May. 1st, 2012 11:00 pm
Hmmmph... So I sat down and tried to figure out why this last month was so godawful and figured out it was mainly due to the fact that I spent a lot of time waiting for responses.  My queue is about 10 deep or so right now, most of which are larger commissions, but some people have just been super slow to respond.  If you are reading this and on the list and tempted to answer I can pretty much guarantee you are not one of those people. As evidenced by the fact that you are a) reading this and b) tempted to answer.  So a couple pieces that I thought would be done this month didn't get done so I didn't get the final payment just because people have been soooo slooow to respond.  And I was curious how other artists handle this.  I ended up taking some emergency commissions at the end of the month because I didn't get in the work/final payments that I expected. 

Some options I have come up with...

Adding a clause in my TOS mentioning that any response going longer than a week from my e-mails will entail up to 3 weeks additional on their commission (per week of delayed response), allowing me to take other work/put other projects ahead of people who aren't responding in a timely manor.

Taking more commission slots and while telling people at the end that they are likely to BE at the end (longest wait) remind them that many people are slow to respond and thus allow me time to start on newer work.

Yell at my art desk and demand it pay me up front for the work I do.
Ehm... maybe not that one...

I don't know I mean I didn't twiddle my thumbs while I waited, I did business stuff that needed to get done I worked on some art for the AnthroCon art show, but when it all comes down to it, I didn't make money.  So, thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

p.s. another reason was pure stupidity on my part, I undercharged by... 1/3 for two large pieces this month so spent a lot of my time on basically 'pro bono' work for my own stupidity.

Ze Life...

Apr. 27th, 2012 09:29 pm
So life.  Life has been pretty decent. Been busy with friends.  Been busy with art. Been generally BUSY. 

Ze bad... My accountant (soon to be ex...) neglected to get my state taxes filed. On one hand I feel bad for him b/c he was sick. On the other hand it is yet tbd what the penalty for that is going to be and I am pretty pissed off.  This fell on top of me paying taxes to other states, paying CO to tell them I and my car live here now *ouch*, and having to get plane tickets for AC so blagh...

Ze good... A few weeks ago I had an amazing joint b'day celebration with a few other peeps and we had a day dedicated to MAKING THINGS and games. It was a great time.  Had people painting miniatures, people working on taxidermy, people doing traditional art, and I attempted sculpting, and it actually didn't come out too badly. It was a day of good food, good friends, and in the evening a good game. So a good time was generally had by all.  OOooooh and the AWESOME Vantid gave me squidges of all of her amazing paints so I can paint all of the pretties with all of the amazing colors....  And after 2 weeks away Tim is finally home again so yay! The ever so awesome man in my life is back.  He is good for me, makes me settle down and relax a bit rather than run myself ragged on art and work all the time.

Ze Stupidity... Lately I have been hitting myself over the head with a couple commissions that I badly underpriced. One was just severe misjudgement on my part to take into account how much time the accoutrements were going to take to paint as well as the scope of the piece and the other was straight up failure on my part to say the right damn dimensions when giving a quote. I'm staring at a 16x20 sheet of paper that was quoted at the price for 11x14. Damn. That was a big oops.

Ze persistence... so I'm trucking along. Getting work done in spite of the stupidity and with the support of my amazing friends. I hope to take a day this weekend to play with the soft bodied dolls I started on art night, we'll see if it happens though b/c I have a lot to do...  But overall, life is good, back to the art board...  
Okay so I know a lot of people get nervous sneezing on the road.

I have always had to be cautious sneezing because a few times I sneezed to one side and promptly threw out my back or neck. (Hasn't happened in the recent past due to the fact that apparently food allergies were screwing with me)

Now I'm even nervous about sneezing normally because of my stupid rib. No really body. This is dumb. Ligament supplements are helping my joints tighten up, but not enough yet.

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