Where in the World has this crazy person been you might be asking yourself... as my last updates were pretty well filler, and the last REAL update that had anything to do with anything was in December. 

So here whats been happening.  Basically 2012 started on a crazy note and I had to hit the ground running. On the first I started dating a guy who is pretty awesome (or why would I be dating him right?) And that first week of January life just got crazy.  I had conprep for FC. Learned I got accepted into the gallery show for anthropomorphic work that was running concurrent with FC, so had to get those pieces, matted, framed and shipped within two days. Meanwhile I was prepping to take care of the BF, who is hereby gonna be designated Waffe, b/c that is his online handle, as he had surgery on the 9th.  Then off to FC, which was crazy busy and good sales, and good people and probably deserves its own post but probably won't get one b/c my life won't slow down.  And the whole con I was extra exhausted b/c I am apparently allergic to the new hotel.  I get back to my roomie gone for a week due to family emergencies, so spent most of the week with the still on leave BF while he got better. Meanwhile I've been doing con homework, and trying to finish the couple LARGE commissions I have in queue. 

Oh yeah, and I have a con this weekend and had to get tax stuff ready for that. And a friend is coming in from out of town Tuesday.  And I totally missed my Texas Tax deadline in the midst of all the crazy.

So bear with me guys, you should see fun new art again soon. But here, look! Pretty! Tribal! So at least this post isn't entirely about the craziness of my life!

So here! Have some art...

Elegant canine is somewhat pretentious.

Tribal Firebird - a design that I really wasn't sure about through the sketch stage, and the painting stage, and most of the inking stage. But now that its done I like it.

A Wee Stylized Rabbit. On ACEO size 2.5"x3.5"

And Happy Owl. Just because
Got off a 5 day or so art block where NOTHING was coming out right. My ACEO's were crap. My large pieces were crappier and I just didn't know what to do.

So I switched tracks.

Went in my file of old sketches that had promise and pulled out the tribal-ish pieces I've done such as

And decided to keep playing with those sketches, so here have a weird kitty and a weird gold inky gryphon.
BTW, gold ink = pain in the ass to use. clogs up EVERYTHING brushes or pen nibs
and the good news is hooray! the art block is gone! Now I can play and paint and go forth and do more!!!

As always, the originals are for sale and prints/magnets/and stickers are available should you be so inclined. Just send me an e-mail :)

Hope all is well for everyone

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