and you should come see me. I'll be sitting next to Dark Natasha, so while you are wandering away from her table basking in the glow of her glorious art say hello to me :)

First post in ages it seems. But just figured I'd give everyone a heads up on whats up in life.
I have been doing tons of art. I'm actually quite pleased with my progress on commissions, on playing cards and got a few other things in queue.
I have finished all of my AC orders and shipped them out. Finished a private commission which was fun to do and still can't post it.  I am all caught up on playing cards (got behind for the first time since starting the project what with the two weeks of driving). And am trying to push ahead to have a buffer before I drive back to Texas.  The drive back to Texas will be sometime at the end of the month - I am flying a holding pattern while waiting for a friend to get back to me. For I am trying to catch up with her to hang out one evening in DC.  Currently it looks like my drive to TX will begin in Jersey, quick stop in Philly, down to DC, down to NC, and then across to Dallas. We'll see if it really does this.
I will be entering the werewolf contest again this year. I have a preliminary sketch that I am pretty excited about, I may post over on tumblr or something for you guys to check out/comment on.  I am also planning out a large gryphon pictures which I am REALLY excited about and plan on really pushing myself on.  The one BIG regret of this trip is that I didn't bring my laptop, only my netbook. Which is tiny. And a bit slow. And doesn't have PS. So updating is such a pain, which is why I haven't been doing it much.
This trip HAS been full of such glory as ZOOS (2) and AVIARYS (1 and then the ones in the zoos). So I am super excited to see my pics on my Super Shiney machine when I get home vs this tiny little nonsense screen.
Plans for the rest of the trip include a trip into the City (i.e. NY) to go to the Met, Canal St., and go see WARHORSE!!!!!! *SQUEE* I am SO excited to see warhorse.  So much amazing puppetry man. AMAZING puppetry.  I will try and finish up my 'Understanding Comics' book I have been reading. Start on the panelling for SkulKlan (I promised I'd start paneling soon and here I go). And start reading my book on tarot so in a year or so I can start THAT project.  I am also working on a great commission right now of a fox playing poker, so will be busy with that as well.  I am just starting color studies and transfer to final size image.  Expect a lot of uploading of art when I get back to Texas and have PS to fix these photos. I feel bad posting art that hasn't been properly adjusted to look good.

So yeah, this journal has been totally stream of consciousness. Which means its a mess. Mad props if you made it this far. 

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