Jan. 13th, 2013

AKA - I feel like I'm running in place.

For the past 5-6 days I've had, as [livejournal.com profile] ursulav puts it, "Can't sleep Con Will Eat me!" panic going on.
All I"ve done for the past howeverlong (feels like forever) is business stuff. 
Call old accountant... EVERY... OTHER... DAY... Because he won't give me my old federal tax forms and I need them for the NEW accountant so I can get taxes filed
Run finances
Cry over finances
Rage over finances
Decide I can't do anything about the past and just need to focus on a better THIS year
Run off prints
Mat prints
Back prints
Bag prints
Work on con setup
Despair at con setup
Buy more things for con setup
Regain hope
E-mail clients/potential clients about things (and stuff)

And now I finally get to get back to ART
But I feel like I was just running on a treadmill for aaaages... all that mileage and no good memories/nothing physical to show for it.  This is one of the reasons I prefer traditional art to digital. I like that visceral level of accomplishment. Blagh.
Anyhow, I will see you who are making the trip at FC.  I encourage you to go to my boyfriends panel on harassment in the geek fandom, which is at 10pm on friday (because the con staff deemed it an 'adult' panel even though it is geared at teenagers to any age really) and he is super nervous about no one showing...

So anyhow, TO the ART!

(and if you were curious, this is my potential NEW con setup)

Jan 2013 Con Setup

(These will ALL have price signs - just not made yet)
A) matted 5x7 prints (12)
b) backed and bagged giclee print signed  5x7's ($7)
c) Landscape giclee print backed and bagged 8.5x11 signed  ($15)
d) Portrait giclee prints backed and bagged 8.5x11 signed ($15)
e) Matted portrait 8.5x11 giclee prints ($25)
f) ACEO's and magnet desings ($3 for ACEOs $4 for magnets)
g) Business cards
H) matted landscape 8.5x11 giclee prints ($25)
I) Backed and bagged limited edition 13x19 landscape giclee prints ($55)
J) Backed and Bagged limited edition 13x19 portrait giclee prints ($55)
k) original 5x7's matted (priced as marked)
L) Stickers! ($2/each or 6/$10) and magnets $4/each - this is one thing that needs changed - Going to extend the black foamcore all the way down and put my commission list down there. Get rid of the black cage thing
So what do you guys think

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